Tomato Patch

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What is Tomato Patch

It is an ingenious way to grow tomatoes easier and faster without toiling in the garden to grow them. It uses a greenhouse technique to provide great tasting organic tomatoes.

Grow Tomatoes easily:

Tomato Patch states that it is the ultimate replacement to hours of back breaking work needed in the garden in order to grow the best tasting and juicy tomatoes. Due to the hours needed to groom the soil and the plant many people shy away from growing fresh tomatoes in their garden. Tomatoes are quite nourishing to the body and have several benefits like keeping cancer at bay, reducing inflammation, strengthening the heart, help control asthma and more. Tomato Patch alleges to help both beginners and seasoned gardeners to grow fresh organic tomatoes at home.


Greenhouse-like growth:

Tomato Patch claims that it helps in growing big juicy great tasting tomatoes within its frame that can expand 3 ft. by 1.5 ft. This means it can be kept around anywhere outside the house like porch area, deck, balcony or the yard. In this way Tomato Patch can settle down at homes that do not have luxury of a backyard or garden area. It is emphasized that using Tomato Patch is quite easy as it can be done in three simple steps. The first step is to fill it up with the right kind of soil without the painful, back breaking digging process. Once Tomato Patch is filled the seeds should be planted right inside it. Lastly the most important step remaining is watering the soil for optimum growth. Tomato Patch states that its custom design provides better soil aeration which is generally hard to achieve otherwise without proper gardening expertise. It also lets the sun to heat the roots like it does in the greenhouse. This process guarantees stimulated growth of tomatoes with early ripening. Yield wise too Tomato Patch convinces that its greenhouse-like technique helps in producing over 300 lbs. of home grown tomatoes with up to 50 pounds per plant. These tomatoes can be used to make salads, salsa, sandwiches, sauces, etc.


What Do I Get?

  • you get TwoTomato Patch capable of yielding 150 pounds of tomatoes for just $10.00+$7.95P&H.

Official website:

One thought on “Tomato Patch

  1. This is total junk. For the $15 plus $7.50 for shipping they send you eight pieces of flimsy plastic, nothing more. I am embarrassed that I fell for this scam. I would return it however the cost of sending it back will be almost as much as the refund.

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