SharperImage Stainless Steel Super Grill Review

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Does busy schedule have your family eat fast food and frozen dinner? Now you can make healthy, delicious meals in minutes with the Stainless Steel Super Grill from the SharperImage. You could spend hundreds of dollars to make everything that SharperImage Super Grill makes in half the time.


SharperImage Stainless Steel Super Grill
The Super Grill is five appliances in one – its a two sided closed grill, a double wide open grill, restaurant type Panini Press, a griddle, even a waffle maker. Make perfect Panini’s in a minute, Blueberry waffles in two, even thick juicy steaks in 5 minutes. The cool touch handle with floating hinge adjusts to even the largest cuts of meat to grill steaks and chops. Make eggs, bacon and hash-browns, tasty juicy burgers, even delicious chicken and vegetables all in under 10 minutes.

Shaper Image means quality with its stainless steel construction. 5 large interchangeable non-stick plates and easy to use temperature control. It has 1500 watts of power and cooks food from both top and the bottom so it is done in half the time. The ingenious design drains the grease so you cut out the fat and yet get the flavor. The Super Grill plates are removable so cleanup is a breeze.



What do I get?

  • 2 Grill Plates
  • 2 Waffle Plates
  • 1 Griddle Plate
  • Easy To Use Temperature Controls
  • 2 Drip Cups

Free Bonus Items

  • 25 Recipe cards
  • 2 Slider plates
  • Just 3 Payments of $29.95. Total Amount $89.85. 30 day money back guarantee, less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CT, NJ, NY and NV.



    SharperImage Stainless Steel Super Grill Video
    The Sharper Image 8147SI Stainless-Steel Super Grill with Interchangeable Nonstick Plates

    The Sharper Image Super Grill @ Bed Bath & Beyond


    5 thoughts on “SharperImage Stainless Steel Super Grill Review

    1. All of the above and I had to flip the waffles over so they would be evenly cooked. I’ve cooked my whole life and I just burned 4 grilled cheese sandwiches. Couldn’t even tell they were burning, and i was standing right by the sink doing preparatory dishes which were few. Had to trash and start over. Didn’t know I had to babysit. On my other griddle they would have been nicely browned at that point and ready to flip and it was only 20 dollars..No recipes, no temps for cooking anything, so its a guessing game. Start raw and work your way up. Now I find out the damn sides are gonna break. Wonderful =(((

    2. We were trying to decide between the Cuisinart and Sharper Image. We really liked the different cooking surfaces and finally decided on Sharper Image. Like everyone else we found the directions to be poor. It also would have been nice if there had been some directions concerning cooking times and temps, maybe even a recipe or two. We also found that if you don’t place the plates on just so, the sides of the unit break off. I have had to repair the lower, outer plastic frame as it snags on the griddle (and other plates)and broke off. Another piece broke off tonight and we have only had it since Friday (today is Wednesday). Even though we like the unit, we really expected quality instead of fix and repair daily. Therefore I would imagine we will return it this weekend and try the Cuisinart instead. I am very disappointed.

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