Bling String Review

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You can curl it, brush it or blow dry it, but no matter what you do, it’s still your same old hair. Until now. Because now, there is the Bling String – the do it yourself styling sensation that’s sweeping the nation. With Bling String, you can Bling in dancing and parties, Bling in team spirit, and Bling in the fun.


How does Bling String work?
Whether you keep it simple or really Bling it on, Bling String makes you the star wherever you are. Getting your Bling on is easy. Just cut, knot, and Bling. From a few strings to a dozen, it only takes minutes to create a dazzling new you. because Bling String stays in after showering, blow drying, straightening, or curling, you can use Bling String for a night out or keep it in for a hot, new look that lasts for weeks. When you’re ready to take it out, just give it a simple tug. How easy is that!

So, get Bling String now in six exciting colors – Super Star Silver, Bombshell Brown, and Golden Goddess, Rockstar Red, Princess Purple, and Material Girl Green. Each pack comes with different applications. The Bling it on style guide gives you Bling styles and techniques.

Whether you hair is short, long, curly, or straight, Bling String will make you the star wherever you are.

How to use Bling String

Add a look of glittering colorful highlights to your tresses without actually using any hair color with Bling String quickly and easily! Bling String is specially made for hair applications to add metallic strands to your hair in an array of stylish colors. It’s convenient, simple and real quick to use Bling String as the strands are woven into your hair individually.

Simply pull the Bling String from the roll in the length as per your hair, then double it and cut the strand from the roll. Fold the string in the center and pull the two ends through the loop at the end, pulling them through gently with your index finger in the middle of the opening so that it doesn’t come undone.

Take two or three strands of hair with the pointed end of a rattail comb and pull the strands of hair through the Bling String loop where your index finger was. Pull the ends and make a double knot with the string to the hair firmly so that it stays secure at the root of the hair. Repeat knotting strands of Bling String to the hair as you desire. Make sure you trim the ends of the Bling String strands if necessary.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Bling String 500′

  • Hologram Gold/Bronze with Clips $10.00
  • Hologram Silver/Pink with Clips $10.00
  • Hologram Silver/Blue with Clips $10.00
  • Hologram Gold/Orange with Clips $10.00
  • Hologram Silver/Red with Clips $10.00
  • Iridescent White/Pink with Clips $10.00
  • Black/Red with Clips $10.00
  • Hologram Silver/Green with Clips $10.00
  • Hologram Gold/Black with Clips $10.00

Bling String 450′

  • Black/Silver/Red $10.00
  • Gold/Bronze/Orange $10.00
  • Gold/Bronze/Silver $10.00
  • Green/Gold/Yellow $10.00
  • Red/Purple/Green $10.00

Bling String 90′

  • Black/Silver/Red $5.00
  • Gold/Bronze/Orange $5.00
  • Gold/Bronze/Silver $5.00
  • Green/Gold/Yellow $5.00
  • Pink/Magenta/Purple $5.00
  • Red/Purple/Green $5.00
  • Silver/Blue/Teal $5.00
  • Bling String Clips 10 Pack $2.00



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