Antidote Hair Styling Spray Review

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You might have noticed that going to a professional salon to style your hair is getting more and more expensive. But if you have to go out for an important work function or want to look your best for a night out with friends, you want to style your hair to perfection so that you get all the attention you deserve. Unfortunately many use-at-home products just don’t do the job for you and some of them contain harmful chemicals, which can do more damage to your hair than good. That’s why; you need Antidote, a revolutionary product that lets you style your hair brilliantly and within no time.


Antidote Hair Styling Spray
Now you can bid goodbye to those expensive salon visits because you can get professional quality styling results at home. Now you can stop worrying about the health of your hair after using products that can be damaging. There’s an Antidote to your hair styling related woes. Don’t waste your precious time trying to style your hair before going to your important meeting or family gathering, simply use this product on your towel dried hair. You can then keep up with your normal routine and watch the spectacular results you will get. This product works brilliantly because it insulates your hair with a protective silicone coating and lets your hair hydrate from within. Thus your hair will look sexy and smooth within a matter of seconds.

If you have frizz related problems with your hair then you can get over them completely as you start using this product. In fact this product is quite versatile and will work effectively on all types of hair; from straight to curly. No matter what the texture of your hair is like; Antidote will do the job for you. What’s more, it shows phenomenal results for extensions, wigs and weaves as well. Colour treated hair is not a problem either; you will see professional styling results that will last you for around three to five shampoos.



What do I get?
You can get two 4 Oz bottles of Antidote for $29.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.95 at



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5 thoughts on “Antidote Hair Styling Spray Review

  1. Someone just called me and told me that he wants to sell me the product. Hope he is not trying to scam me.

  2. This Antidote Hair Styling Spray is BS. You can’t find it anywhere and the address is FAKE, I went there.

  3. Ordered a month ago never received. When I call their customer service number I am told I won a cruise, when I informed them I am not interested in cruise but checking on my order I get hung up on. This happened twice!

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