Big Boss Grill REVIEW – Nothing BIG about it

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What is Big Boss Grill

Introducing the all new Big Boss Grill the amazing countertop appliance that claims to go from a grill to a griddle, to a waffle iron, even to a sandwich maker quickly and easily. Grills for grilling, grills for gridling, waffle makers, omelet makers and more. Don’t waste money on countless appliances that only do one thing.



Big Boss Grill Reviews and Complaints

Too Small – Fahad who used the Big Boss Grill says in his review that Big Boss Grill is too small and can cook only one sandwich for one person at a time. He says the manufacturer make it look bigger in the tv ad. He says in his review that the name “Big Boss” does not suit the actual product.

Another user Johnston complains in his review that you cannot cook much food at a time. They show grilling plate holding 2 sandwiches in the advertise picture which is misleading. The grilling plate cannot hold 2 sandwiches.


Poor Performance – One customer in his review complains that heating is insufficient, It takes 20 minutes to grill 2 burger patties. Also it does not cook food evenly.


Hazardous!!! – As there is not place for the juices to drain out, the juices leak deep into the area below the heating plates where the heating coil is located, this can cause fire and is a electrocution hazard. Also there is no on/off switch, so if you forget to unplug the grill it can results in a serious situation.


Smell!!! – Angela was lured into buying the Big Boss Grill and was excited about the delightful recipes they advertise on the TV, she used the Big Boss Grill for sometime and she soon she discovered that there was nowhere for the juices from meat to go as there is no drip-pan, after cleaning the Big Boss Grill several times she could not get rid of the strong smell. And after using it for about a month or so her Big Boss Grill just stopped working.


Thin Plates – Melissa tried making omelets in the Big Boss Grill that took over 25 minutes and when she tried to open the grill, the eggs exploded and burned her hands. The omelets were foamy and had to throw them away. The quality of the grilling plates really awful and are very thin , she complains. No matter what the food always stick to the plates and the coating is already coming off.


Not NON-STICK – Roslyn who reviewed the Big Boss Grill complains that in-spite of using non-stick spray on the plates the waffles stuck to the plates and dripped all over. He complained that the waffles do not come out in one piece. You will regret grilling burgers in this grill, it will create more mess than burgers.


Food remains uncooked – Jason tried to cook chicken and it came out all uncooked.

Trina is her Big Boss grill review complains that she tried making Banana muffins in the grill, the first half were good and evenly cooked but the later half were still raw. Changing the grills can burn your fingers…so b e careful with it. Does not have a timer either. “15 piece grill” is just a marketing gimmick.


Cheap Grill – Another user Simone says the batter runs into the back of the grill making it harder to clean. He also complains that his Big Boss Grill’s waffle plate has a hole in it and the grill is cheaply made.


Teflon comes off – Johnston says in his Big Boss Grill review that the Teflon comes off from the insert plates and he does not recommend this grill to anyone. He suggests buying a branded Cuisinart or George foreman grill instead of this junk.


Does not last – This is the most common complaint about the Big Boss Grill. There have been several more complaints about Big Boss Grill dying after a few uses, some grills have given up just after a single use.. There is no troubleshooting information in the instruction manual.


Advantages of Big Boss Grill

Good for making sandwiches and hamburgers for one person.
Good product if you want to use it only for small things like warming bread.
Versatile kitchen appliance.
Does a fairly good job of grilling sandwiches
Ideal for apartment kitchens and single users.
Can make good scrambled egg for a quick breakfast
Dishwasher safe grilling plates


Final Verdict

There is very little good to say about this Big Boss Grill. There are more disadvantages than benefits of the Big Boss Grill, it is not a unique product that you you cannot live without. Based on the Big Boss Grill review above we recommend NOT TO BUY the Big Boss Grill, here are a few BRANDED grills that are similar to Big Boss Grill and do everything and more than the Big Boss Grill does. You won’t regret buying them.

How Does Big Boss Grill Work?

The Big Boss Grill features interchangeable cooking plates that snap in and out effortlessly. For grilling simply insert the grilling plates to grill hamburgers or turkey burgers in a flash. Now you can make mouth watering paninis right in your home. Insert the griddle plate to prepare quick-and-easy Bacon and Egg. Insert the waffle plate, pour batter for professional Belgian style waffles in just 5 minutes. Or use the sandwich plate then simply place the bread at the bottom add your favorite fillings and place a bread on the top and lock the lid, you have your favorite sandwiches in just minutes. There is no more turning, no more stuck food. The Big Boss Grill’s dual cooking surface cooks both sides evenly at once. So you save time. The non-stick cooking plates are ideal for low-fat cooking.

Cleaning the Big Boss Grill
Other counter top cookers are impossible to clean. But the Big Boss Grill ensures easy food release every time and the removable cooking plates are dishwasher safe.


What do I get?

  • 1 Big Boss Grill
  • 2 Grill Plates
  • 2 Griddle Plates
  • 2 Waffle Plates
  • 2 Sandwich Plates
  • 2 Doughnut Plates
  • 2 Omelet Plates
  • Recipe Book and Storage Rack
  • Big Boss Chopper

All this for just $39.90 + $12.95 S&H. Official website


28 thoughts on “Big Boss Grill REVIEW – Nothing BIG about it

  1. Received with a strange 3 section grill plate, maybe for burgers? No donut plates. Customer service doesn’t have a clue. Will give it a try.

  2. Big boss grill all these other reviews are lies. Nothing sticks burgers take five minutes and are great tasting. I’ve made Turkey burgers, waffles, donuts, meatloaf and pancakes, also pressed sandwiches they all take a few minutes and come out great.I had a George foreman grill and sent it back. I love the big boss grill.

  3. I guess we have had ours for a few years now and it has worked adequately enough. However, you cannot control the temperature and it tends to run to hot shortening the life of the plates. Anyone who has ever used Teflon products knows that they they are not non-stick forever. They wear out and eventually must be replaced. It is amazingly hard if not impossible to find replacement plates. The best that I could find was used ones on eBay. Really? What’s the point? I think the planned obsolescence scheme in place here is to make replacement plates unavailable so that you have to buy a new unit with new plates.

  4. I used my grill once and it worked well the second time I used it would not heat up as well the light never came on what should I do?

  5. Hey fellas have you noticed how difficult it is to find actual Big Boss Grill reviews. I was searching for the reviews and all I got was Manufacturer sponsored websites linking to the main Big Boss Grill site. Isn’t this a scam? How are these sites showing up? They are misleading people into buying this Chinese crap. Apart from complaints on Amazon and sites like this, most of the sites I visited had positive reviews and were persuasive to buy the product. If this is such a bad product why is Amazon and Wal-Mart selling it. I read the reviews on and knew that this was a TOTAL SCAM.

    • Those sites having all the swanky reviews get paid for selling these crap products. Search engines cannot differentiate between sites with REAL reviews and the ones with FALSE review. I don’t believe people are still stupid enough to buy such crap from the TV.

  6. I received this Big Boss Grill a few days ago for my birthday. I took it out of the box this am and made omelets. They cooked for about 25 minutes which is awful. When I tried to open the grill, the eggs exploded and burned my hand. The omelets were foamy and my children refused to eat them. They had all the ingredients that I use regularly. I don’t eat eggs, so I didn’t try them. Then later in the day I used the grill to cook thin sliced pork loin chops. About 10 minutes into grilling, the grill shut off and will not turn back on. I let it cool completely and still no luck. This grill is junk, the plates are flimsy and it cooks so slowly! I would not recommend this grill to anyone!!

  7. I received my grill today. I tried to make banana nut muffins, the first half were perfect, the rest were raw!

  8. 02/12/2011

    Had I looked on google first I would not have purchased. Mine worked great for maybe five months and than last night it just apparently burned out really sucks that short of a life span. Would I ever purchase another. The first time is good experience. The second time would be my stupidity.

  9. wife bought me this for last Christmas used it one time to make waffles worked great.then used to make pocket sandwiches.unit stopped working in the middle of cooking unit stopped heating. Would not recommend this if it does not last.

  10. I just opened this grill today and it has performed FANTASTICALLY WELL for breakfast and lunch!! The omelet that I made came out perfectly and the Chicken breasts that I cooked with the grill plates came out the most moist and delicious that I have ever eaten, I put onion and jalapeno on the top and it grilled them to perfection with ease. A slice of Jalapeno Jack cheese melted perfectly on top of the chicken even after I put it on the plate. So all I can say at this point is that I am delighted with it and am sorry it broke after a use to or two for other people. The ONLY COMPLAINT that I have about it is this: the plates are thin and somewhat flimsy and afraid that overtime unless they are all hand washed and dried and put in the storage wrack that they will not last, also the size of the girl is dinky tiny tiny tiny. Other than that this thing is awesome and I am keeping the box just in case it stops working for whatever reason. In that even I will take it back to Bed Bath and Beyond and exchange it for another one OR just get another girl all together. I will admit that I have the CUISINART Griddler and that thing is the BEST GRILL that I have ever used and is well worth the $90 it retails for. Chicken is not near this moist on it though, tends to get a tad dry on that grill. But perfect on the big boss grill! Very impressed with this little grill after just two uses. Hope that helps!

    • It is my educated opinion that the Xpress RediSetGo is also a piece of garbage. The first two I owned, the paint bubbled up and the timer melted. I am now on my third one and wish I could return it to the store and get my money back. The idea behind it is excellent, however, the actual product does not stand up. Save your money and wait for something better to come out.

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