Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler Review

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What is Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler

It claims to be an amazing hairbrush with tourmaline blend that can be used to create bangs, waves and curls in hair very easily. It also helps in making hair smoother, shinier, healthier and less frizzy. It’s the brainchild of a celebrity stylist Campbell McAuley who has designed it to provide celeb-like hair style right at home.


Celeb-like hair styles at home:

Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler promises to be the right tool for women who want amazing hairstyles. Does Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler really work as promised? It will be answered once users review the styler. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler alleges to create celeb-like hairstyles because it’s designed by a famous celebrity hairstylist, Campbell McAuley, renowned for creating styles for celebs like Kate Winslet, Eva Mendes, Michelle Rodriguez, Salma Hayek, etc. But is Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler really a tool that will bring his magic to the hair? Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler reviews will soon reveal the facts. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler claims to give curls, add height and body on the top and create flowing waves and bangs very easily. At this point, there are no Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler reviews that can attest its claims.

Ground-breaking styling tool:

Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler asserts to be highly effective in styling right at home with its unique design, though we will need to analyze Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler reviews to believe it. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler guarantees to be better at styling than other tools because of an exclusive Black Tourmaline Blend. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler alleges that this Black Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that has negative ions to help smooth, shine and minimize frizz in hair. This claim by Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler is yet to be proven by user reviews. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler guarantees to be perfect and easy to handle due to its unique design, which is yet to be reviewed. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler proclaims to come with high-quality and soft nylon teeth that are placed very precisely to minimize tangling and turning. There is ion ceramic barrel of Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler that adds to the smoothness and shininess of hair. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler also promises to come with quick start switch with two temperature settings and cool to the touch handle. Such claims by Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler are very fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.

Style and treat the hair:

Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler asserts to provide versatile styling options due to curved brush and static-free control. Such fancy claims by Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler will be proven once users review it. Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler assures to help in setting desired temperature and display it to create favorite hairstyles but no reviews of Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler are available to substantiate its claims. One can simply use Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler to create J-waves, C-waves, add height and body on top, create bangs and waves easily. Does Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler really work? Send us your Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler reviews.

What do I get?

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10 thoughts on “Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler Review

  1. Waited 8 months for a replacement
    finally received it . Got 2 styler,
    which I was charge full price for one
    of them, and charge me $15.98 for
    the replacement which was on
    warranty. Call customer service
    told them I didn’t need the second
    one and wanted to return one. What
    the operated told me that I really
    couldn’t something about the bonus
    I received with the styler, then mention
    they would deduct $15.00 off my Bill
    if I kept the second one. Was really
    Disappointed waiting over 8 months
    for my replacement. I don’t ever
    plan to purchase anything from again.

  2. I just contacted customer service again since the last time they promised me that l would receive my product by January 7,2016. That would be about 7 months after I originally ordered it. Today I was informed that the order was cancelled, not by me as I have waited this long, but by them as they could not fulfill their obligations. So now I was asked if I wanted to place a new order. Are they kidding???? Worst Company Ever!!!!!!!!! Never do business with them if you are smart.

  3. I have yet to recieve this and keep getting a card in the mail that’s it’s back ordered I believe this is a huge scam and waste of time and money obviously this product is not being produced so how can they sell it? Customer service is non existent however I did speak with one person who was extremely rude and condescending
    DO NOT BUY or expect to get only aggravation !
    I am still trying to get my money refunded it has been close to a year

  4. I ordered this in June and still have not received it. I have called customer service several times and each time they say the same thing,” it’s on back order but should ship t you by the end of the week”. I have heard this every month since August. What also gets me mad is that they continue to sell a product that they can’t produce. This company needs to be shut down!!

  5. Ordered this product on August 8, 2015. Still waiting to receive it. Customer service tells me that I “will love it” when it is received but they can’t tell me when that might be. Extremely frustrated and plan on cancelling the order.

  6. Product is a rip off. Hair got straightened, but it looked dry and unhealthy. If you have any split ends, this magnifies them. Terrible waste of money. Don’t order this.

  7. I had the same experience I ordered this product on April 20,2015 and I still haven’t received it every month being told it would be soon and then I was told I would get it by 8/22 Today I received an email that the order had been cancelled when I called I was told I would have to order it again which I will not be doing

  8. We ordered this product 2 months ago, it is nothing but a rip off. Do NOT order this. This is nothing but scam.

  9. I ordered this product over three weeks ago and suddenly the order has disappeared from my email and now the website claims that is out of stock. Very unhappy!

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