Bella York Detangler Brush

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What is Bella York Detangler Brush?

A revolutionary detangling hair brush that can painlessly detangle hair within seconds no matter how curly or knotted up they are


Smooth detangled hair in seconds

Bella York Detangler Brush promises to take the pain out of hair brushing. Most women face the problem of wasting a lot of time and suffering from the pain caused by detangling hair. Dry hair gets knotted rather easily and regular hair brushes tend to tug at the hair causing a lot of pain and even then the hair doesn’t detangle. But Bella York Detangler Brush claims to be professionally designed and engineered to get rid of tangling and give you smooth hair within seconds.

Exclusive bristle configuration

The feature that makes Bella York Detangler Brush so effective and sets it apart is supposedly that it is made of soft and flexible bristles and has more than 700 contact points. This supposed exclusive bristle configuration slips through hair painlessly and gently. Even if you have extremely curly hair that cannot be brushed easily or if your hair is very dry, Bella York Detangler Brush promises to slip through it no matter how knotted.


Works on dry or even wet hair

Another great feature as claimed by Bella York Detangler Brush is that it works just as well on wet hair so you do not have to wait till your hair is dry and save time. It also promises to prevent hair breakage or split ends, something traditional hairbrushes cannot achieve. It can believably be used on any hair type by anyone – women, men or even kids – in any condition of the hair.

    What do I get ?

  • You will receive One Pink & One Black Bella York Detangler Brush for $39.99 + 1.99 P&H.
  • Official Website :

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