XGROW Total Garden Feed System REVIEW

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What is XGROW?

It claims to be an all-in-one refillable plant feeding system that attaches to standard garden hose and has 8 spray patterns that make it easy for feeding and watering the plants or lawn easily. XGROW Total Garden Feed System proclaims to be highly effective plant feeding system that attaches to any standard garden hose.


Smart plant feeding system – Refilling the right amount of feed with water is declared to be easy with XGROW. Although there are no XGROW Total Garden Feed System reviews available to attest to its claims.

Smart design – The design of XGROW states to have a start and stop trigger along with flow control level so that users can control the amount of water and feed going out to the plants. Such water to feed ratio adjustment is complemented by eight spray patterns with varying pressure and intensity, these are – Jet, Shower, Mist, Cone, Rinse, Stream, Flat and Center. XGROW Garden Feed System promises to be ergonomically design and has an easy-grip handle; XGROW reviews will expose the truth.

Lawn and plant feed – XGROW alleges to have 100 ml capacity of detachable reservoir to insert plant and lawn feed to mix with water while spraying. The plant and lawn feed concentrated liquid fertilizer that comes with XGROW emphasizes to offer flourishing plants and lawn. Did you find XGROW Total Garden Feed System really helpful? Send us your reviews.

XGROW Total Garden Feed System Reviews

An XGROW customer Arturo Normal writes in his review that the system leaked water from its joints at the handle.

Matt Dennis complains in his review that XGROW assured to fit their standard hose while ordering but didn’t do so. He required purchasing an extra connecting device to do the task.

Another XGROW review by Lois Harvey reveals that its quality is cheap, the handle is fragile and the asking price is not justifiable. She also suggests in her XGROW review to look for something else and doesn’t recommend it due to its poor quality.

A reviewer, Leticia Thompson, discloses that XGROW will require an additional attachment and longer hose to use it as a jet. Her review also states that XGROW has poor quality fittings with cheap body that doesn’t seem durable at all.

Matt Dennis’s XGROW Garden Feed System review exposes its flaws by saying the nozzle head came off after 2 months of use. His review further states that XGROW Garden Feed System leaks water from the seals and joints. Such poor quality build indeed makes it a waste of money.

One other review by Shelly Morrison asserts that the trigger part of XGROW Garden Feed System snapped after few initial uses and is not usable anymore.

Similarly, Janie Graham also noticed XGROW breaking apart after the first time but suspects that it might not be able to handle strong water pressure.

Another XGROW review by Lynette Gutierrez says that it is a wonderful idea on paper but fails miserably due to its cheap material quality. As per her XGROW review the system exploded after the fourth use and is not fixable anymore.

Milton Abbot, a XGROW reviewer, reveals that the joints started to leak and the attachments are not waterproof. His review further adds that XGROW’s plastic material is cheap and doesn’t last long.


What do I get?

  • XGROW Handheld Multi-Spray Water Gun
  • XGROW 500ml Plant Feed Concentrated Liquid Fertiliser
  • XGROW 500ml Lawn Feed Concentrated Liquid Fertiliser

Price: £14.99 at HighStreetTV.com

One thought on “XGROW Total Garden Feed System REVIEW

  1. Just in lucky as I have had no problems, I used lawn feed and you could see pisitive receives the next compared to my neighbors lawns either side of me!

    It works and in my case has worked well.

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