PivoTrim Grass Trimmer Head Review

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Introducing PivoTrim the first trimmer head that keeps your line from breaking, saving you time and money. Even banging them on pavers, edging around driveways and smashing on the walls won’t break the line. Nothing stops the PivoTrim. It is strong enough to cut through plywood like a butter without breaking a single line. Get free trimmer lines for life


PivoTrim Grass Trimmer Head
The secret is the patented “Pivot Action” that protects the trimmer line. So instead of bending & breaking, the pivoting action saves your line for the easiest trimming ever. The PivoTrim features 8 high-powered trimmer lines that are so powerful no other trimmer head can compete. It fits on any gas trimmer, uses standard lines and loads in seconds without tools, winding or aggravation. PivoTrim is so remarkable it will clear the whole field, edge the sidewalk and trim the chain-link fence all with the same line.

PivoTrim Pros
If you want to use PivoTrim to cut lawn and other predictable, easy surfaces it works fine and does its job.

PivoTrim Cons
PivoTrim is just not equipped to be used for heavy weed cutting. You cannot use it around rocks or for field cutting as it might start falling apart before you know it. That’s because PivoTrim is poorly made and the craftsmanship leaves a lot to be desired as well. The product starts falling apart because the plastic part at the bottom cannot obviously handle the rocks. It all begins with a crack and it will break completely sooner than later.

Although the line lasts longer, it breaks at the trimmer head after some use. And the only way to get the remaining piece out is to use needle nose pliers.

The Trimmer Line is not indestructible
Commercials for PivoTrim claim that the trimmer line doesn’t go through any damage, which isn’t entirely true. Although it doesn’t break instantly you will notice that it wears down significantly after use. But the installation is easy and PivoTrim takes care of bump and refilling issues, which is a relief.

Pivotrim Trimmer is not that efficient
PivoTrim comes with recommendations for curved shaft trimmers, but it doesn’t show dramatically better results than the original 2 head line. The line is designed to pivot when it faces any impact, which makes the product less effective and you end up cutting quite slowly too. You have no option but to trim methodically and in the process the line suffers more than the original head. It becomes a self defeating exercise and you will notice that the line is more susceptible to breakage in general. If you expect the phenomenal results as touted in the commercials you might be sorely disappointed because it just isn’t that efficient.

Tips for using The PivoTrim successfully
If you want to use the product more effectively and make it last longer, you are better served by trimming in an upright position. Using PivoTrim around walks and beds can take its toll on it, which is why it should be avoided if you can.



What do I get?

  • 1 PivoTrim Grass Trimmer Head
  • Universal Install Kit
  • 4 PivoTrim Lines

$19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. You’ll get the PivoTrim, Universal Install Kit, a bonus 20 Pre-Cut Trimmer Lines and a certificate for Free Line For Life. PivoTrim works with gas trimmers only. Applicable sales tax will be added to orders placed in TX.


PivoTrim Grass Trimmer Head Video

PivoTrim Installation Method 1
This video demonstrates how to install the PivoTrim Trimmer Head onto MOST STRAIGHT SHAFT STRING TRIMMERS.

PivoTrim Installation Method 2
This video shows how to install the PivoTrim String Trimmer Head onto MOST CURVED SHAFT TRIMMERS. This method is NOT for Weedeater, Poulan, Echo and Craftsman curved shafts.

This video shows how to install the PivoTrim Trimmer Head on OTHER STRAIGHT SHAFT TRIMMERS specifically those with shaft extensions including mosy Toro, Homelite, Ryobi, and a few Echo models. Happy Trimming!

This video demonstration is for installing the PivoTrim lawn trimmer head onto other curved shaft trimmers not covered under Method 2 installation instructions. This includes Weedeater, Poulan, Echo, Craftsman and others.


Amazing PivoTrim String Trimmer Head – Commercial As Seen On TV


30 thoughts on “PivoTrim Grass Trimmer Head Review

  1. Just bought a pivot trim today (8/1/15).
    Gave it a normal work out, Seem very strong until I try it against those pesky weeds located in the cracks of cement. Ate up the line in no time.
    The line is difficult to remove when broken. Must use needle nose pliers to remove.
    Otherwise it worked frail well.
    I would recommend it as long it’s not used on heavy duty use.

  2. Pivotrim installed easily. It has stayed together. But, I broke 4 lines the first time it was used. Sheared them all right off. It extends so far past the original guard it is easy to apply more line and it gets hot and breaks off. I put two lines on (as I only had 8 lines total in the kit) and those 2 are fairly chewed up (a wooden fence). so, six lines to do the yard? geeeez. Easy to change, with a knife or a screwdriver. You’ll do this more often than the commercials would lead you to believe.

  3. I bought a Pivotrim about 3 months ago, we used it MAYBE 6 times and the plastic hex adapter had completely stripped out. I called customer service and because I didn’t have my original invoice they wanted to charge me for a new one. $2.99 plus shipping. What horrible customer service and horrible product design. I will be going back to home depot where i bought it, because I know they care about there consumers and they will take care of me. I would never but this again!

  4. I so wish it wasn’t so frustrating and difficult to find genuine reviews about a product online. I wanted to see some “PivoTrim Grass Trimmer Head reviews” and on entering these keywords quite a few websites showed in results. But when I browsed these sites I could find reviews saying only good things about the product. That’s not all; there were also “best price” or “special price” buttons. Clicking on these buttons redirected me to other websites where I could actually buy the product but not read reviews before doing so. I got the same result in as many as 3 websites and the pattern made me realize these were all fake review websites that were manufacturer promoted. I’m so glad they couldn’t cheat me and I came here instead and got to read so many different experiences about the product.

    • You can blame your experience on SEO. People are quite prone to being cheated with amazing reviews of substandard and worthless products. Search engines can be cheated just as conveniently as they cannot tell the difference between a genuine review and a fake one. So, scammers freely deluge the internet with fake reviews to promote their product. Most of the websites that you went to are owned by affiliates who take a fat amount of commission from manufacturers for selling their products. The loopholes in search engines make these scammers indulge in unfortunate malpractices and also get away with it

  5. I bought the old Pivotrim green head on sale (two line model) and had no problems installing. However after using about a minute and a half both lines (which were furnished with the unit when I bought it) flew off the trimmer head. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a special way of threading the trimmer line other than inserting the lines through the holes evenly and then pulling them tight?

  6. I bought Pivotrim expecting it to work. It wont even install. I’ve been to the hardware stores looking for nuts to fit my echo because the nuts they included dont fit. Then the head wont fit my echo. So not only will the parts wont fit but the instructions dont work either. So what good is pivotrim if nothing works?

  7. The biggest piece of crap I have ever bought. The line is a pain to load especially when dirt gets into the pivots things. The cover also gets in the way of loading. My fingers and eyes are not what they used to be so to load this this is really a problem. I can not edge worth a dam with this product and I find the line to wear as fast as my old heads line did. There is a new head I bought at Lowes that seem to do what it claims to do it is called Areo flex. The line lasts and you can see the line when its spinning so when you edge it give you a clear line of sight to keep straight. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family!!

    • PivoTrim Installation Method 1 is for most straight shaft trimmers.

      To install the PivoTrim all you need is one nut, the plastic spacer, and the metal washer.

      1. Remove your old head from your existing trimmer by simply inserting the key provided with the trimmer or by inserting a small screwdriver in the locking hole just above the head.

      2. Unscrew the trimmer head so that the threaded shaft is exposed. Also, keep in mind that it could be reversed threaded.

      3. Then, attach the metal washer and identify which nut easily threads onto the trimmer shaft. Only one nut from the hardware kit is designed to fit. Keep in mind that it could be reversed threaded.

      4. Pick the nut and insert it in the hexagonal cavity in the back of the PivoTrim head. Hold the nut in place with your finger and place it under the shaft of the trimmer.

      5. With the help of the locking pin or small screwdriver hold the shaft locked in place while turning the trimmer head to tighten the nut inside.

      6. Tighten the Pivotrim head securely and you are done with the installation.

      Note: If your trimmer has splines use the plastic washer that comes in the hardware kit. Otherwise, you will not need the washer.

      Don’t forget to read and follow the safety instructions pamphlet included inside your package.

    • The PivoTrim Installation Method 2 is for most curved shaft trimmers except for Weedeater, Poulan, Echo, and Craftsman models.

      1. Remove your old trimmer head.

      2. Remove the spools and spring from within the housing making sure the spool housing is intact.

      3. Add the adaptor cup and then add the metal washer.

      4. Then, identify which bolt easily threads into the shaft of your trimmer.

      5. Remove the bolt and insert it into the back of the PivoTrim head so that the threads except the head are on the same side as the lines.

      6. Hold the bolt in place with your finger and turn the PivoTrim head to tighten the bolt and secure the entire assembly. Make sure not to over tighten it.

      7. The installation is now complete.

      Make sure you read and follow all product and manufacturer safety instructions before operating the PivoTrim.

    • The PivoTrim Method 3 Installation is for other curved shaft trimmers including Weedeater, Poulan, Echo, and some Craftsman models.

      1. Remove the old trimmer head by locking the shaft rotation with a wrench or a locking pin. Then using your hands unscrew the old bumps bolt head. Keep in mind it may be reversed threaded.

      2. Once you have removed the head, identify which nut or bolt from the included hardware kit fits onto the trimmer shaft. All the nuts and bolts are of different sizes and only one nut or bolt will fit.

      3. Then insert the identified nut or bolt into the hexagonal cavity in the back of the PivoTrim head. Use your finger to hold the nut or bolt in place.

      4. Then add the metal washer and place the entire assembly upon the shaft. Turn the trimmer head to tighten the entire assembly.

      5. Use the wrencher locking pin to lock the shaft rotation and then securely tighten the PivoTrim head into place.

      6. Your installation is now complete.

      Make sure you read and follow all product and manufacturer safety instructions before operating the PivoTrim.

    • PivoTrim Installation Method 4 I for installing the PivoTrim head on other straight shaft trimmers including Toro, Ryobi, and Homelite.

      1. Unscrew the bump knob.

      2. Remove your old spool and spring

      3. Then remove the old spool housing. This will expose your shaft extension. The shaft extension on these models will need to be removed to expose the primary shaft.

      4. Remove the shaft extension by locking the shaft rotation and unscrewing the shaft extension. Keep in mind it may be left hand thread.

      5. Next identify which nut easily threads onto your primary shaft. Only one of the nuts from the hardware kit will fit onto your shaft.

      6. Take out that nut from the shaft and place it in the back of the PivoTrim head and insert it into the hexagonal cavity.

      7. Hold the nut in place with your finger and then add the metal washer. Then turn the PivoTrim head to tighten the entire assembly.

      8. Use the wrench locking pin to lock the shaft rotation and securely tighten the PivoTrim head.

      9. Your installation is now complete.

      Make sure you read and follow all product and manufacturer safety instructions before operating the PivoTrim.

  8. Well I never did this before that is try to change my weed trimmer head from the original but I want to.But I don’t want to waste my money on something that does not work.So can you tell me does the PIVO TRIM head work and easily attache to my weed trimmer. It’s a near new Craftsman, 27CC, Convertible model.If I knew it would attache to my weed trimmer I’d buy it in a second.

    Let me know somebody please at my E-Mail address stillkickingnow@att.net.


  9. I bought a Pivotrim X4 at Home Depot, it worked great for about three hours and then systematically fell apart. The bottom plastic part could not handle the rocks and started with a small crack and then broke completely apart.

    In for punishment I purchased another and same exact issue, the idea is solid but the component is not.

    I have given many bump caps much more punishment than these two Pivotrim X4’s were given, cheap craftsmanship and product construction is to blame.

    Anyone using these around lots of rocks and field cutting I recommend staying away from them, for predictable surfaces such as a grass lawn it will be fine.

    Pivotrim find a USA company and bargain with them for mass production to get a better product, you have given up product reliability for cash, oh well you are richer than I am.

    Bottom line, stay away from this product for heavy weed cutting around rocks. Back to the stock Echo head for me.

  10. From: Jorge Alvarez
    To: Pivotrim Customer Services
    My whole experience dealing with Pivotrim has been so annoying, so frustrating and so disenchanting, that first I want to let you know at front about it, and secondly, I will share my story on the net, so other people don’t get caught ingeniously and innocently like it happens to me, and perhaps save people from going through the bad experience I had.

    Everything started with the adv. that Pivotrim has on TV. Basically people believe that what they are acquiring is the whole equipment the trimmer and the head, that’s not true. Later, during the process of ordering on line the product, once you hit a key to any of the multiples offers they are giving you, there is not return, thy will hit you with the total amount, no chance to cancel anything.

    Then an unhappy surprise. When you received their product, which in my case came in a small plastic envelope, the first though you have is: this must be a mistake, where is the equipment I ordered? Well, bad news for you, there is not any equipment, only the head of the trimmer.

    But perhaps, the worst of all, is the shipping cost. They rip you with these charges. In my case, the total amount of the products I ordered were $ 72.70 and they charged me $31.80 for shipping, which represents 44% of the cost of the product and a 30% of the total invoice. But it doesn’t finished there, the whole order fitted in a small plastic envelope with a total weight of 2lbs 11.40 oz. By the time I returned the order (because I did), I sent the product back via Priority Mail, and it cost me $9.95. Finally, the end of the drama was the refund credit they sent me for a total amount of $68.04 from a total invoice of $104.50, so I ended with empty hands and loosing $45.01, $ 35.86 they ripped from me plus the $9.95 I have paid to send the product back.

    I have regretted so much the day I decided to contact Pivotrim, because ironically, in addition to all the above explained, there are trimmers for sale in places like Sears, Home Depot, etc., for just a little bit more of what I ended loosing.

    So, my advice for anyone thinking about to buy Pivotrim would be THINK IT TWICE BEFORE THEY ROB YOU. With shame to have contacted you in the first place, an unhappy buyer.

    — Jorge Alvarez

  11. First let me say, i’m a skeptic, especially when it comes to advertising claims. The PIVOTRIM, trimming replacement head falls into an elite category of one of the very few infomercial products which actually does what it says it will do. Attaching the head to my Echo bent shaft trimmer was fairly simple. The hardest part was figuring out how to attach the cutting line to the trimmer head, as the instructions I received left out that little detail. One quick visit to the internet answered that question (you bend it in), and I was off to the races. I used the trimmer for over an hour, taking out weeds, nasty tumbleweeds and trimming along the chain link fence line. I punished it on rocks and stubborn weedy weeds. It took everything I dished out, and here’s the kicker….I didn’t have to change the line, NOT ONCE! I’m no longer a skeptic, now I’m a believer.

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