Sweet Dream Blackberries Review

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Did you know that according to the National Institute of Food and Nutrition Research, blackberries contain more anti-oxidants than any other fruit? Everybody loves eating blackberries, but buying them from the local store can be an expensive affair. Now, you can get the benefits of the healthy fruit, in an affordable manner with the magical Sweet Dream Blackberries


How does Sweet Dream Blackberries work?
With the help of the Sweet Dream Blackberries, you can now grow the sweetest, most luscious blackberries at home in your backyard, all season long! It is like having a blackberry farm in the convenience of your own backyard! Each fast growing Sweet Dream Blackberries plant produces juicy, jumbo sized and as sweet as nectar blackberries.

The Sweet Dream Blackberries are not only excellent anti- oxidants, but are also bursting with vitamins and also have an extraordinarily high level of fiber content. Each ready to plant, plant provides a bountiful harvest all year long and yields up to 4 pints every day.

The high yielding plant produces twenty bowls of delicious blackberries each week; 5000 from a single plant. You can get to eat fresh, lush, jumbo blackberries for just pennies each day!

The Sweet Dream Blackberries are great for muffins and cakes, as a quick snack; ideal with your cereals and for making blackberry jams; superb with smoothies and shakes! Enjoy affordable, fresh, succulent and juice filled blackberries with Sweet Dream Blackberries!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
2 Sweet Dream Blackberry Plants for just $10 + $13.90 s and h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Official www.SweetDreamBlackberries.com Offer.


Sweet Dream Blackberries Video


107 thoughts on “Sweet Dream Blackberries Review

  1. Man I am stoked!! Just saw the ad for the killer berries !!! Think I will start a little Berrie farm. I love blackberries and if that little plant will produce that many berries I am going to get me a couple acres worth!! Wish me luck!! Think I will try what wanker said To do in one of reviews I read don’t know why they are getting such bad reviews looks like a Killer deal!!

  2. I must be the only one that has had luck with these? Maybe I have more of a green thumb, I don’t know. I received my blackberries despite the negative reviews. I got them a little over a week ago, planted them in a pot instead of in the ground. As of Monday, two of them are budding and growing. I also purchased the raspberries as well. They all looked dead when I got them but you must understand they are dormant plants and therefore look dead. With tender care they will come back to a live state.

  3. I was very unhappy with the sweetdreams black berries as seen on TV web site. When I placed my order and had to click through a ton of other orders orders they wanted me to buy I accendently added something to my order that I did not want. When I finally got to the checkout page I tried to delete this mistake from the cart but was not able to. I called the 800 number and was not able to reach any one. Then I received a call to verify my order at which time I cancelled my first order and reordered only what I wanted. One order of black berries for a total of 23 dollars. that was a Saturday. On Monday I saw on my bank acct that I was charged for both orders. When I called the 800 number again on Monday I was told I could not cancel either order for a refund but had to wait for the order and return it. Well This story gets worse. I have never received the order even tho according to the tracking # It was put in my mail box. I have contacted the post office and all three of the postal delivery people and according to them a key was put in my box. however I never did receive a key. Now I am out 85.00 dollars and no product. I have a website and sell on line. a customer can at anytime cancel something from the order. Even on the checkout page. This tells me sweetdreams blackberries are fraudulent seller. Buyer Beware!

  4. Dear Sirs: On June 8, 2013, I purchased a total of 12 blueberry plants and total of 6 blackberry plants. They arrived shortly afterwards and were planted that same day. Since that date, 3 of the blackberries have not sprouted and 1 of the blueberry plants has not sprouted. I realize that all plants begin growth at different times, but, these plants are indeed dead. You can snap the cane and you get a clean break, all dead tissue. All other plants are showing fine growth. These plants have had long enough time to develop. Do I need to send them back to get replacements? How do you handle the loss of these plants? Please let me know so I can deal with this situation as soon as possible.

    Thank you
    Mary Sobieski

  5. You shipped me 3 very small pieces of a root and your TV add show a more mature plant, for which you charged a $13.90 Shipping and handling. This is false advertising leading us to believe we were getting something for our $23.90.

    • You did not read the instructions!! Says to dig a hole 6x6x6 then you have to get a virgin rabbit and on the 2nd day of a full moon you then cut its throat drink 1/2 of the blood and drip the rest around the hole and then bury the remains 10 feet from the hole. Rabbit must be put in the hole upside down with the head pointed north!! Then water and watch them not grow!!

      • Well I tried what the wanker said. Found a very attractive white virgin rabbit-waited till the 2nd day of the full moon dug the hole-slit the throat-drank the blood-planted the twigs and buried the rabbit. I must say that I was a little on the non believer side but I tried it to The T. Wow it worked I am getting 7 to 10 5 gallon buckets every 2 days!!

        Thank you wanker!!

  6. I was ready to purchase these blackberry plants and then decided to do a little research. Luckily I did, because all I saw were NEGATIVE reviews. Thank you to all of the people who took the time to post your Sweet Dream Blackberries reviews so people like me would be able to learn from you! (By the way, there is nothing on their website that gives any information about how long it will take for the plants to produce berries.)

  7. I usually read reviews before buying online but I didn’t read them before buying Sweet Dreams Blackberries. I received 15 sick looking roots (They looked dead). The advertisement says PLANTS. I tried to call the phone number on their website many times and it was either busy or they didn’t answer. I finally called my credit card company and they actually had a working phone number for them. We had a 3 way conversation. The lady for the Sweet Dream (should be nightmare) company was rude. I decided to keep the roots because I had a strong feeling that If I returned them I still wouldn’t get my money back. I just planted them in the hope that they would grow. We’ll see. I’ll write another review to let you know if they do grow at all. I plan to report them to the BBB and the TV station that carries their advertisements. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Go to your nearby nursery and buy REAL blackberry plants. I’ve learned my lesson.

  8. Not planning on buying this but read reviews of people asking how can a business like this that’s a total scam operate in the US.

    Best thing to do is to write a letter to the tv station that is advertising the product, and inform them that you will be boycotting the viewing of all there programs. The commercials will be dropped pretty fast.

  9. WARNING – Do not fall for this, this is a scam. They delay bank transaction till you get the little dead twigs then charge un-authorized charges to your order and they laugh when you call to complain

  10. A critical inquiry for me: are your blackberry plants “GMOs”? This is a very simple “yes”, or “no” question and a truthful answer will fit certain paradigms… to avoid the truth will be almost instantly apparent. Even the archaic “mere quack and puffery”standard is an aging and inappropriate standard enunciated by a decision in an earlier iteration of the U.S. Supreme Court. A response in detail would be greatly appreciated as it may determine whether we trade with you substantially, tentatively,or not at all. Our hope is that our concerns are dispelled as your product (blueberry plants specifically) demonstrate great promise.Thank you indeed.

    • Yes-yes-yes to all your questions! Why you ask some of the dumbest questions we have been faced with?? They are GMO and FBI with some ccs We would be more than tickled pink to take your money!! If you have read the first paragraph then you are more than likely a complete Moron and should be happy to know we will take as much of your money as you are willing to send!!

  11. Besides this being a scam, there is no way that a couple of plants will ever produce anywhere near the quantities of blackberries they claim. I have 6 mature plants running along one side of my vegetable garden and at the peak of growing season I’ll get one pint every couple of days for a few weeks. A total of maybe 20 pints at best, nowhere near the 500 pints they claim.

    Just buy one blackberry plant from a nursery and plant it and let it go to seed and next year you’ll get a whole field of bushes. Just did that last year with a raspberry plant and now I’m hip deep in them and can’t wait until the berries start growing.

    It’s a shame that there just aren’t anymore honest people/businesses anymore.

    • Should have read the 100’s of reviews and known that that small of a bush could in no way possibly produce that many berries!! You have no one but yourself to blame!! All that is left for you to do is kick the living crap out of yourself for being such a stupid retard??

  12. This is such a scam it is unbelievable there is no way to get them investigated. All the bad things are true that everyone has written. I should have done my homework before ordering and will never fall for this kind of misleading advertising again. Live and learn.

  13. Why do people get goofy over this when you can buy better at your local nursery? Its a rip off you dumb people!

  14. I am glad I looked up the super blackberries on Google to get the phone number,I had seen the commercial a couple weeks ago. Great to find this link before I even found the number. You guys saved me from the scam and headache I see I would have gotten. Thanks.

  15. OMG !!!PLEAS BEWARE OF THE “SWEET DREAM BLACKBERRY” SCAM!!!! I saw the infomercial this past weekend….and after remembering how AWESOME the blackberries we used to pick on our way home from elementary school tasted, I decided to buy A PLANT….I went onto the website….I ordered ONE PLANT for the advertised $10, I entered my credit card info…. And just as I was expecting to see an order confirmation, I was instead redirected to page announcing that I could receive a “SPECIAL DEAL” if I bought 3…. So, I clicked on it to see how much it would be….and I was (without my permission) instantly charged for the 3 instead of just one! …without any sort of chance before submitting the order to edit it or back out! Ok…this IS beginning to wreak of a scam….but I will give them a chance and if I have to I will CALL these berry brains to straighten it all out because…after-all… I AM using a credit card who will take payment away from any scammers, right? Well, it was just then when I noticed, on the receipt that I HAD JUST BEEN CHARGED A TOTAL OF $64.00 for just the “shipping & processing” for these 3 blackberry weeds…plants….whatever! $64.00!! For that, will they be delivered by a person?? My next thought was to CALL them and really let them have it….yeah? …well, it was 1am on Friday night….and this place is only “open” for telephone calls Monday through Friday from 9am to 5 pm!!!! Tried to use their “contact us” link which didn’t work….and I’m STILL STEAMING over the whole $64.00 thing…which didn’t even cover the plants themselves! So, this is where I went WRONG…. I woke up SICK on Monday….was too busy catching up from Monday to call on Tuesday….so I did not get to call ” Blackberry heaven” until WEDNESDAY!! BUT….once I DID….. I got the RUDEST Bi*** I have ever spoken to as a CUSTOMER! I told her how I never agreed to the 3 plant deal, OR the huge charge for “shipping & processing” and she asked why I didn’t call….I told her that they were closed when I made the order…and she very rudely made it clear that it was now WEDNESDAY! Well…. My blackberry plants arrived TODAY….the box is so beat up that it looks like it was kicked to my house all the way from NJ….and it was sent via US POSTAL service….who….at least last time I checked….does NOT charge more than $10 for a package weighing less than a pound like this one does! I haven’t opened it and I plan to call the bitch back tomorrow….and if I get no satisfaction, I’m disputing the charge, reporting them to the postmaster AND sending the, a ,Illinois blackberry-eating beetles PRIORITY mail ….and hopefully they will succeed in EATING the entire stock of high-priced WEEDS! THE PEOPLE ARE RUDE, THEY ARE SCAMMERS, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY THIS MUCH FOR BLACKBERRY PLANTS! ….JUST CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL NURSERY! I PROMISE THEY WILL BE NICER TO YOU AND WILL NOT RAKE YOU OVER THE COALS!!!!!

  16. I fell for the Sweet Dreams infomercial. one order of 3 blueberries and one order of 3 Sweet Dream Blackberries. I was expecting a longish branch with a root system packed in dirt. I got a little less than expected. The blueberries arrived sealed in a plastic bag with moist dirt.

    The blackberries were loose, no dirt, 2 had no roots left on them basically sticks. 1 had some spindly roots but was brittle and looked beat.

    The shipping was outrageous I should have asked first hmmm. Calling is a waste of time. They seem to enjoy screwing people over. I planted what had a chance and sat back to wait 3 to 4 years for some berries. Bottom line go to a nursery pay a decent price for a healthy plant.

  17. Thanks to those that take the time to post honest reviews. After reading the reviews below I know I just saved myself a lot of money, time and headaches!!!

    • We bought some thorn-less blackberries several years ago from a reputable mail order (nursery) company, planted them and they have thrived and produced crop(s) every year since. So I was thinking it surely must be a good thing with the Sweet Dream Berry people, but according to the NEGATIVE reviews, I have second thoughts. Guess it’s the same old adage of our younger years: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Thanks for all the warning reviews.


  18. I saw the ad on Destination American channel. If a lot of people complained to the Destination America channel about what a rip off they’re advertising, maybe they’d stop accepting their ads. There are ways to extract revenge from dishonest companies.

  19. I just got screwed by these people. First their customer service stinks. The recording voice on the other end asked me how many plants I wanted before I was ready to answer. I went “uhh” and it said, “OK, one,” and continued as if I’d answered. It didn’t recognize my efforts to correct it and say three. So I hung up and called back, to start over, thinking I could say the quantity I wanted this time. I said “three” very clearly when it asked me the quantity, but the machine still said, “OK, one,” I hung up and tried another phone, thinking it had recorded my phone number and had the quantity one recorded from it. But the second phone gave me the same result. I screamed into the phone that I wanted to talk to a person. But it didn’t recognize what I was saying and hung up on me. So I went to the website. It sold me the blackberries and offered me some blueberries too. But then it lied to me about how much it was going to cost and didn’t tell me the price until I’d put the debit card info in and submitted it. Then I discovered that I’d lost all the discounts and free plants they’d promised me. Plus the shipping and handling had gone up from $20 to $56. Of course, this information was not given until after the payment was submitted and it was too late to stop it. They don’t want you to know how much you’re paying until it’s too late to back out and they lie about what they’re going to charge you. I want to report them to a consumer protection agency.

    • Cecilla, anytime you make a purchase use a credit card , if you have one. if you have a dispute your c.c. company can take care of it. not so with a debit card.

      • Cecelia, Jim is absolutely right. Your statement jumped off the page when I read it. Online purchases using a debit card are very dicey, and offer little recourse unless outright fraud can be proved.

  20. They say don’t worry, these Sweet Dream Blackberries arrive “dormant”, they just look dead. After several months of painstaking care, no they aren’t dormant, they are as dead as the day I received them. Too bad I held out hope and waited longer than 30 days to complain as I am out everything I paid them.

  21. I ordered and got the 2 plants with the extra plant. BUT…I WASTED a lot of water and time on these three sticks that never did anything. Didn’t bother to call as I was still watering and babying along after the 30 day guarantee… 🙁 I was so looking forward to doing nothing but harvesting blackberries… lol

  22. Orderd 15 Sweet Dream Blackberry plants. (Cost about $70.00) Bought special potting soil and planted all 15 in nice pots. Plants looked dead when I received them but was led to believe they were dormant. Only three plants showed any life and only one may make it to maturity.
    I have made many purchases on the internet but this is the the worst deal that I have ever made. Just stay away from this scam.

  23. I ordered 15 plants total. I got 12. I called and complained about missing 3 and they were sent out, 10 days later I got some dead sticks in the mail. Thank God my cc company protects me from unprofessional companies such as this.

  24. I had much the same experience as several others – ended up being charged for numerous items that I had not ordered. I called first this this morning and actually reached a live person. She took my information and said she would cancel the entire order. I am hopeful.

  25. I was thinking about ordering these bushes. I am so glad I came upon these reviews before doing so. I am sorry that everyone else here got scammed.

  26. 6/1/2012 I too like all the people above got sucked by tv add. They really are a scam. I placed a order online for the buy 2 get one free blackberries. I got charged for that order PLUS another 12 plants which I did not order. The order was placed after business hours on Friday evening so when I called them on 6/4/2012 Monday they told me it was to late, the order had already shipped. I waited a week and no notification of the shipment and when I called 6/8/2012 they told me the order had been shipped on 6/7. SOMEONE IS LYING FOLKS. I called my credit card company to cancel charges and was told to refuse the order and call them back with a return shipping #. I have been charged $92.80 for nothing. WE NEED A WAY TO LEGALLY STOP THIS KIND OF THING.

    • I actually ordered the buy 2 get 1 free and was kind of liking the additional 12 plants idea so I went for it. I should have been getting 15 plants right? WRONG!!! I got 12 plants total. So I called them and told them about my problem and they said no problem they would send the 3 additional out but would not be shipped until next day. 10 days later I get some dead sticks in the mail. I contacted my cc company and was able to get a full refund. And oh by the way only 3 out of the 15 plants actually sprouted new growth.

      The instructions included with the plants actually says “plants appear to be dead but they are not” You can bet if they look like they are dead then they probably are. STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!

  27. Another thing to consider when ordering blackberries is the fact that most bushes have thorns which make harvesting them uncomfortable at best. However, in my years as a farmer, I have found that several nursery sites such as stark, burpee, and park you can find thorn-less varieties of bush that have a more reputable guarantee and a more likely chance of arriving alive. The fees on these sites are worrisome and not conducive to customer loyalty. I am not compensated by any greenhouse or nursery and have no special interest other than saving consumers from predatory marketing websites.

  28. I just now ordered the berries. When I got the confirmation it had all these other things also ordered which I did not order. Not any place to delete your items, also, when I called the number which was on line, I kept giving me other items to buy. Never was able to talk to a person. I called my bank, and tried to stop the money from being taken out on my credit card, and they said once you place the order the money would come out.

    I learned a lot for my $83.30 today, never ever order anything on line again. And since this is a new credit card, I won’t be using it either. You should be able to stop payment of anything like this if you get there in time…what a scam…

    • You must have used a Debit card not a credit card. That’s the reason I would never use a debit card. Use it and the $$$ is gone forever! With credit you can stop it unless you pay the bill.


  29. I ordered this berry plants, big mistake…one did live, but they said they were guaranteed but no way to contact them about it…going to see what my credit card will do…wish I could contact someone who could do something to people who do things like this,,,IT IS A SCAM

  30. The Sweet Dream blackberry offer is just another scam. These companies make money on shipping, not by selling anything useful. I got sucked in by their commercial and ordered the three plants, $10 for the plants and over $14 for shipping. All the plants were dead…dry, brown, stone cold dead. I will never order another product based on a TV commercial again. The TV commercials follow the same pattern. They offer you one of whatever it is for a certain price, then, if you call “right away” you can get two for the for the price of one but you must pay for shipping and handling on the second item. Then they gouge you on shipping for both items. Never again, thanks. I’ve learned my lesson.

  31. I saw an add for these earlier today and was VERY concerned. After reviewing all the comments here, it is even worse then I thought. To all the people who got ripped off by this company, I am sorry. You should be thankful though! Do you honestly think those berries are good for you!? Twice the size of natural berries and a yield of 20 BOWLS A WEEK! Can you imagine what is done to those plants! No wonder they are DOA, they are so pumped full of chemicals and hormones they can’t survive!

    • That’s the purpose of my logging on, I was never interested in purchasing the plants. I just had to know: What’s hormones produces the “Jumbo” “Pint-per-Day” berries?? It’s unnatural! It’s unfortunate that this country allows it’s people to be swindled and their health jeopardized for capitalistic gain.

    • I completely Jes!! There seems to be nowhere that I can ask, is this a GMO product??? I’m sure the answer is an astounding YES! Who wants GM foods growing in their backyards? That’s kind of the point of backyard gardens anyhow isn’t it? To be kept away from those type of products and disgusting chemicals? Bad companies….SMH…

  32. I Strongly Suggest dealing with a well established nursery operation, such as Stark Brothers Nursery. They have been in business since in the 1860’s, I think. I am not advertising for them but passing on info about a reliable business operation is not advertising. You can call them @ 800-325-4180 or go on line @ starkbronursery.com. And they guarantee their products. To me, that’s the way to go.

  33. I saw the reviews here thankfully before I ordered. I did some searching and found some farms that ship fully grown plants that are ready to grow fruit. like this one… http://www.watersj9blueberryfarm.com/

    Search online and you’ll also find some good sites that direct you to agricultural college info on blueberries and blackberries, and the varieties that are best suited for your particular state, or those that can do well growing in containers.

  34. I have a VERY good suggestion for all of you who have been taken by This “SweetDreamBlackberries.com” scam. Not only fight the charges through your credit cards, call AND write to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION! They may not be able to get your money back, but they CAN put a stop to these criminals from STEALING not only your money,but your credit card info. In answer to Rob: NO blackberries require plenty of moisture. They WON’T grow in the desert.

  35. I have sticks planted with no growth at all. This is a scam company and should be reported to the BBB, which i will do. They tripled my order and luckily I was refunded the difference from my basic order. Do not buy this product it is a scam scam scam.

  36. This site is a scam set up to add unwanted items to your order along with a large shipping fee. The first red flag should be that they ask for your credit card information FIRST before you add anything to your cart. Then as you “continue” through the screens you are unknowingly adding things to your order. No problem, you’ll see the entire order in and have the chance to place the order right? No, no here and this is the intent of the company. We called and emailed immediately but their late night working elves had conveniently already sent the package. No refund for shipping of course. This will be in dispute through my credit card company the moment the charge is posted.

  37. I was planning to order these Sweet Dream Blackberries from their website, however after looking closely at their website, I don’t see anything “about us or “contact us”. I stay away from this kind of website. They are more of a scam.

  38. I feel like such an idiot! I was sucked in by the commercial – as it seems a lot of other folks were. When going online to order the “3 plants for $10” deal, I was annoyed by the 5-10 up-sell pages asking if I wanted to buy more berry plants or any number of other plants. I clicked “no” on all of them, but somehow, ended up with a confirmation for 13 plants! I sent an email within six minutes of getting the confirmation to the alternate email provided and not surprisingly, they didn’t reply until the next day – to tell me that it was too late as the order had already shipped.

    I called and spoke with a woman named Jolene. I explained the situation and she said I just needed to ship them back. I said I wasn’t about to pay for shipping on something I didn’t even order. She assured me that all I needed to do for them to process a refund was to “return to sender” the plants. I did. Now they’re refusing to refund the shipping!

    I wish I would have seen this site ahead of time, I would never have ordered in the first place. What a scam!

    • Cynthia, exact same thing with us ! it is a scam! we are going to dispute it with our credit card company, maybe you could try that

      • Thanks for this info. I was fixing to order them. Some things are too good to be true. Thanks again!!

  39. I just received my sweet dream blackberry roots in the mail they are dry and dead looking not sure if they will grow I will give it a go. But I must tell you that there is a soil sample test that needs to be done to find out if your soils ph is correct for growing berries if it isn’t you can fix it with lime or sulfur but it never mentions this in the commercial and I feel that they should have. And like I stated earlier the roots should be damp and they are very dry. Shipping costs were outrageous also but it did arrive fast maybe that is so I can get the roots moist again without damage? Hope so!!! Take caution when ordering.

  40. These plants and the company are a complete scam! I have been tracking the company and ordered multiple plants. All of there claims are false. Dead plants, 2year grow time, Plant outdoors, Over charging on website, A tenth of the advertized harvest if you can get them to grow. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!


    • I ordered 3 different types of plants. I got a tracking number within 2-3 days in my email and could not find the package at my home when USPS said they delivered. I think this was USPS fault but I called the number on the website also. Without question they had another set in the mail 2 days later. This was better service than I expected. I am sorry that so many others did not get great service but I was very happy with my experience. I even told the girl at Sweet berries that we should wait cause they may still show up but she said no that they would just ship some more.

  42. Remember to use your credit cards if you take the plunge to buy. Most cards have buyer protection. Please, please don’t just call it a learning experience. Use the remedies to make yourself whole by holding the seller responsible.



    The website is terrible and I accidentally ordered too many. I see Stevie’s blog and the exact SAME thing happened to me. Approx $160.00 worth and $50 is shipping. What a coincidence!! I think they set it up this way. You do not get to review your order before submitting. I immediately tried to call, no answer. I sent an email with in 10 minutes of placing my order. No reply.

    I tried to call many times to no avail. 3 weeks and a box shows up at my house. I sent it back and it cost $14.75. They only refunded $100. l I called and finally got a hold of someone. I explained about their website malfunction, also how I called and sent emails to stop order. I was told that the package was already sent out and could not stop the order. She also explained they do not refund shipping. So I paid $65 for nothing, LIVE AND LEARN.

  44. I bought Sweetdream Blackberry plants from the company website (which is set up to be confusing) and accidentally ordered 14 plants. I called them up right away and told them that I had made an accidental order. The phone operator then told me I had to wait 24 hours for the order to process in order for her to make changes on the order. I called back 15 hours later and she told me that they had already sent me the plants. I told her that she told me that it took “24 hours” just to process the order I thought! $50.00 Just for shipping! I’m unemployed (hence the reason for even buying these plants) So the order was about $160.00. I Haven’t received them yet, but if I don’t get all my money back just because they mad a DUMB mistake or just greedy on their end. I’ll just have to leave more negative feedback on more review sites. Hey I’m unemployed at the moment. All I have is time. I need that money to pay BILLS, NOT BERRIES!

  45. I ordered the sweet dream blackberries 3 week ago, they have not sent me an email telling me when I will be receiving them :o(.

    Their Phone does not work, it has been disconnected.

    Their email don’t work, and I have no way to contact them to see if they are going to send me some black berries or not.

    I would not suggest ordering anything from them…

  46. I have a brother that lives up in Shingletown where it snows during the winter. Will the Blackberries survive in the snow till summer? He really likes blackberries, I think he tried to plant and grow some but they died.

    Linda C. Knepshield

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