Sprinkler 360 Review

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What is Sprinkler 360

It claims to be a revolutionary water sprinkler that has a full 360 degree range of motion and custom spray patterns that can help water any area, narrow or wide easily without wasting any water.


Water the lawn effectively

Sprinkler 360 states to be a revolutionary sprinkler that is created to help water the lawn and flower beds effectively. There are no Sprinkler 360 reviews available currently that will substantiate its claims. Sprinkler 360 alleges to resolve the problems of regular sprinklers, which can result in under or over watering the lawn, formation of water puddles and above all wastage of water. Sprinkler 360 promises to solve all these issues step by step creatively with its design. At this point of time there are no Sprinkler 360 reviews available that support its claims.

Superior design

Sprinkler 360 assures to be the most effective water sprinkler one can ever own and has design that will suit all types of requirement. Such far-fetched claims by Sprinkler 360 are fascinating but we will need user reviews to analyze it further. Sprinkler 360 promises to provide complete flexibility for all types of area and has a sturdy design that can be connected to a regular hose easily. Sprinkler 360 alleges that it comes with five water velocity settings that will control the way water flows through it so that it does fall in the force suited best for the desired area. Sprinkler 360 proclaims to have multiple spray patterns that can be very easily adjusted so that it can water a wide area and a narrow area in any direction. Sprinkler 360 convinces to be great because of its power pivot head that rotates in total 360 degrees with patterns that are precise to water large as well as smaller areas. At this point of time there are no Sprinkler 360 reviews that will attest to its claims.

Brilliant features

Sprinkler 360 asserts to be perfectly suited for larger areas too since it can suit a small spot or up to 40ft area in any given direction. Sprinkler 360 does sound very promising; user reviews will expose the truth soon. Sprinkler 360 declares to be best for yards and since it can be placed wherever desired it scores on flexibility too. Sprinkler 360 emphasizes on its spray patterns and claims that these patterns can be strong or light depending on the area to be watered. These areas may include the lawn area and flower beds in both wide and narrow path. Sprinkler 360 alleges to further stop water wastage by providing an EZ timer that automatically shuts off water as per requirement. Can Sprinkler 360 really be the answer to lawn watering solution? Send us your reviews.

Sprinkler 360 Review

Charles Gabriel mentions in his Sprinkler 360 review“Durability of Sprinkler 360 is my key concern. Features seem fine, but if it’s not durable, there’s no point. Who’d like to buy a product that doesn’t last long? Think I will wait for reviews of Sprinkler 360 before purchasing it.”

Duncan Ryan states in his review“Bought Sprinkler 360 because the ad showed the easy to use timer feature. But there isn’t any timer in it. Waste of money.”

Harry Spruance reveals in his review“The timer of Sprinkler 360 comes separately. While the EZ Timer is offered as a bonus on the official website, it usually arrives separately. It’s not available to everyone. Timed watering will be difficult for those for those who don’t have it.”

Jordan Ramsey says in her review“Sprinkler 360 is available only in green. I’d have preferred another color. I almost tripped over it in my lawn as it’s green and the color blends with grass and I didn’t see it.”

Charles Sherman suggests in his review“Try out different settings while using Sprinkler 360 to find out what suits you most. That way you’ll be able to determine the right water flow direction for your garden.”

Garry Miller says in his review“I’d recommend using a timer while using Sprinkler 360. It’ll save you a lot of water.”

Beth Clark states in her review“Sprinkler 360 is a piece of junk. Haven’t seen anything worse… It just doesn’t spray water around properly. The makers of Sprinkler 360 claim it has shut off settings but it doesn’t. Videos and major shopping portals say that that the shut off timer comes with it, which is untrue. Beware.”

Dana Wilson complains in her review“Very cheaply made product. Sprinkler 360 fails to cover even small spaces. It’s made of inferior quality plastic. I’m sure it’ll be damaged soon if I use it in sunlight.”

Janet King shares her experience, in her review she complains“Sprinkler 360 consumes a lot of much time to function properly. I actually spent about 30 minutes getting it up and running and that too for a single set up. I’d rather check out other options. Returning my Sprinkler 360.”

William Ross mentions in his review“I’ve still not identified the right spray pattern through Sprinkler 360 for my garden. If you don’t have high water pressure Sprinkler 360 won’t work as it’s claimed. I’ve decided to send it back but since the 30-day return period lapsed after its delivery, I have no choice but to keep it.”

Lyndon Morris reveals in his review“Sprinkler 360 does water my lawn well. But I can’t figure out which pattern gives me maximum watering coverage. Most patterns provide a very wide spray reach, which don’t suit tinier areas. Sprinkler 360 will cause wastage of a lot of water while spraying.”


What do I get?
You get Sprinkler 360 and EZ Timer for $19.95 + $13.9P&H.Official website sprinkler360.com

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  1. I ordered Sprinkler 360 on June 8th, order # 14894048 but have not received it to date. Please advise status.
    Jackson Henry

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