Blingee Bands Review

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How about making heads turn with a smart new accessory you can sport in a variety of ways? Get Blingee Bands, the world’s newest and most fashionable hair accessories that will up your style quotient like nothing else can! Blingee Bands are the special woven hair band that can be worn not only on hair but also double up as accessories you can wear.

How does Blingee Bands Work

What makes the amazing Blingee Bands all the more desirable is the comfort and freedom from mess they offer. They are a great alternative to ponytail holders that you’ve using all along. They don’t cling to your hair and make them messy. You can simply slide and glide them through your hair without damaging or pulling them like ordinary ponytail holders tend to do. The secret is the unique tri-ply fabric Blingee Bands is made from which has three layers of elastic on them. It ensures you hair don’t get tangled in these bands and break. Styling your hair has never been so cool, easy and fun!

Blingee Bands can be worn on long hair, short hair, thick, thin or any type of hair. They also don’t leave dents on your hair and also don’t rip them out when you remove them. They are absolutely comfortable, look gorgeous and add effervescence to your look! What’s more, you can experiment and unleash your creativity by wearing them in different way s. You can actually try out over a 1000 combinations with Blingee Bands to suit any style or fashion. You can wear Blingee Bands like a necklace, bracelet, anklet and more! They’ll look so pretty and hot that you can wear them anywhere anytime, whether you are going out to chill with friends or to a party.

You can also add your favorite crystal charms to Blingee Bands and create loads of unique styles with them. Use different colored crystals matching the color of your outfit and where them as you like. You can go really stylish without spending a bomb on the expensive accessories. You’re sure to love the uncomplicated and yet absolutely elegant Blingee Bands you can count on every moment!



What do I get?

  • 6 Blingee Bands
  • 12 Crystal Charms
  • Blingee Band Guide
  • Carrying Case

All this for $14.95 + P.&H. Official website



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