Smart Sprinkler Review

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Home owners who have the luxury of space around their houses want to do up their outdoor spaces in the best possible way they can. They understand that lawns not only add to the beauty of their homes they also offer them an exciting option when it comes to hosting guests. You can also have relaxed evenings on the lawn with your family members, young ones and pets as well. But looking after your lawns, especially watering them can be such a chore. Thankfully now you can find a simple solution to this problem in the form of Smart Sprinkler, which is multi function adjustable sprinkler perfect for your needs.

Smart Sprinkler

Now you can be in complete control of the spray and ensure that you don’t keep wasting water on the drive way. Water your lawns efficiently with the help of this path breaking product, which can be customized so that water can be sprayed for up to 40 ft in any direction. Water can be sprayed on the lawn in a direct circular arc if you wish to or you also have the option of spraying it sideways by simply changing the setting. In fact you can choose from 12 different settings in this sprinkler so that you can decide where you want the water to go.

There’s the narrow or wide spray that can be selected according to your choice, or you can simply move it left or right. You are so much in control of the spray thanks to the 360 degrees swivel head that you can just choose the areas of the lawn that you want to be sprayed. Or you can make the most of the swivel base and water the entire lawn if you wish to. There are endless options with this phenomenal sprinkler designed for your needs. Water can be directed easily and precisely using this spray so that you can water narrow strips of the lawn, next to the driveway.

This eco friendly product has a self adjustable timer for your convenience and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee assuring you of the quality of the product.



What do I get?
You can get Smart Sprinkler for $19.99 plus S&H of $6.99 at You can also get Smart Timer with your offer by paying additional S&H.


Smart Sprinkler Video
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7 thoughts on “Smart Sprinkler Review

  1. We bought this a month ago. We do love the concept but it keeps jamming. It will go back and forth for a little bit and then when we check on it, it’s standing in one place. It’s a pain to keep going out there to make it move again. Also, we love the fact that you can make it narrow or wide but the tabs are very hard to push over. We just got new sod put in so we’ve been using it every day for a week now. My thumbs are killing me from trying to push the tabs over. Other than those two things, I think it’s a great sprinkler. Maybe we just got a bad one? Not sure but we don’t have the original packaging or the receipt. 🙁

    • Mine went back and forth and now it just move to right and stops. So I don’t think you are the only one that has a bad one.


  2. I ordered something that looked like and worked like this Smart Sprinkler. The one I purchased was thru QVC. It had a different name than this and it cost about $32.00 plus shipping. The QVC purchase was one of my best ever.It worked properly and the timer was a dream for me.Also,if I didnt like it I could return it within 30 days but I love it. It has many pros but some people rated the material as a bit flimsy. The QVC one is fine. Just dont throw it around. The one on TV worries me because it shows the one with timers on the TV yet it says to ask operators about our deluxe with timers.I considered ordering a few extras for the back yard until they mislead with the “deluxe”product. Since they were actually showing the deluxe one I wondered what did the regular one look like???? I would be scared of a cheap knockoff. Try QVC.


    We ordered the Smart Sprinkler 2 months ago!!! Still haven’t got it. The company responsible, Ontel Products, states they have to wait until they get enough orders to mass produce and then we will get one! I have never heard of such a thing!! Obviously the product must not work if they aren’t getting enough orders to even produce it!!!! Its July for heaven sakes, SUMMER, SPRINKLERS, HOSES, GARDENS! If they don’t have enough orders now it certainly isn’t going to get any better!

    Needless to say ORDER CANCELLED!!!

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