Pocket Hose Ultra

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What is Pocket Hose Ultra

It claims to be a strong and sturdy hose that makes your task of watering the garden a lot easier.


Pocket Hose Ultra apparently takes the power of the popular Pocket Hose to a whole new level altogether. It’s been the no 1 selling expandable hose, according to its claims and now it has supposedly been made a lot better. There are times when you wish you could devote more time to your garden but the lack of a powerful and handy hose becomes an obstacle in your path. But Pocket Hose Ultra is said to make things convenient for you.


Pocket Hose Ultra avoids any leaks

To start with, it’s said that this new hose is three times stronger than the original Pocket Hose that turned out to be such a rage. Moreover Pocket Hose Ultra also has a tight seal technology, which means that you get a watertight seal with it. Thus you won’t have to worry about those annoying leaks anymore. And that’s the reason this hose is not only said to save you the effort but precious water too.

Pocket Hose Ultra is specially constructed to be strong

One of the highlights of this hose is said to be the fact that it has three times more durable amber tip connectors. And that’s because of the super strong material used in their construction. Pocket Hose Ultra is built like a fire hose with double layer construction. A scientifically developed elastomer hose is then used on the inside to make it a full proof construction.



As there is water pressure the elastomer hose expands giving you the results you want. The outer lining of the Pocket Hose Ultra is meant to protect it so that there are no rips or breakthroughs.

Pocket Hose Ultra is protected from UV rays as well

As you know they can be damaging to your garden hoses but there’s said to be no such worry with this hose because it is protected by the new Solar Stripe Shield. It’s meant to be built to last for regular and heavy-duty use as well. The fact that Pocket Hose Ultra comes with a lifetime guarantee says a lot about it too.

What do I get?

Choose from:

  • Pocket Hose Ultra 25 feet for $12.99 + $7.99 S/h.
  • Pocket Hose Ultra 50 feet for $19.99 + $7.99 S/h.
  • Pocket Hose Ultra 75 feet for $32.99 + $7.99 S/h.
  • Pocket Hose Ultra 75 feet for $39.99 + $7.99 S/h.

Official website: PocketHoseUltra.com

3 thoughts on “Pocket Hose Ultra

  1. Do no buy this product. It is a waste of your money. The first one got a hole the first time I used it. The second one maybe lasted to water the flowers four times. A shame to sell this product.

  2. Love the use of the hose, but it will not last. The first one I purchased got a hole in it the first time I used it. I thought I just got a bad one. The second one I got lasted maybe 4 times to just water flowers, and it got a hole. Do not buy this product. It is a waste of your money.

  3. I purchased a 50′ ultra pocket hose. First of all fully extended with water pressure it is NOT 50′. I needed that extra length to fully replace my regular 50′ hose I used in my backyard. The pocket hose is 47′ 5.1″. I really needed to have a 50 foot hose.

    It’s also hard to use with a sprinkler head. Be prepared to get quite wet because you have to turn on the water to extend it then go adjust the sprinkler to where you want it. You must have the sprinkler on with a bit of pressure or it shrinks up again. You will get wet.

    You cannot use it with a pressure nozzle. I had to purchase an adjustable water pressure switch to make sure I don’t have excess water pressure or it might blow up.

    So far it is still better to use than the old hose except it doesn’t reach 50″ and for that reason I may take it back. It’s only been two weeks of use so I don’t really know how long term it will hold up. It has already faded a bit. I don’t leave it out in the sun except if watering. I’m not sure the material will hold up to UVB rays in the long run.

    Main problem is you don’t get 50 feet of hose. Three feet short stinks.

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