Air Curler Review

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Why Air Curler

Do you like having perfects bangs when you style your hair for a party? But curling hair takes so much time and not to mention all the tangling and mess. Also, using hairdryers and curlers often also causes the heat to damage your hair. But now you can get Air Curler, the breakthrough styling tool that will transform your hair from plain straight to great curls within seconds.

How does Air Curler Work?

Air Curlers is so easy to use – just attach the nozzle of your hairdryer to Air Curler, place one portion of your hair in the ‘bowl’ and switch on the blow-dryer. The curling tool will work like a candyfloss machine and spin your hair to dry and curl it perfectly. It has a dual action of being a hair dryer and curler too. And you get this effect in just about 20 seconds.

Air Curler prevents direct heat from touching your hair so it is a safer and a healthier option of hairstyling. Whether you have shoulder length hair or longer you will get amazing results within seconds. All of your straight hair will be transformed into loose and trendy curls that will last all day long so you can sport a stylish hairdo at work and even have it for the party in the evening without having to curl your hair again. And Air Curler can give you any kind of curls you want –sexy ones, wild curly hair or just flirty curls with just a dash of accent.

No matter what blow dryer you have, the unique attachment of Air Curler will fit it easily. Often times your hair curls turn out to be dry and dull after you have used the curler on them. But Air Curler will give you soft and tangle free curls unlike traditional tongs that tangle your hair badly at times. You can get all these benefits for a very reasonable price and your order of Air Curler will get you four styling clips and a 10 times magnification make-up mirror that can be attached to any surface worth $20 as free bonus.

Air Curler FAQs

How to use the Air Curler?
The Air Curler is to be attached to the hair dryer first. Later a section of hair is to be placed in the bowl one by one for 10-15 seconds to start curling with the hair dryer. The next step is to continue the same process for 10-20 seconds more to lock in the curl and capture a shine while keeping the hair dryer onto the cool setting.

Is usage instructions supplied with the Air Curler?
Yes, Air Curler comes with detail instructions and illustrations.

What makes the Air Curler special?
Air Curler dries the hair and curls it at the same time unlike any other appliance.

Is there a need to use a specific hair product to use with Air Curler?
There is no such need but a curl activator can be used before the curling process and/or hair spray after air curling.

Does Air Curler fit all hair dryers?

Air Curler’s universal attachment works with most hair dryers.

Will the attachment stay put against the air from hair dryer?
All parts in Air Curler are snug fit making them stay affixed in place to force the air from dryer into the bowl.

Air Curler Review

Concerns to bear in mind

Air Curler appears to curl hair effectively only at the ends and users haven’t had much success in curling closer to the scalp.

Performance speed

The claim made in its advertisement that Air Curler can curl your hair in “seconds” is misleading. Each section of hair takes about 20-35 seconds so a full head of hair divided into several sections can take several minutes to curl.

Inconsistence in effectiveness

There are numerous factors determining the efficient functioning of the Air Curler – for instance, the length, thickness, dampness and the overall health of your hair. The blow dryer being used along with Air Curler may also be a determining factor.

Time span that curls last

Curls done with traditional curling iron seem to outlast those done with the Air Curler. You may need to use hair spray liberally to keep the curls intact and the tactics used by subjects using Air Curler may also determine how long the curls stay.

The look of curls

You cannot really control how the curls created by Air Curler would look. Some may like the wispy curls it gives but some may think they are just swirls.

Not effective on long hair

The hair curler doesn’t work efficiently on very long hair. You can only curl the ends and the curls wane because of the weight of the hair compared to shorter hair.

Air Curler is safer than other hair curlers

Regular ceramic hair curlers heat up to 450° and run on 100 watts power at any given point and cause accidental burns to hair and skin and can even blow out or electrocute if used in the bathroom or not unplugged. Air Curler supposedly doesn’t pose these hazards.

Science behind curly hair

You must understand why hair is genetically and permanently curly before purchasing Air Curler. Hair mostly constitutes a protein called Keratin, which contains sulfur. Long strands are formed by the keratin monomers binding together with sulfur bonds causing curly hair. Air Curler does not give permanent hair curling; you need to use chemical relaxers for permanent curling.


What do I get?

  • 1 AIR CURLER Hair Styling Tool
  • 1 10x Magnification Suction Cup Mirror
  • 1 Set of 4 Salon Quality Hair Clips

All this for just $14.95 and $13.90 processing and handling. Official website


Air Curler Hair Styler Video


27 thoughts on “Air Curler Review

  1. Just bought this at the dollar tree-it was obviously $1. My 9 yr old daughter has been wanting this ever since she 1st saw it advertised. Her hair is just past her shoulders. Even at medium heat it was too hot to touch, and it never once swirled her hair around like it does in the videos we watched to make sure we were doing it right. We even took smaller sections of her hair to see if that would work. I admit, I didn’t think it would work, being that it’s now being sold for $1, but we did have some hope. :(. We finally stopped trying after we were afraid it might melt or catch her hair on fire. And lesson learned, this is why I don’t buy “as seen on TV” items.

  2. Pay attention to the commercial: the camera always cuts between when the woman starts curling her hair and when she is done. That should have been the sign to beware.

  3. I had excellent results with the Air Curler and was surprised at how well it works. I actually purchased it at Walmart for $15, figuring I would take it back if it didn’t work, but I plan on using it again and again. I noticed it worked way better on smaller chunks if hair, but would definitely recommend this product.

  4. I spent a lot of money on it but it didn’t curl my hair even once. Am sure you could look for and find much cheaper tools that do the job.

  5. The website gives a certain price for the curler but when you eventually look at the final bill, it’s a whole lot more. I was shocked by this scam.

  6. Piece of junk!! I am totally disappointed with it. It’s very poorly made, cheap and doesn’t do what it says.

  7. Badly made!!! It’s nothing but a piece of crap and I couldn’t get it to work. Not worth your money.

  8. I’ve got thick long hair and thought it would do the trick, but it doesn’t. Hair only gets twisted up at best; I feel like I wasted my money on it.

  9. Air Curler doesn’t work according to claims. If you curl your hair while damp and follow the instructions, you get a tight curl that looks like a dread. But you don’t want that kind of look and have bought the Air Curler because it claims to give you nicely curled and light hair. Your problem is worsened if you have thick hair; it gets all frizzy and that can be annoying.

    • Buy some larg Velcro type curlers. Run the strand of hair you want to curl through your flatiron to heat the hair up then immediately put hair in the Velcro roller. Leave it for a minute then repeat with next strand of hair. Works great!

  10. This HAS to be the LAMEST idea for hair curling ever! I honestly can’t believe anyone would fall for this, but if you do, then shame on you. Ah, hahahaha, funniest fail Ever!

  11. Don’t believe what they tell you! It is the best thing ever… My hair never curls and its super thin and fine… But air curler’s curls make natural-looking curls, easy!

  12. The Air Curler has to be one of the worst products ever invented. Thank god I didn’t spend my money on it-my friend’s mom got her one,& she ended up giving it to me when it didn’t work for her-she chalked it up to her having super thick, coarse hair that’s about chin length. So she thought maybe it’d work on my longish hair (about to the bottom of my shoulder blades). It takes so long to make a ‘curl’, if you could even call it that, that it’s just easier & far faster to just use a curling iron. They claim it’s not as damaging, but as I said, it takes so long to make one ‘curl’ that it probably doesn’t even end up making a difference. And now to why I keep putting ‘curl’ in quotes-I wouldn’t even consider what it makes a curl. It more twists a section of your hair, which comes out as soon as you basically move. Not to mention it tangles it badly,which then you get breakage & frizz trying to de-tangle it. My friend gave me her old one before I even saw the commercial for it, & I couldn’t help but notice that it doesn’t even make a curl in the commercial! Just kind of a very loose,short lasting twist. What a dumb, pointless product. you’re way better off just using a curling iron, you’ll save alot of time & aggravating. Even if you were looking for a way to get curls w/out a curling iron, you’re way better off using hot rollers, or sleeping on rollers, Bantu knots, braids, whatever-there’s about a million different things that work way better than this piece of junk.

  13. I want to get this really badly but I have mega thick hair, and it gets really knotty in the wind would the Air Curler tangle my hair?? or would it actually work as a curler?? I am super curious! thanks!

    • This is the worst money I have ever spent and a HUGE scam. Please save your money. This Air Curler is bulky and nearly impossible to use, the element will burn you by the time you get done attempting to curl a few strands as it takes well over 20 seconds, your hair will be a knotted mess or barely curled, your hair will come out of the cup if it is shoulder length or a bit longer like mine, and you will more than likely do as I did and become so frustrated that you just give up and use the regular blow dryer and curling iron. The shipping you have to pay to return is as much as the item so please beware! I hate this purchase!

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