30 Second Styler Review

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Has styling your hair before going to work or a special do for that matter, become the bane of your existence? You want to put your best foot forward every time you step out of the house but you just can’t afford those expensive professional styling sessions at salons ever so often. Styling your hair at homes means you have to be stuck to one corner of the house while you go on with the time consuming job. Thankfully now you can get rid of all those home styling products and style your hair using your microwave with 30 Second Styler.

How does 30 Second Styler work

Yes you heard that right; this revolutionary product has come to be a blessing for many women all over the world. Now you can get professional quality styling from the comforts of your home within about 5 minutes. To use this styler you need to place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. The unique, cleverly designed heat absorbent filling in this styler will do its job and then release gentle, low heat through your hair. It will not only make styling easier, it will also hold your curls in place till it’s cooled.

All you need to do is roll this styler and tie it in your hair. Now you can do your jobs in the house, put on your favourite outfit or do your makeup while your hair is getting styled on its own at the same time. You can use one of these stylers to add luscious volume to your hair or use two of them if you want to and create soft waves. It’s also possible to use three of them to get that loose spiralled look you want. There is no end to options for you using this styler, which works equally well, with different lengths and textures of hair as well.



What do I get?
You get one larger styler and two mini stylers when you buy 30 Second Styler for $10 plus shipping and handling charge of $5.95 at www.buy30secondstyler.com. You can double your offer and get a detangling brush with it by paying additional S&H costs.


30 Second Styler Video
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6 thoughts on “30 Second Styler Review

  1. I tried this product and it has damaged my hair! I went to my family physician because my hair was falling out suddenly. doc wanted to know what I have done out of the norm? the only thing that was different was me using the 30 second styler. Doc explained that this product is filled with chemicals and could be the problem or, at the very least, can not be good in any capacity for health. Where is the FCC? I found another similar product, spoke with the inventor and found out that 30 second styler is a knock off of the ORGANIC Sweet Roll. They sent their product to me to try and guess what,… No damage to my hair, no smell (30 second styler leaves a chemical smell) and my hair came out beautiful and no loss. Sweet Roll, (buysweetroll.com) is the first, and only organic hair styler.

  2. another cheap knock off stolen by Intersellers venture and Telebrands. They copied our organic, American made product. I would be careful of heating any hair with something filled with chemicals. Buy the Sweet Roll! Support Americans not China and India. Our product lasts a lifetime while you may get a couple of uses from this poorly made Chinese chemical bag. DO NOT SUPPORT these thieves!

  3. Inquiring about order #17632753. Placed order on August 18th, have not received a conformation email of been billed as of yet. Wondering about the status of order.

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