2 Minute Curl Cap Review

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Curling irons fry and frizz your hair. Old fashioned curlers take all day and torture you all night. Now, there is 2 Minute Curl Cap – the amazing new microwave curling cap that steam sets your hair to lock in beautiful moisture rich curls in only 2 minutes.


How does 2 Minute Curl Cap work?
Now enjoy big, beautiful curls, wild waves, or crazy curls. It’s so easy. Just set your hair with any roller. Then heat the curl cap in the microwave for 2 minutes. Slip it on over your rollers and let the magic conditioning begin. The curl cap has an adjustable Velcro band so it fits over any rollers for a deep heat moisturizing treatment.

Embedded inside the Curl Cap lining, thousands of “nano” steam molecules heat up and infuse your curls with healthy moisture – a warm penetrating steam that conditions while it curls. The result is gorgeous, healthy curls that last and last.

Curl Cap works on every type of hair everywhere. Curling irons take 30 minutes to curl your hair. Curl Cap takes only 2 minutes. The steam heat conditions and curls your hair while you get dressed. You will save time since the steam heat conditions and curls your hair while you apply make-up. It does this while you relax in the tub. The steam heat transforms even out of control frizzies into wonderful waves without damaging your hair.

Stop damaging your hair with old fashioned curling irons or hot dryers. Having beautiful curls has never been so easy. Enjoy beautiful curls with the 2 Minute Curl Cap.




Reviews and Complaints
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2 thoughts on “2 Minute Curl Cap Review

  1. I love my minute curl cap. I have very long straight hair. After putting curlers in and using the cap, my hair has lots of curls and volume. People always ask if I have naturally curly hair. This is the greatest find I’ve had for fixing my hair.

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