Orbitrim Trimmer Review

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What is Orbitrim?

Does trimming your grass lead to chopped grass, uneven edges and trimming your beautiful flowers too? Do you just hate the mess it creates while trimming your grass? Here’s introducing the revolutionary Orbitrim Trimmer, the incredible innovative solution to keep your yard looking beautiful always while protecting your flowers and trees and without creating a mess. Orbitrim Trimmer is an innovative grass trimmer designed to trim and edge grass perfectly giving your lawn the perfect even cut. With the Orbitrim Trimmer looking after your yard has never been easier.



Orbitrim Review

Jacob Duncan in his review mentions – “Orbitrim does not work. The ring smashes the weeds so the blade cannot make contact to cut.”

James Coleman mentions in his review“Orbitrim is not adaptable/suitable for a Mc Cullock ProMac 3700.”

Philip McCarthy reports in his review“The Orbitrim no string head for the gas trimmer did not work. Shortly after Orbitrim was installed, the head flew off the trimmer. Upon looking at it, it appeared that the screw was stripped and the plastic broken.”

Timothy Harris in his Orbitrim review states – “When using Orbitrim, grass wraps around and even sparked and almost caught the grass on fire.”

Lauren Barrett cautions in her Orbitrim review”Orbitrim won’t cut grass at the walls where cleaning up is needed. Grass gets stuck in the corners and beats up the grass to just lay down but won’t cut much at all.”

Phil Slaton declares in his review“Orbitrim does not work like advertised!”

Howard Evans reveals in his review“Mounted Orbitrim on the Stihl FS90 which is a beast a machine and used for about 10 minutes but had to stop constantly to pull the wads of grass that build up where the blade meets the outer ring. I found that the blades were self destructing as well. This thing causes an unreasonable amount of load on the trimmer and continued use would cause the drive link on the trimmer to fail.”

Caroline Seabrook in her review states – “Orbitrim is the worst product ever purchased. It is very difficult to put together. Once together, used on very thin grass and it worked fine, then moved to thicker grass and small brushes but the Orbitrim did not cut the thicker grass and definitely not the small brushes. The steel blade was damaged after the first use.”

Richard Greene mentions in his review“The Orbitrim instructions are vague and are more of a fiddle with it until it fits. Put it on and there was difficulty starting the trimmer because it is so off balance and heavy. First time it flew off in the air like a hover craft drone and after re-tightening it was unable to start the trimmer. Finally trimmer starts and shakes so horrendously that had to shut it off.”

David Mudd complains in his review“Orbitrim does not work well against a hard object such as retaining walls and wood fence posts or chain link fences.”

Ashley Maguire mentions in her Orbitrim review“The Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer may make your weed-eater heavy and harder to handle. You will have to run the weed-eater wide open to get it to run fast enough to cut. Orbitrim may be alright for small yards.”

Jillian Whitmore says in his review“Orbitrim is not as easy as shown. You have to go over and over to get spots as even as they show with one pass. Orbitrim is a total waste of money.”

Patrick Terry warns in her review“Orbitrim won’t trim the grass up next to fences, metal edging or walls. The metal ring that surrounds the blades prevents you from doing so. So you end up with the grass in front trimmed with grass growing up next to these things. To get a clean edge you will need two trimmers, a string trimmer to get the grass up close to walls and fences and this trimmer to use as a small mower. It is not very practical!”

Daniel Lynn complains“The “sharp” blades of Orbitrim turned into dull blades in less than eight minutes of use but it works good around shrubs.”

Alan Wilson claims in his review“Orbitrim contains missing Information at the official website Orbitrim.com: product dimension is missing, fits to which model is not given, information regarding how to attach is not given, how many nuts and bolts it has not given, what to do if it vibrates during use is not given and how to use on short and tall grass is not given.”

Orbitrim Trimmer CLAIMED Features

Claims to Fit Most Gas Trimmers – Orbitrim Trimmer does not use strings or wires. Orbitrim Trimmer attaches to almost all gas trimmers easily. It attaches in just seconds. You can use Orbitrim on Bolens, Craftsman, EFCO, Dolmar, Yamaha, Honda and many more. It fits 99% of all gas trimmers.

Build To Last – Orbitrim Trimmer is designed with solid steel blades that are guaranteed for 10 years.

Versatile – Orbitrim Trimmer features a curved bottom allowing you to mow your lawn for the perfect even cut. Orbitrim Trimmer is so versatile you can use it to trim trees, edge walkways with ease, trim flowers, and it can also be used to trim bushes and hedges too.


Safe to Use on Lawns, Flower Beds, Tress, Bushes and Hedges – Designed with a patent pending safety ring, Orbitrim is safe to use. You can use it on trees, bushes, hedges and near your flower beds. With Orbitrim there will be no trimming blunders ever again. The Orbitrim Trimmer gives you perfect results every time you use it. You can now say goodbye to chopped up grass and messy flowers everywhere. Orbitrim Trimmer protects your flowers and trees while trimming.

Saves Time and Money – Unlike other grass trimmers that take up so much of your precious time, the Orbitrim Trimmer is guaranteed to save you both time and money. You can complete trimming your entire lawn in just five minutes. Even if you have overgrown grass in your lawn the Orbitrim Trimmer will do the job in no time. There is no other trimmer head like the Orbitrim Trimmer. Stop wasting your hard earned money on trimmer heads that get tangled and make a mess in your yard and order the Orbitrim Trimmer right away! It is the perfect solution for the perfect yard! It is guaranteed to give you perfect results every time you use it! Order yours Orbitrim Trimmer today!

Orbitrim Questions and Answers

Q. Is the stainless steel version a better version than the carbon blades?
A. Yes, the stainless steel version will help prevent rust and improve the performance of Orbitrim.

Q. Does Orbitrim work with the weed eater that uses weed eater string trimmer spool for el8, fl20 .065-inch?
A. Depending on the model of your trimmer, the Orbitrim may be able to work. If your weed trimmer is a featherlite model, the Orbitrim will not be compatible as featherlite models are clutchless. Check to make sure that your weed trimmer has a clutch before using it with the Orbitrim. To check, try starting your engine; if the trimmer head rotates while starting your trimmer, your trimmer is clutchless and will not be able to work with the Orbitrim.

Q. Can I download the instructions to put it on my Homelite gas trimmer?
A. The Orbitrim comes with an instruction manual which instructs how to install it on any straight or curved shaft trimmers. Be aware that the Orbitrim does not work on any clutchless, walk-behind, or electric trimmers. If you need a new copy of the instruction manual, or want to watch installation videos, visit OrbitrimTips.com.

Q. Will the Orbitrim fit Poulan P1500?
A. Yes it will work with a Poulan p133.

Q. Will it work on a Stihl grass trimmer?
A. Yes, the Orbitrim will be able to accommodate most Stihl models. The Orbitrim will not work with electric, battery-operated, walk-behind or clutchless trimmers.

Q. Will the Orbitrim work to protect my Cedar fence when trimming? How close to fence will it get?
A. Yes, it will be able to cut weeds or grass along fences or walls, and the safety ring will prevent any damage from being done to the fence/wall.

Q. Is the Orbitrim compatible with the Black& Decker lst522?
A. Not sure but it wouldn’t fit the Homelite which is gas. It must be for the bigger weed eaters.

Q. Will it work for the Shindaiwa trimmer?
A. Yes, it fits most gas trimmers. It should be able to work with your Shindaiwa, as long as your trimmer has a clutch.

Q. I bought this trimmer head to cut down weeds and then realized the ring gets in the way. Can you cut off the ring leaving the three blades?
A. If you do and it flies off, you could lose a leg.

Q. Is this the stain steel or carbon steel?
A. The Basic is Carbon Steel and the Deluxe is Stainless Steel.

Q. Is it only light duty grass trimming or would it work on some heavy duty thicker weeds?
A. It can be used on light or heavy grass/weeds. For thick grass, it is recommended using an up and down motion and for light grass, a sweeping horizontal motion. You can also find a video of the Orbitrim in use on the OrbitrimTips.com website to see how it works.

Q. Is the ring metal or plastic?
A. Metal

Q. Can it be sharpened?
A. Yes, it can be sharpened. Please take it to your local gardening or lawnmower service center for sharpening.

Q. Why is there so many negative feedback on the Orbitrim?
A. Getting the Orbitrim to attach to the trimmer is hard and it weighs so much that older people or those that don’t have the strength to hold it up have difficulties with it.


What do I get?
you will receive Orbitrim Trimmer for just $19.95 + $6.95 P&H.Official website Orbitrim.com

51 thoughts on “Orbitrim Trimmer Review

  1. Why is it that I call the number for customer service on this product and it gives me a sales pitch for Lifealert??? I couldn’t go beyond the “you have won a trip to Florida” part. IS THIS A SCAM COMPANY?

  2. Be careful with this against your foundation of your house. I hit a rock ,the head blew apart. I am recovering from a 5 inch bone deep gash in my leg that required 27 stitches to close!!!!

  3. Just installed the orbitrim on my homelite petrol trimmer and it broken the drive on the trimmer. The trimmer is now useless. The pakage the gas trimmer head doesn’t state it will not work on clutchless trimmers. Waste of money, now I’m up for a new trimmer. Very very peeved off. Don’t buy this product.

  4. Wish we had read the reviews prior to purchasing. Orbitrim is NOTHING like advertised. Doesn’t cut to the walls, hard to fit, does not meet expectations at all. Unfortunately hubby left it too late to send back for a full refund and we subsequently binned it. Put that down to experience

  5. As said in other post, it’s rubbish, my trimmer refused to start because the blade had to spin to start which was almost almost impossible once started it had to be lowered onto grass to cut, would not cut grass against objects, the unit destroyed itself within minutes, have removed what was left and thrown in bin, which is where it should have been straight out of the box.

  6. Do not waste your money on this item. It does not do the job as advertised. Useless on edges as it will not cut when turned on its side. Also, the outer metal ring will self destruct very quickly when coming in contact with concrete edges. Only useful for a quick trim on longer grass, but weed debris clogs where the blades meet the outer metal ring which affects the cutting efficiency.

  7. Got my orbitrim today excitedly put it together and used it well it was like taking a baby’s bottle away so so disappointing doesn’t do anything it is supposed to do I rang to arrange a return and the bloke said to me why don’t I sell it or give it to a friend for Christmas what a cheeky shit if I gave that to a friend I would be one friend down. Why on earth when something is advertised to do something it is a heap of rubbish ok I can send it back but it is costing me two lots of postage they don’t refund that do they!!!!!!

  8. I just received my orbitrim trimmer today. WIthout Hardware and looking at the picture online I’m almost positive I didn’t receive the deluxe that I paid for. so I looked everywhere for a “contact us email” so I could leave an email about my dissatisfaction. well how convenient , NO e-mail address.

  9. My Orbitrim disintegrated after being used 3 uses. Thank God I was not injured by the shrapnel. I went back to using the stringer, it is much better.
    Do not waste your $$$$ on Orbitrim.

  10. It does not work as advertised.
    Mine was grey and not black and a smaller ball underneath.
    A hint of things to come.
    The outer ring has a hollow slot all the way around it.
    It collects up debris and becomes heavier and out of balance.
    Worst of all, the blades must be sharpened with a file, A LOT!
    Debris gathers up in the blade and ring corners and it stops the cutting efficiency.
    No matter how much you sharpen the blade the grass balls up in the corners.
    It becomes very heavy and your trimmer motor will struggle to spin it at full speed.
    The outer ring will scratch your lawn furniture or what ever it spins against.
    There is no return policy.
    When I called the phone number, there is only order options.
    This $36.90 is bound for the trash can.
    Order# 100172010075

  11. Commercial makes it seem wonderful but really counts is customer reviews and Orbitrim seems like a complete failure in everyway. Maybe Pivotrim would work better.

    • I bought the orbit trim for my straight shaft weedeater brand and put it on and it didn’t work for me now the troy bilt weedeater its fine why do they say it fits all brands of weedeaters

  12. Install was pretty easy. But the trimmer won’t run with it on. It runs fine as soon as we take it off. Too heavy? Waste of money!!!

  13. Orbitrim is crap. Don’t buy it. It will destroy your trimmer, and that wont be covered with any warranties. The Orbitrim des not work to trim grass and weeds and it will still mare you siding damaging it.

  14. Bought this product and it is absolutely horrible, almost ruin or trimmers, tried to get a refund and was told to sell it to donate to church and they Orbitrim would send me $5.00 , after we paid all that money .Waste of money.

  15. I wish I had looked this up before I bought it . It went on my trimmer fine but I can’t start my trimmer at all because of heavy kick back on pull cord. I’ll call the company tommoro even thou it I’ve more then likely waisted 40.00

  16. Not happy at all. Ryobi is on the list, but my Ryobi rejected it. We installed, and it added too much weight to the edger, the circle caused grass to lay down before the blades could do their job, and the weight of the outfit caused so much vibration it finally just flew off across the yard. I liked the ad, and ordered the 4-pack. My bad!!

  17. People beware.
    What a neat concept, so I thought. Then I put it to use
    , found several design flaws.
    1- After short use the the blades near the ring fill with
    fill with clippings causing unit to go out of balance just as if weight of different size are placed at each blade, causing wobbling of entire trimmer.
    2- Thou the ring does not allow you to get to close to you’re flowers, it also does not allow you to get close enough to take down grow along fences, foundations
    , as well as anything in tight coners.
    3- When using the product you will also notice a loss power you trimmer once had tends to bog down in dence grass, where’s the saving.


  18. I’m not happy with the Orbitrim at all! The first time I used it the blade got a nick in it. And I mean bad enough that I switched back to string.

  19. I cannot believe all the responses sent above. This trimmer is worse than what is said. You are forgetting that your purchase orders comes with a magazine subscription with automatically renews yearly and the magazine has options to change to different types.
    You can order only by automated phone entry. How foolish of you all.
    It clearly says for GAS trimmers only. How could anyone miss that, yet the question is asked?
    WAKE up people and do your due dilligent study before you buy.

    • My BIG gas trimmer would not spin it full speed either.
      But ALL the others issues make it a piece of crap.
      It balls up, gets out of balance, it scratches, it does not work.

  20. installed it on my yard machine trimmer and snapped my cable shaft once started due to the kick backs

  21. Will not work on a trimmer with out a clutch, can not get trimmer to start. It works like a fly wheel and trimmer kicks back when you pull the rope. Will take it back, bought it at store that sells as seen on TV.

  22. just got mine to day it works good on short grass but it does not work good on tall grass I had to sharpen it I don’t think it saves time like they say it does but it mite just take time to get used to it

  23. mine does not fit on my stihl extended shaft trimmer – the nuts sent were too small – as with most companies returning one is a hassel

  24. I have a landscaping company and I just ordered one to see how it works.
    My company is very large and I will return to this site and let everyone know how it works. Im going to assign it to one of my field managers , for review.

  25. I have gone to multiple sites with multiple bad reviews of the Orbitrim..Guess it’s a scam or at least a bad idea to order one….

    • It is junk. I wasted my money and am hoping to help others save theirs. Do NOT buy orbitrim. It is poorly balanced and stalls the trimmer before it gets any speed going. I installed it to the directions in their video and it does not work. Buyer beware.

    • It’s not a scam, it is bad engineering. May have gone bad in manufacturing. Don’t buy it. It will not work properly.

  26. They say the item is indestructible. They’ll even replace it for a $3.95 shipping charge. Funny, if you buy it, they charge you $6.95 for shipping. And they even have a special. You can buy 4 of their deluxe models for $70.00. Why would anyone need 4 of them if they’re indestructible.

  27. Would like to know if you have the Orbitrimmer in stock. I ordered it once and was told to reorder the 1st of August for they had a large amount of people to order and had ran out.

    • Don’t waste you money. The orbitrim is garbage. If you buy this crap and regret it, then, “I told you so”. If you don’t buy it, you saved yourself some money.

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