Super Grow

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What is Super Grow

An all-natural enzyme booster that can make your plants, flowers and fruits grow to double their size in just about 21 days throughout the season. The booster is developed and tested in universities so it’s proven to be effective, economic and safe for kids and pets.


Bigger, healthier and more produce in just 21 days

Super Grow is a growth stimulator for your plants, shrubs, vegetables, etc that promises to give you hundreds of blooms instead of a fistful even when you apply it just once. Other than increasing the number, Super Grow also claims that the produce will be bigger, healthier and grow much faster in just about 21 days of application. Anyone who is fond of gardening and likes homegrown berries, vegetables, flowers and fruits knows how disheartening it is to see that the produce grows to be small in size and less in number or not as nourished as you would have liked even if you have put in all your heart and hard work in growing it. But Super Grow maintains that you will have better produce all season.


Works on all kinds of plants and trees

No matter what you want to grow in your garden, Super Grow states that it will stimulate the growth regardless. Whether it is rose bush, shrubs, plants, trees and everything else. So tomatoes will be as big as grapefruits, the vegetables will be in bushels and you can get baskets full of big fruits and plump berries and your dahlias, roses and mums will be what you can expect to find at your florist. Super Grow states to give you bumper crops and gourmet-sized vegetables and fruits to impress your neighbors and guests when you have them over. It states to give you this without feeding and fertilizing the produce for at least four months to just get disappointment of having paltry amounts and size.


Economic and safe

Super Grow convinces that it does not contain any harmful elements to boost growth. It claims to be engineered and tested in Universities so effective in making the produce healthier, bigger and grow faster. Super Grow proclaims to be all-natural enzyme booster so it is safe even if you have kids and pets at home. In spite of being so effective, Super Grow alleges that is easy on the pocket and take less than a dime to give lush blooms in an entire patch of strawberries, and under a quarter to give a boost to your cherry, apple and peach trees. The plants and flower will be in bloom the entire season and you need just one application to see the difference in the quality and quantity.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Super Grow for $34.99 + S&H
  • Official website:
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