Triple Play Sprinkler A.k.a “3 in 1 Sprinkler” from Telebrands

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What is Triple Play Sprinkler?

It claims to be an ultra-portable sprinkler system that comprises of three sprinklers with customization sprinkling system to perfectly water your lawn, garden and flower bed.

It’s only natural that you want to maintain the outdoor space around your house in the best possible way. It adds to the beauty of your surroundings and works wonders for that aesthetics. But you also know that looking after lawns and gardens can be a tough task, especially when you think about watering them on a regular basis. It is the claim of Triple Play Sprinkler that you can water your gardens with ease and without any hassle. Now there’s no reason to carry those awkward hoses around when you have Triple Play Sprinkler installed.


How does Triple Play Sprinkler Work

Triple Play Sprinkler is a three in one sprinkler system that will let you water your garden or lawn just where you want and without any tricky procedures involved. The good thing about Triple Play Sprinkler is said to be the fact that it’s very easy to install and can be set up in a matter of five minutes. You can handle the task yourself instantly and get started with the job of watering your garden. There are no additional tools or complicated installation methods required to put Triple Play Sprinkler and let it work its wonders for your garden.

Triple Play Sprinkler is also reasonably priced according to its claims, which can be an added advantage. You know the regular in-ground sprinkler systems can cost you a fortune, which is why you stay away from them, but that’s not the case here. And since Triple Play Sprinkler lets you water the exact areas of the garden on lawn you need, not only will you be able to save yourself time and money on water bills, you will save precious water too. And of course you are saved a lot of effort with Triple Play Sprinkler as well because you don’t have to carry those heavy hoses around.

Triple Play Sprinkler has three sprinkler heads and three sections of hoses, which will let you install it easily but it promises to have another advantage for you. You can link these three sprinklers just the way you want so that you have a custom sprinkler system ready for your garden. Each of the Triple Play Sprinkler heads is also known to have five different spray patterns, which can be chosen according to your needs. Thus Triple Play Sprinkler helps you customize watering of your gardens and lawns according to your convenience.




What do I get?

  • You get Two Triple Play Sprinkler system, for just $19.99 Plus $17.98 P & H
  • You get three sprinkler heads and three sections of hose
  • You will also receive a $15 As Seen on TV Shopping Card

Official website

Water your lawn easily – Triple Play Sprinkler states to be a unique sprinkler system that helps in achieving professional level results without costing a lot. Such time and cost effective solution makes Triple Play Sprinkler a top contender; user reviews will expose the truth. Triple Play Sprinkler convinces to b perfect for the lawn, garden and flower bend with its easy to install design. The three sprinklers in Triple Play Sprinkler fit on any ground easily with their long stakes and are compatible with garden hose. Simply install, attach and start watering. Such easy solution provided by Triple Play Sprinkler is commendable and will be further analyzed once we receive user reviews.

Superior sprinkler system – Triple Play Sprinkler maintains to have an incredible design that sets up and dismantles easily to move it around different areas of the lawn quickly and easily. More shall be revealed with Triple Play Sprinkler reviews. Triple Play Sprinkler declares to come with 15 different sprinkler and 5 spray patterns that suit most of the requirements of a garden and lawn. Use the fine mist for watering delicate flowers or use the power spray to cover large lawns. Triple Play Sprinkler asserts to provide the option to use single sprinkler or all of them at once. Currently there are no Triple Play Sprinkler reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


7 thoughts on “Triple Play Sprinkler A.k.a “3 in 1 Sprinkler” from Telebrands

  1. They do not tell you how much area does this sprinkler cover, what patterns it has – circle, narrow, square, rectangle etc, type of filter, what material is it made from. Can you adjust the coverage area (near/far). You need to give these details.

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