Weed Blaster Pro Review

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Are you tired of weeding your lawn the same old traditional way? Now there is a new way to weed your garden and yard effortlessly without straining yourself. Introducing Weed Blaster Pro, an eco-friendly lawn and garden sprayer designed to help you weed your garden and yard with ease.


Weed Blaster Pro
Unlike harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the flowers and plants in your yard and garden the Weed Blaster Pro is the only safe, easy, and convenient way to spray weeds.

It is designed such that you do not have to bend down to weed your lawn. To use the Weed Blaster Pro simply open the cap and fill the reservoir with herbicide, then when you want to spray, press down on the handle. The protective cone design ensures the herbicide is sprayed on the weed and not on the flowers thereby preventing it from getting damaged.

When filled with the herbicide the Weed Blaster Pro weighs less than 3 pounds. The Weed Blaster Pro is designed to provide more than 100 sprays per fill-up. It is also safe for your children and pets.

You can now order the Weed Blaster Pro for only $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H. You will also receive 4 Garden Light Stakes; just pay the separate $9.95 shipping and handling.



What do I get?
Weed Blaster Pro
4 Solar Garden Light Stakes
All this for just $19.95 + $17.90 shipping and handling. Official website www.GetWeedBlaster.com



Weed Blaster Pro Video
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4 thoughts on “Weed Blaster Pro Review

  1. This product needs design improvement. A simple check valve would prevent it from leaking when it’s left standing for a while. It drains the full tank in about 30 strokes, (not the 100 strokes advertised). It often needs multiple strokes before emitting a spray, the intake of air should be increased when the handle is released.

  2. I purchased the Weed blaster pro. Following the instructions to remove the cap to fill I found it impossible to remove the cap. I even took a pair of channel locks for more grip and still could not budge the cap. I went to the website: weedblaster.com and tristarproductsinc.cam came up and there was no information about how to contact them. At this point I cannot recommend this product at all.

  3. This Weed Blaster Pro is a really cool new product. I have used it in my flower beds for the past few weeks. Most of you know that this winter is very warm so the weeds are in full bloom. The Weed Blaster lets me get in between bushes and plants without getting any herbicide on anything but the targeted weed. And my back feels great!

    Recommend highly!

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