Tomato Mate Review

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What is Tomato Mate? A special kit that helps you grow tomatoes at home without any efforts. The kit and the tomato seeds are inserted into the top of any water bottle filled with water.

The fun and easy way to grow tomatoes on windows

Tomato Mate claims to be a great way to grow tomatoes right at home. It’s a special kit made naturally that needs no soil to grow tomatoes Those who have small living spaces may find it useful and satisfying to enjoy gardening as it requires very little place and demands no hassles. Tomato Mate requires very little maintenance and efforts. It can be planted with seeds in the kit in a recycled water bottle to be placed in a spot with adequate sunlight. If there are kids at home, they’ll find it exciting as well as enlightening to see how tomatoes, or anything can be grown.

Delicious, fresh tomatoes

Tomato Mate promises to yield great, delicious tomatoes that are also fresh so you may not have to buy them from out.

Ideal for those with little or no time

Since Tomato Mate requires hardly extra efforts and maintenance, anyone with little or even no time use it to grow tomatoes. It assures to produce natural and delicious tomatoes that you can make a part of your diet. Also, there’s no mess and inconvenience of soil as you don’t need it for Tomato Mate.


Tomato Mate, according to the Company, is also an eco-friendly way to grow tomatoes as it can be planted in a recycled water bottle. You need not use a new bottle, soil or any chemicals to grow delicious, wholesome tomatoes right in your window sill.


Fancy gardening even when you venture on an outing? Tomato Mate seems to be the perfect way to pursue gardening even if you’re out. Since it comes in a kit and can be planted in any simple water bottle with a twist-off cap with water levels full. Tomato Mate, you are assured is thus perfectly portable, thereby offering fun and easy gardening anywhere.


What do I get?

Each Tomato Mate Kit comes with:

  • Tomato Mate Growing Tube
  • Tomato Seeds
  • Sand to Plant Your Tomato Mate
  • Spoon to Scoop and Insert your Seeds
  • All Natural Fertilizer
  • Care & Growth Instructions

Get 2 Tomato Mate kits for just $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. Official website

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