Arc Styler REVIEWS

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What is Arc Styler?

As per the TV infomercial it is an innovative hair straightener that uses variable heat technology and a brush like design to provide silky, smooth straight hair easily.


Arc Styler CLAIMS

Innovative hair straightener
Arc Styler proclaims to be a unique hair styling tool that helps in achieving salon quality straight hair right at home. Arc Styler states to be the brainchild of international hair designer Micher Mercier. Arc Styler assures that it does not burn the hair or leave it with disappointing results since there is no crimping or flattening involved using hot tools. In fact, Arc Styler guarantees to offer result with its variable heating technology. How well does Arc Styler work shall be only known once users review it.


Intelligently designed
Arc Styler alleges to have over 50 precision heated discs through which the hair passes similar to a brush. This way it contacts the hair and heats every strand without pulling or damaging it for quick straightening. Arc Styler states that such easy usage makes it safe and also easy to handle. More shall be revealed once Arc Styler is reviewed. Arc Styler asserts to be perfect for all hair type. Its variable temperature sets automatically as per the hair type selected so they receive optimal heating. The various settings available on it are puffy, fine puffy, puffy curly, thick wavy, and soft wavy. With the appropriate setting in place, it declares to provide smooth, frizz-free and shiny straight hair. Did you find Arc Styler useful? Send us your reviews.

Arc Styler Review

Arc Styler reviews say that the Arc Styler was plugged in and the temperature was set for 370° and the Arc Styler straightener began to smoke. Used the Arc Styler to straighten hair but it did not glide smoothly but stuck to the hair! The plastic on the teeth melted but was able to remove the plastic without damaging any hair!

Was so hoping the Arc Styler straightening brush would do the job but it just didn’t straighten wavy hair. It still left some minor waves. Maybe if the inner teeth were closer together it might have worked better. A blow dryer and paddle brush does a better job than the Arc Styler.

Tried the Arc Styler twice- 1st time tried to revive/remove hair after ironing it the day before. It just got really hot and didn’t straighten out any of the (relatively few) kinks! (2nd time) tried it at a higher temp after going to bed with wet hair, so it was much less straight than the first trial and fluffier as well. Same result, after 15 min (takes much longer than a flat iron would have taken). Hair just got really hot and didn’t straighten.

Arc Styler is too awkward to maneuver.

Arc Styler did not work. Tried the Arc Styler on fine and curly hair but it didn’t look good.

Arc Styler did not leave hair straight or frizz-free. Had to do multiple passes to match how hair would look from blow dry only with a round brush. And this is after blow drying with a paddle brush. Arc Styler doesn’t come close to a flat iron or round hot brush.

Arc Styler didn’t work for thick hair. It doesn’t do as good a job as the flat iron. With a flat iron, hair comes out soft, smooth and shiny with no frizz or puff. With the Arc Styler, it was like blow dried hair while brushing it with a paddle brush. It was frizzy, not smooth or flat and it fried the ends!! Had to set the temperature to 430 degrees because a lower temperature did nothing to hair. According to the directions, hair type which is medium to thick should only need to be at 400 degrees. Arc Styler is a total disappointment.

Turned the Arc Styler on and waited and waited and waited but it barely got hot enough to straighten hair. Even had it turned on all the way up to 450 degrees but it didn’t get hot enough. The next day it did get hotter, however, still not 450 degrees hot. With super curly hair the Arc Styler needs to get super hot heat to get hair to straighten out.

Arc Styler is bulky and didn’t work that well.

Arc Styler heats quickly and does not pull hair. However, it doesn’t straighten hair as well as a flat iron. For very fine and very curly hair it got sort of straight, but left a good bit of frizz. The Arc Styler is probably better for thicker hair.

Arc Styler Questions and Answers

Q. Can I dry and flatten my hair with the Arc Styler?
A. The Arc Styler isn’t made to dry your hair.

Q. Is the Arc Styler noisy?
A. It does make a sound but probably its normal on that brush because its hot (steam).

Q. Does the Arc Styler work with 220V?
A. No, only 110V.

Q. I have straight hair, but am looking for a tool to style, smooth, and flip the ends to give my hair a little more movement. Would the Arc Styler work?
A. Yes, the Arc Styler would probably work.

Q. Will the Arc Styler work on coarse, thick hair?
A. No, it is not that effective on coarse thick hair.

Q. Will the Arc Styler work on short hair?
A. Nope.

Q. Will the Arc Styler work on short, thick and curly hair?
A. It has difficulty to work on short, thick and curly hair. Don’t buy it if you have any of these hair types.

Q. Does the Arc Styler have any rubber on the part that brushes through your hair?
A. No.

Q. Can you use the Arc Styler to dry and straighten hair?
A. No, it has no air feature, just heated plates. Hair needs to be dry first.

Q. Are there buttons where you don’t turn them off when using?
A. It has a power button and temperature adjusting +/- buttons on the handle.

Q. How long is the cord on the Arc Styler brush?
A. The length of the cord on the brush is approximately 78.8 inches.

Q. My hair isn’t short, but not too long, around 5 inches. Can I use it on my scalp?
A. It is better not to use it on the scalp because it gets pretty hot.

Q. Is it easy as brushing your hair and is it straight?
A. Yes, you run it over your hair and then under.

Q. What is the exact voltage range for the Arc Styler brush?
A. 110 volts

Q. Does the Arc Styler have an automatic shut off?
A. Yes

Q. Can you flip the ends of hair?
A. No, the Arc Styler is strictly for straightening hair.

Q. Does the Arc Styler work on African American hair?
A. It does not work on thick coarse hair.


What do I get?
2 Arc Styler units for $39.95 + $10.00 S/h fee. Official Website:

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