Royal Empress Tree Paulownia Review

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Do you ever wish you could grow beautiful shade trees without waiting years and years for them to grow? Stop wishing and start growing the amazing Empress Royal Paulownia Tree! The Empress Royal Paulownia Tree or the Paulownia Tomentosa is the fastest growing ornamental tree in America! It grows so fast that in a single year it grows roof high!


How does Royal Empress Tree Paulownia work?
It can turn a bare land into a flowering estate in just one season. Each tree keeps skyrocketing high till it reaches an incredible 60 feet high within just three years. All you have to do is simply plant it, water it and then stand back and enjoy a spectacular growth, that’s it! The Empress Royal Paulownia Tree grows in virtually any kind of soil and requires very little care.

The plant is hardy and can withstand any climate including temperatures as low as 30 , degrees below zero. They are long-lived too. These green house grown saplings grow so fast that you can literally watch them grow right before your eyes!

The Empress Royal Paulownia Tree provides you with lashings of breathtaking lavender blue bloom sprays in the spring and large, canopy size leaves to shade you from the bright sun in the summer and brings you the intoxicating smells of the Gardenia and Jasmine flower. The large leaves of the tree also act as giant air filters, pulling pollution out of the air at a fast speed then releasing high amounts of beneficial oxygen.

The Empress Royal Paulownia Tree also gives you a sense of privacy to your yard.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Set of 4 Royal Trees for just $9.98 + $11.90 P&H. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
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Royal Empress Tree Paulownia Video


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