Absolute Frizz Control Review

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You want to look your best at all times because it makes you feel good about yourself and builds your self confidence too. But does your dry and frizzy hair leave you inhibited? Have you tried expensive products and salon treatments to no effect? It’s about time you switched to Warren Tricomi Absolute Frizz Control, which is a revolutionary product that is your way to healthy, silky soft hair, which will be your finest asset. What’s more, it will also cut down your blow drying time by half while you get radiant, healthy hair


Absolute Frizz Control
Absolute Frizz Control, which is a Keratin treatment system that has all natural ingredients, comes from hair coloring and styling experts, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi. With their Absolute Frizz Control, the genius duo brings you all the benefits of the path breaking Biomimicry technology, which has already created waves in the industry. It’s this process combined with the goodness of natural ingredients that gives you stunning results. Through three simple steps of pretreatment for clarifying hair and eliminating build up, absolute frizz control treatment and flat ironing, you get stunning long lasting results for your hair.

While Absolute Frizz Control turns your dry hair into shiny, healthy mane with the help of natural botanicals and proteins; there’s more goodness in store for you. You also get a sulfate free maintenance shampoo and an ultra hydrating conditioner with your offer. The magic of Biomimicry Technology works in these brilliant products as well, giving you sensational results as your hair is infused with life and vitality. You can also get the Protect Blow Dry Serum that protects your hair while blow drying, boosting the smoothness and shine of your hair. Now you can turn your dry, frizzy hair into gorgeous, silky hair with Absolute Frizz Control and make it your best asset.

Pro Titanium Flat Iron

Pro Titanium Flat Iron is specially designed to be used with Absolute Frizz Control for smooth, healthy and manageable hair and gives you professional quality results at home. Titanium plates in the iron are responsible for creating even heat distribution that leads to better styling results. The negative ions on the other hand eliminate static, frizz and bind in moisture for sleek, shiny hair. With the help of this styler you will be able to create wavy hair, cool curls that last or tame down your hair into straight strands for styling. It has a variable temperature control, which means high heat is passed to every cuticle of stubborn hair gently and without causing any damage. Its unique treatment button can be locked at the temperature that’s ideal for Absolute Frizz Control Treatment.

Some of the other exceptional features of Pro Titanium Flat Iron include the extra long swivel cord that’s facilitates fuss free styling and salon approved light weight design, which makes it convenient for use. The Pro Titanium Flat Iron has many other benefits as well including the fact that it is durable in high temperatures, which makes it long lasting. It’s also resistant to scratches and chemicals and is also stronger for longer plate life. Moreover it gets heated up instantly and stays hot for a long time as well.

How it works?

Absolute Frizz Control works in three simple steps, which bring you results that last for about two months. The first step is where the Clarify pre-treatment shampoo eliminates any kind of build up, residues and water or environmental impurities from your hair. It’s because the mild cleansing agents loosen and bond with the residues in your hair; so when the cleanser is rinsed away so is the build up on your hair, with it. The next step is the Absolute Frizz Control treatment, which is formaldehyde free and contains Keratin proteins combined with other amino acids that strengthen and repair your hair. It also has natural fruit extracts, which not only condition your hair but seal moisture on it, thus making your dry and frizzy hair look soft, shiny and silky.

After your Absolute Frizz Control treatment comes flat ironing, with the help of the professionally designed ProTitanium styler, which will ensure that the benefits you get from the treatment are locked in. The magic lies in the Titanium blades of this styler, which help smoothen your hair and tame it down too. There are also the negative ion producers, which eliminates static and ceramic heaters in it can control frizz. It’s the heat that makes Keratin bond with your hair so that the benefits of the treatment last for a long time.

More Info
To get the best results out of Warren Tricomi Absolute Frizz Control, you need to use the Clarify Shampoo on unwashed hair. You can then condition it with ProHair conditioner before rinsing and drying it. To apply Absolute Frizz Control, section your hair into different parts and apply it into every section as you comb it through. Apply from roots to the ends and let it soak for the prescribed amount of time. Now you can blow dry your hair with a round brush and flat iron every section at the prescribed temperature to lock in the benefits of keratin treatment. You need to ensure that you don’t wash your hair or use styling products, get it wet, use booby pins or tie it up in a pony tail for 24 hours after the treatment. You can use ProHair Cleanse, Condition, Protect and Sulfate free styling products to wash and style your hair after that.

You need to ensure that you use sufficient quantity of Absolute Frizz Control on every inch of hair. Even if you end up using more product, you don’t have to worry about the risk of damaging your hair. In case of hard to manage hair and problem areas, use a little bit extra Absolute Frizz Control, like on your roots for example.

If you accidentally wet your hair within 24 hours of the treatment you need to blow dry and flat iron it as soon as possible. Remember it’s not an everyday use product and you need to apply it whenever you need the treatment. Ideally it should be applied no more than ones every 3-4 weeks.

Absolute Frizz Control is 100 % formaldehyde free; in fact it doesn’t contain any chemicals from the formaldehyde family. It is paraben free as well. The treatment lasts for about 60 days and you can use it on permed or colored treated hair and chemically relaxed hair. However you need to make sure that you use the treatment one week before or after coloring or highlighting your hair.

Absolute Frizz Control leaves your hard to manage hair sleek and smooth, making it easier to straighten it and the results last longer too. With the help of this product you can wear your curls without the unwanted frizz as the texture of your hair remains unchanged.

If you do not like the results for some reason, you have the option of washing your hair out with a shampoo and conditioner that has sulfate, within the 24 hour window. It is extremely easy to use yourself but if you manage to get it in your eyes, you should wash them out immediately. Consult a doctor if your eyes turn red or are irritated. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their physician’s before using Absolute Frizz Control Treatment.

Warren Tricomi

Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi have been reputed names in the world of hair coloring and styling, individually. But together they have formed a team that’s become a force to reckon with. Their 20 years of partnership has resulted in the No. 1 choice salon for New York’s elite and now has a network of salons all over the country. They are also the first colorist and stylist respectively to produce a collection of hair products.

Their expertise reflects in their Warren Tricomi Hair care collection, which has their invaluable individual inputs, that offers solution for every conceivable hair related issue. There is no other collection of hair care products that approaches hair related matters; from integrity of its color to its shine and health like Warren Tricomi with their knowledge, experience and passion.

Biomimicry Technology
Biomimicry Technology, quite simply is where Nature combines forces with science. The name comes from Bios, which means life and Mimesis, which is to imitate. While researchers might try their hardest best to find solutions for problems, but the fact remains that Nature has already solved those problems for us. Absolute Frizz Control helps imitate hair’s natural Keratine process for frizz control while the natural ingredients nourish your hair, making it healthy, soft and lustrous, just as you’d like it to be.



What do I get?
What do I get?
Your Warren Tricomi Absolute Frizz Control package includes
Clarify Pre-Treatment Shampoo
Absolute Frizz Control Keratine Treatment
Cleanse Maintenance Shampoo
Condition Keratin Infused Hydrating Conditioner
Pro Titanium Flat Iron
Stylish Thermal Travel Bag
Protect Blow Dry Serum with Biomimicry Technology
Three Snag Free Comfort Styling Clips
Wide Tooth Comb
All this is available to you when you order Absolute Frizz Control on a 30 day trial offer for $14.99 plus processing and handling costs at www.absolutefrizzcontrol.com.



Absolute Frizz Control Video


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