Quicklawn Ultra

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What is Quicklawn Ultra:

It is world’s first four season grass seed that promises to let you have that lush green lawn without incurring huge expenses.
Quicklawn Ultra claims to offer you respite from constant watering, fertilizing and mowing of grass, which can become the bane of your existence. And often the results leave a lot to be desired as all you get is weed. But what if you were told that you could get best looking lawn without too much maintenance? That’s what Quicklawn Ultra brought to you by Gardeners’ Collection offers you, according to its claims.


Quicklawn Ultra works well because of the seed

It’s considered to be world’s first and only four season grass seed that is attributed to a breakthrough achieved by university students. And it’s this seed that’s responsible for carefree lawn that not only sprouts quicker but stays thicker and greener than other grass you can find. Quicklawn Ultra is said to have the cutting edge advantage because of the scientifically-proven coated blend of seeds that tend to grow twice as long roots as other grass. Thus they soak up water and nutrients stored naturally underground and grow faster as well.


Quicklawn Ultra saves you the hassle of maintenance

If you have tried to grow grass on your block before, you know the effort that’s involved in it. But Quicklawn Ultra promises that you won’t have to go through such hassle because once the seeds are established there’s no need for watering, chemical fertilizing or constant mowing either. Quicklawn Ultra claims to grow thicker and fuller to dwarf height unlike other grass you can find. Moreover it’s also supposed to grow quickly, choke out weeds and be unaffected by high traffic areas so that you can get the lush lawn you want.

Quicklawn Ultra works well in tricky situations too

Quicklawn Ultra claims to be a way around growing grass in shade or on those annoying pet urine spots. It is also said to resist insects and diseases. Quicklawn Ultra is versatile enough to regenerate problem patches or grow a whole new stunning four-season lawn.


    What do I get?

  • You get 3 lb bag of Quicklawn Ultra for just $14.95 plus $15.90 S/H.
  • Official website:quicklawnultra.com

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