California Beauty Brush

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About California Beauty Brush

California Beauty Brush asserts to be a 2-in-1 hairstyling and straightening brush that gives you salon-quality flowing and smooth hair right at home. The hair brush assures that it does not scorch or damage and dry hair like traditional hair irons.


How does California Beauty Brush work?

The ceramic bristles of California Beauty Brush state to easily glide through the hair and the rose-gold coating heats each strand evenly to provide a smooth and flowing look to hair. California Beauty Brush emphasizes to have heating capability going up to 200° quickly and the easy-to-read LED screen displays five temperature settings allowing you to select a temperature as per your need for the hairstyle of your choice.


Salon-quality flowing hair right at home
You are guaranteed to get salon-like hairstyle right at home within minutes thanks to the 2-in-1 hairstyling tool California Beauty Brush that cuts your hairstyling time by half as it straightens and brushes hair at the same time. No matter what length and type of hair – from short, medium to long and frizzy, wavy, or Afro, California Beauty Brush declares to be ideal for it all. There are no California Beauty Brush user reviews to verify this. California Beauty Brush asserts to relax tangles in the hair and tame static and frizz within minutes. Whether going to work, readying for a meeting or a night out, California Beauty Brush guarantees to give fabulous hair for any occasion. Is California Beauty Brush really that efficient? User reviews will reveal more.


Efficient and safe
California Beauty Brush promises to have burn-free bristles that prevent burning, drying or damaging the hair unlike traditional irons. California Beauty Brush convinces to be designed with safety in mind, enhanced with the Auto Shut Off feature that prevents accidental finger burns while using. Boasting of featuring a tangle-free 360° revolving cord, California Beauty Brush convinces ease of use anyway you want. California Beauty Brush also claims to be convenient to carry in your bag. Is California Beauty Brush really that convenient? We will know more after reading user reviews of the hairstyling tool.


What do I get?
Buy California Beauty Ceramic Hair Brush for only 2 monthly payments of AU$39.95 + $12.95 P&H

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