Pocket Planter

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What is Pocket Planter?

Vertical gardens to grow your favorite plants anywhere inside or outside your house. Since these pockets hang you do not have to bend or even kneel while gardening


Gardening without bending or the mess

Pocket Planter are vertical gardens that promise to let you enjoy gardening and beautify your house without the mess of gardening or even kneeling or bending for hours at end. If you enjoy gardening as an activity and even love the way it makes your home, front yard or backyard look, you can believably have the same effect and fun indoors or outdoors rather easily and neatly with Pocket Planter. It is said to hang rather easily anywhere you like – on any wall, railings, or fence – so that you can garden while standing up and save your knees and back from the pain.


Each planter has 6 pockets for variety

Whether you want to grow a big bush of the same kind of plant or flower or mix and match it to look versatile, you can believably do that with Pocket Planter as each of its planter has six pockets to let your grow your favorite plants and flowers. Pocket Planter is said to be easily fastened and used in many different ways. They can be believably used as flower boxes to decorate your walls, to set up a backyard garden on your fence and railing, or you can believably also grow an assortment of herbs in your kitchen if you so wish.


Does not leak

Another great feature that is claimed by Pocket Planter is the fact that you can tend to your hanging garden the way you would your regular garden. You can water the plants and flowers without having to worry about messing the house with soil and water. Pocket Planter is meant to be constructed with durable woven canvas shell that lets the roots air prune and grow well and the leak-proof plastic lining prevents the water from dripping on to your floor and or wetting the walls so that you can use it on wooden walls too.


    What do I get ?

  • Buy Two Pocket Planter for $14.95 plus $115.9 P&H.
  • Official Website : buypocketplanter.com

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