Tomato Factory Planter Reviews and Complaints

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Don’t you just love eating big, fresh and home grown tomatoes? But growing them is a lot of work; it can be back breaking work! It isn’t so anymore! Tomato Factory Planter is a new and beautiful way to grow big, juicy and great tasting tomatoes. You will now have tomatoes at your fingertips; in your porch, deck, and balcony and even in your yard. It is so easy; just fill, plant, water and voila! It can expand to over 3ft. by 1.5 ft.


Tomato Factory Planter
The Tomato Factory Planter provides better soil aeration and allows to sun to heat the roots like a green house. It stimulates growth, early ripening and a higher yield. You won’t have to do any digging or weeding; all you have to do is fill, plant, water and your tomatoes will grow like magic! Tomato Factory Planter will give you bushels of big, great tasting tomatoes and each plant can give you up to 50 lbs of produce per plant.

Tomato Factory Planter gives you three plants each, so you get an amazing 150lbs of beautiful ripe, home grown tomatoes! Now you can taste fresh home grown, organic tomatoes in your salads and sandwiches and make your own fresh tomato sauce pizza and delicious salsa. Everything will taste better than those store bought tomatoes, and you will have the additional assurance of knowing that it’s fresh and organic because you have grown it yourself. Other planters cost money and so do store bought tomatoes. You can save up to an amazing $ 300 with the Tomato Factory Planter!



What do I get?
Two Tomato Factory Planter Planters

Order The Tomato Factory Planter Planter today for only $10 + s/h $15.98. 30-Day Money back Guarantee (Minus P&H).

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11 thoughts on “Tomato Factory Planter Reviews and Complaints

  1. I was about to order when I read the reviews…Not one good review. If anyone has anything good to say about this product I’d like to hear it.

  2. Thank you so much for this information. I am trying to return what I purchased and am getting the runaround so the address you posted is so helpful. They advertised Tomato PLANTS and sent me tomato seedlings, totally different!

  3. I ordered 2 sets of plants and you sent me a lot more and charged me $97.78 Why so much I didn’t order that many. I want my MasterCard reimbursed for that much. I am not paying for what I did not order. Besides they are not growing like they should,they won’t amount to anything the way they are. So maybe I should get all my money back. Look into this please and if you don’t do anything about it I will go farther on it.

  4. The computerized system for ordering is horrendous! I only wanted to try one planter and continued to get descriptions of additional orders to which I declined. So I received my order and it’s not worth the $25, mostly for shipping. A big yellow plastic bag with a few holes in the side with 3 tiny boxes presumably with seeds in them! Unexpectedly, one day later, a huge box was left on my doorstep from the Post Office not labeled from Tomato Factory but inside were over 10 more boxes of this product……I called customer service and was told to simply take the box to the Post Office and decline delivery and that I would get a full refund. I did just that but the post office said I had to pay to ship it back because I had opened the box. I am waiting to see if my $250 will be credited to my charge card. Hopefully, this will keep someone else from being bamboozled!

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