Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connector Review

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Are you tired of pushing, twisting, and turning and still ending up with that leaky garden hose? Worse, it does not ever connect properly to your spout. Get the Snap-2-O – the revolutionary new tool that is as easy as hooking up a hose in a snap.


How does Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connector work?
You just need to attach the Snap-2-O connector to your hose at one end and to the spout at the other. Snap, and you are done. Every time you need to connect your hose again, just snap it on in an instant. To disconnect and remove / move your hose, all you need to do is just snap it off just as easily. It is easily usable with arthritis sufferers too. In addition, Snap-2-O gets rid of all your worries and anxieties over leaks, sprays, and drips from your hose.

Snap-2-O has a self-locking design that creates a super type wheel that will not shed a drop. This translates into the delivery of maximum water pressure every time you need it, like when you are washing your car.

Made from a high performance polymer that does not rust or break, Snap-2-O delivers the best. Take the hassle out of your watering routine today with Snap-2-O and stop pushing, twisting, and turning to get that hose working right. Just slide on the Snap-2-O and you are done.

No buttons. No rings. No leaks and drips from connection points. No more screws on faucets, hoses, and watering tools. Just snap on Snap-2-O and connect your hose in seconds. It comes with a Snap-2-O Connector and a Water Pressure Nozzle.

Beware of Scams
There are many who have bought products like Snap-2-O, which were touted as the next best things by TV infomercials and regretted their decisions later. For starters, these products are not cheap as it’s often said because invariably they are available in stores sooner or later at much lower prices. What’s more, you can actually try them out in the store so that you can make an informed decision.

Often products like Snap-2-O don’t work as you expect them to. But that’s not the only problem you have to contend with. To begin with you feel ripped off by the astronomical shipping charges you have to pay. Moreover there’s always an up-sell through some coupon offer, which will end up adding to the cost. And you don’t even get a chance to see the final amount due when the order is processed.

If you want a way to buy products like Snap-2-O smartly, it’s a good idea to look at their reviews on genuine websites, which won’t spew the same sales pitch that manufacturers do.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 2 Snap-2-O Connectors
  • 2 Water Pressure Nozzles
  • All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 shipping and handling. Official www. Offer.
    30 day money back guarantee.


Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connector Video


28 thoughts on “Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connector Review

  1. I bought these Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connectors from their website last year. I love them. They are easy to hook up, don’t leak and very easy to take off and put back on. Price was a little high but you don’t have to replace them all the time. More than worth the money. I used to hate to unhook my hose and move it. Now its a piece of cake.

  2. And here I am struggling to find a genuine review on the web. I was looking for Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connector reviews. When I entered the keywords I got a number of websites that I could check out. When I browsed them, all of them recounted how great the product was in the reviews. Besides the positive reviews, almost all of them also had a “Buy Now” button. Clicking on the button opened another website where one could buy the product but not read the review. After noticing the pattern in all these fake review websites it didn’t take much to figure that all these were sites by manufacturers to promote their product. I didn’t take these sites seriously. Then my search got me here and I was so relieved to finally get to read all the experiences about the product.

    • This is a common occurrence that takes place because of SEO. People are very easily conned by positive reviews of the crappiest of products. In the same manner, search engines are also fooled because they are unsuccessful at distinguishing between a genuine review and a fake one. So scammers conveniently put up fake reviews all over the internet promoting their produce. There’s actually a nexus between manufacturers and affiliates who are paid a commission for selling products. The sites that you mention are all owned by these affiliates for promoting the products by misusing the loopholes in search engines

  3. Save your money! The product comes apart and goes together easily, but comes apart too easily. It leaks and drips everywhere. It does not “snap” together tightly, so water squirts out everywhere. Be prepared to get an unwanted shower!

  4. I just saw my first commercial for this product, and the first two things I thought about it were:

    1. It’s just a new/different type of quick-connect valve, and;

    2. As it’s ALL plastic, and has a very QUESTIONABLE looking attachment and detachment mechanism, does it last, and will it stay on?

    So, the first thing I did was come looking for reviews. Sure am glad I did!

    All of you who’ve been SCAMMED by this company, not sure if you’re familiar with them, but quick-connect attachments HAVE been available for faucets, hoses and whatever devices you attach to either for quite a few years, now. You can find them at any hardware store, including the “Big Box” stores, and even Wal-Mart usually has them, in season. You generally have to buy the “male” and “female” connectors separately, but the best ones are made of pure brass and will NEVER leak or quit working.

    I’ve been using quick-connects on my hoses and various devices (sprayers, soaker hoses, liquid fertilizer dispenser, etc.) for close to 10 years, now, and have had ONLY ONE give me any trouble. That one has a rubber grip on it that is what is pushed backwards to unlock the quick-connect, and the grip has come loose, so I have to push it back up to its original position every time I want to use it. I’d try to avoid quick-connects with rubber grips on them, if possible, but you’re pretty much limited to what’s available any given year at Wal-Mart… Home Depot… Lowe’s, etc.

    At any rate, based on all the reviews above, the Snap-2-0 certainly DOES NOT look like “a better mousetrap,” and as I suspected, like many of these mail-order-only products, they’re making MOST of their $$$ off the shipping and “handling” charge.

    Best of luck with your future hosings, and try not to “get soaked” again.

    Jeff Hayes
    Spartanburg, SC

  5. We ordered two Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connector sets – what a scam – they charged mailing for each set (which was actually taped together) and this “cheap” deal cost $70. Total. Absolutely absurd. We put one set together and about every two minutes if you move the hose, it slides out and water squirts everywhere – windows, my face, all over. This happened at least 10 times. It snaps in easily but it comes out easily too. We will return one set and never buy again.

  6. Ordered online. I thought you would get to review your order (like most legit companies) with ALL charges. You don’t see the shipping charges until the is placed. for a $10.00 purchase with a weight 0f less than 5 0z. the shipping is $15.00. When you see this it’s too late. Customer Service is a joke.

    My opinion: Snap-2-0 hose connector is a scam.

  7. It’s 2012 – I ordered and received 2 double sets of the snap-2-0 promptly. all downhill from there. the cost of the product promptly appeared on my visa bill which if I thought the product was fantabulous; I would have an issue with the cost BUT……..screw it on; SNAP it together and turn on the faucet and the water pressure alone is enough to blow the two sections apart !!!!
    This product blows..

  8. Dear Frederick, it is you’re not YOUR:

    “Your not making an order…” Your is possessive. It should be you’re. You are not making an order…

  9. I have sent a complaint to the Attorney Generals Office of Wisconsin, as I feel this web site is an entrapment. Your not making an order when you go in, you have made an order which you can not get out of. $15.90 for shipping and handling is absurd and should be illegal.

  10. I ordered this Snap-2-O Garden Hose Connector 3 months ago. 1 month ago a got a post card apologizing for the delay and asking if I wanted to ‘hold’ the order (whatever that meant).

    The package arrived yesterday 10-27-011, and did not contain the products that I ordered. It contained a handful of hose shut-off valve connectors and not ONE Snap product as advertised. There is no phone number to call. I am going to complain to my credit card company and get advice on what to do next. This is outrageous.

  11. I placed an Snap 2-O order on 8/1/11 and haven’t received it yet. They say will ship in 2-3 weeks. (not). When I called last week, they said it would be shipped this week. This week they are saying the first week in September. I will decide if I am going to cancel as there are no reviews on this product and it will be fall before I get it.

  12. Haven’t received my snap 2 o hose connector yet, but my complaint is when ordering, you do not know how much the postage is until you place your order. So a $10 plastic hose connector ends up costing $25.90 after $16.00 for shipping. – I think that is a scam!

    cost: $10.00
    S&H: $15.90
    TOTAL: $25.90

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