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My Spy Birdhouse Complaints/Disadvantages

Cheap plastic junk
One of the major complaints with My Spy Birdhouse is that it’s not well made at all. Instead of a proper mirror back there’s a shiny paper, which is quite cheap. According to the My Spy Birdhouse, reviews It can fall apart quite easily and the much touted suction doesn’t work well. Even if you follow the instructions to the T, you can’t save yourself from the disaster waiting to happen with this birdhouse.


Birdhouse should be made of wood
According to that’s the least one should expect because plastic is just incapable of providing decent insulation from cold and warm weather. Hence it’s not the best option for birds. Another problem with the My Spy Birdhouse is that it is difficult to mount, which is a shame. Overall you can only use it as a decorative birdhouse.


Looks Cheap and Low Quality Plastic
Reviews of My Spy Birdhouse say it’s tacky and not like the one you see in the promotions. You hope you won’t disturb the birds as it says, but that can’t happen when your face is right in front of them. The suction cups are a disappointment because they stop sticking, which is dangerous for the birds. My Spy Birdhouse can easily fall off and cause harm to the birds, their eggs and young ones.


Beware: Suction Cups
The suction cups are a recipe for disaster. They stop working before you know it, which means the whole birdhouse can come crashing down. Birds, their eggs and babies can get seriously hurt. Also it’s important to remember that bird nests can be full of mites and lice, which can infest your homes. So it’s not really good for you or your pets either; a complete waste of money.


You get over charged
Most customers who reviewed My Spy Birdhouse have complained that the buying process turns into a major hassle because the company is always trying to sell you one thing or the other with it. You are charged a fortune on the shipping costs but that doesn’t mean your order will be delivered on time. And when it reaches your doorstep you find things missing or it’s in tatters. This is a complete rip off.


Watch out for your personal info
You may start getting calls from telemarketers after you purchase this product from the official site


You are sold things you don’t need
Even if you just want to buy the birdhouse, which in itself is a waste of your money, you are still palmed off other products like feeders and coupons. And you get charged for them even if you have said no to these offers. You will be put through rigmarole to cancel the add-ons but you still can’t be sure that you won’t be charged for them.


Deceptive Marketing
Many customers who reviewed this product complain My Spy Birdhouse is nothing like it’s supposed to be and then they make you wait for your order. There is a lot of backordering hassle involved and once you have placed the order the company doesn’t care if your order reaches you.


Shoddy customer service
In one word, it’s pathetic. You will find it really difficult to get hold of someone to address your grievance about this birdhouse. And when you do, you realize that staff is not helpful at all.


Beware of paid reviews
You need to be careful while looking at reviews of My Spy Birdhouse because there are many fake ones floating around. They have been brought out by manufacturers who are trying to sell their cheap and tacky product. They pay money for these reviews to be written and they will be singing praises about the birdhouse but that’s farthest from the truth. You need to stay away from these reviews as they won’t give you a clear picture about it at all.


Some of the basic questions that the manufacturer fails to address for the buyer are whether the birdhouse is water proof, or what the size of the hole is. These are some of the queries you are bound to have when buying it, along with maintenance related doubts like “how to clean it”. These questions are completely unanswered.


Avoid Buying from the Official website.
You are better off buying the My Spy Birdhouse through reliable sources like Harriet Carter,, or These names are reputed and will at least offer you good, friendly and helpful service even if they can’t do much about the quality of this birdhouse.

My Spy Birdhouse Pros

Entertaining, educational and engaging
My Spy Birdhouse can be informational to the kids, which makes a lot of difference in their formative years. They can satiate their curiosity about the life of birds and be entertained at the same time. It can be hugely exciting to watch birds go about various activities including feeding young ones. Kids can also watch them build nests etc and spend their free time fruitfully.


It is non intrusive
If you want to give your kids a lesson in observing but not disturbing then this birdhouse might work for you. The two way mirror means that you can see through it but the birds can’t see you back. And kids won’t disturb them either, which will be a good learning experience for them. Bird watching can be an engaging activity for people of all ages while the birds get their privacy too.

Alternative to My Spy Birdhouse

Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House is a sensible option because it has been created using reforested, kiln dried, inland red cedar. It has also been ornithological designed so that it attracts bluebirds. It has a one and a half inch hole, which is also said to be ideal for eastern bluebirds. This bluebird can be easily cleaned and maintained because its front can be easily opened. It’s made in the US, which says a lot about its quality too.


What do I get?

  • 1 My Spy Birdhouse
  • 1 Up Close feeder
  • 1 Spy Bird Guide

All this for $ 14.99 + 15.98 $ P.H. Official website

My Spy BirdHouse Tips and Tricks

It is an amazing birdhouse which you can set up in your own backyard of the house. You can watch and learn more about birds and their breeding cycle. The tips and tricks to set up your own bird house will be given by bird expert James Currie who travels all around the world looking for rare birds and wild life.

When to setup the Birdhouse

The birdhouse can be set up during late winter that is early February to March so that the birds get an interest in nesting in the birdhouse.

Where to setup the Birdhouse

My Spy BirdHouse Tips and Tricks helps in having fun bird watching right at your home. It can be located on a window in the corner of the house. The window in the front of the house is more trafficked and so it is always advised to place it in less trafficked places. The next important point is to place the My Spy BirdHouse near shrubs, bushes and greenery so that the birds feel more safe and secure.

East facing window is better as east is always the base direction and is not going to receive more than four hours of sun during the day and as the sun goes over, the area is shaded which is very important.


My Spy BirdHouse should not be placed too low where the predators can easily reach them. It should be placed at a height of six to seven inches high.


The suction in the My Spy BirdHouse gets attached to the window easily. It includes double sided tapes for weather below 30 degree centigrade.


You should understand the type of birds around your surroundings. For bigger birds the hole can be big, but for smaller birds the hole can be made smaller by inserting rings to make them safe.


Nesting materials like grass, strings and feathers can be scattered around the birdhouse so that the birds can bring it in.

The inside of the bird house is open and the entire breeding cycle can be watched from home. The privacy curtains can be placed to reduce the indoor lights during night.


You can have a happy bird watching time with My Spy BirdHouse Tips and Tricks.



My Spy Birdhouse Video

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40 thoughts on “My Spy Birdhouse Review: Buyer Beware | Don’t buy from

  1. What a big scam. I wanted order one and it ended up with three bridhouse with six brid feeder. All product worst quatlity I have ever bought in my life, and really really cheap. The two side mirror is just a fake sheet of paper that my wife told me look at it and laugh at yourself. Not even good to put on garbag can. The lady on recodig machine gave me so much discont that I orderd a few for other family. When I recived them it was so poor product that I was ashamd give them to anyone. If I did to look at the reviwe of this company it wouldn’t cost me $101.60. I called the Master Card and compland about their misleading product and the opertor told me that they will open a case for my concern and the best is contact the saler. What a big help. I will never buy anything from TV advertisement before checking there review from google.

    • Hey PARVIZ JAFARI your totally right, my spy bird house is a piece of junk I had a hornet making a nest in there. plus the screen is terrible I can’t see a thing in there I want to break it! I am also going to do what you said. “I will never buy anything from a TV advertisement before checking there review.”

      Thanks for the terrible product!

  2. This My Spy birdhouse is the most ridiculous concept because the birds have no privacy at all as it claims. They constantly have human faces in front of them and that’s just wrong. The manufacturer cannot take the high ground by saying birds are not disturbed; of course they are. And what happens when the suction fails and the birdhouse collapses. Not only can the birds get hurt but their nests, eggs can break. That would be a huge shame and completely disgusting thing to let happen. And the question you have to ask is “what’s the point of it all”? Get birds out of their natural environment for human viewing?

  3. Ordered My Spy Birdhouse today. It took 25 mins after they tried to sell me tons of other things. They asked me for a zip (its not my house) to where its going and never asked for the street address. I am not sure where they are going to send this thing and when I tried to call and correct this and it keeps saying all circuits are busy. What a nightmare! After they got my card info and tried to sell me other stuff they could have cared less about where its going.

  4. Seems like quite a few bad reviews… mainly with customer service & shipping. Any one know if I can buy this in a store?? Walgreens maybe?? Thanks!!

  5. I received my my spy bird house about a week ago and it came in about 3 weeks and it came with everything but probably the most important thing the 1 way mirror was ripped off of the package and so without the mirror it kind of defeats the whole purpose but I am planning on going to home depot to get another but I am disappointed I paid for it but I did not get it.

  6. I purchased My Bird Houses thru Harriet Carter they were 2 for 28 dollars I received my order in 5 days. Had no problems with ordering and no phone calls Harriet Carter is a very reputable company. It is the same My Spy Birdhouse as seen on TV. Purchased it on Sun. 12/29 received it on 1/4.

  7. I ordered this for my husband on December 18th as a Christmas gift after seeing the infomercial. I ordered the “special” – the second birdhouse for only s&h and the free window bird-feeder included. I realized that, only a week before Christmas, it may not arrive in time but that was reasonable, no worries.

    On December 19th, a rep from the company called me to “thank me for ordering” but, in reality, was trying to sell me something else, telling me they were sending me some blah blah blah ( can’t remember what it was) and if I kept it, I would be billed. Only if I cancelled, would I not be billed.

    I asked – “Wait, so you are sending me something unsolicited that I have to take the time to cancel in order not to be billed?” He said no, he was asking me now if he could send it. No, thank you. I was a little annoyed that a simple online purchase turned into a slick sales call for something else.

    I then asked the rep – “What are my chances of this arriving for Christmas?” He was very vague as he said “it’s shipping right away”. Ok – again, I understand that a week before Christmas there are no promises.

    My credit card was not billed until six days later on the 24th. The product did not arrive until 13 business days later on January 2nd. And when it did arrive, there was no bird feeder. And the product, while it appears to be wooden on the infomercial, is plastic and pretty junky. Definitely not worth $15.00 IMO.

    Spend a few extra dollars and buy one of the much better quality wooden products that are out there and where you probably will not get a slick sales call the next day that, if you are not paying attention, will cost you more money.

  8. I have researched this product extensively BEFORE purchasing it for my elderly parents, and am now convinced that I will not order it, ever.

    I would buy it if I could find it at a stick and brick store like one of those ‘as seen on TV stores’… that would cut out the shipping problems and the follow-up telemarketing calls trying to scam you.

    NUMEROUS reviews from different web sources say that they ordered – it took sometimes months to arrive. Then when it did arrive they got a phone call from the company ‘offering’ some coupons.

    As soon as you say ‘yes, I’ll take the coupons’ – they start placing charges on your credit card.
    For that reason alone, we will NEVER do business with this company.

  9. Ordered My Spy Birdhouse on November 27th for a Christmas gift. Shipping speed has apparently not improved much – I had to have it delivered before December 20 when the child was leaving and traveling for Christmas break. Tracking states it will be delivered Dec. 24. Guess it will have to be a birthday present now, since the child did not get it in time for Christmas. The website should state UP FRONT that it takes nearly a month or LONGER to get it.

  10. They used COCKATEALS as the baby birds in the commercial. A domestic pet bird.
    though I would have liked a box of the correct size for them when I was raising them.
    I have not purchased this product.

  11. My Spy Birdhouse is a joke!They try to trick you into buying the extra kit feeder but that’s just the front of the business, it’s a racket then they call you trying to sell you some coupons, they try to get you to say yes on the phone for coupons then they bill your credit card! IT’S A SCAM!

    • They will take money out of your account even if you say NO to coupons!! I got charges a total of $104 for two birdhouse a that should have only been $35.

  12. Ordered My Spy Birdhouse two months ago…never arrived…no contact info…I live Maine and will go to the address of the manufacturer listed in Maine and will find out what the hell is going on…

  13. More of the same…Ordered 3 months ago and have yet to rec.. Called credit card and disputed the order.

  14. I ordered a My Spy Birdhouse for my boyfriend’s son for his birthday over a month ago and we have not received it yet. I tried to go to the website and it is not there any longer. I’m very upset and want to know where my order is. I paid for it, got a receipt, but still nothing. I sent an e-mail to customer service and haven’t heard anything back yet. Anyone know anything about what is going on with this company?!?! I would like to have my money back if I am not going to get my product soon.

    • From the posts I am reading, it seems that delivery is a huge issue. When I ordered mine, I was told that it would be 5-7 business days. After 3 weeks, My Spy Birdhouse finally arrived. I later purchased a second one at Bed, Bath and beyond because of a coupon that gave 5.00 off. Good luck in your follow up. For me personally, I will try and find the items in a store instead of ordering from the company.

  15. I think this MySpyBirdHouse is a huge joke and the jokes on us. I ordered over month ago and still nothing! I’ve emailed and my email comes back. I did get a confirmation email but when I try to email,nothing I get mailer demon. Anyone know what’s going on?


  16. I ordered 2 of these birdhouses several weeks ago. I also have not heard a thing, no email, nothing after they got my information. What is going on. I ordered these for two little girls birthdays and I hear nothing. Help!!

  17. I ordered and paid for a bird house over two weeks ago and still have not seen or received anything!!! Can someone please respond!

    • It will take a while to get there. They are on back order which means they have more orders than supplies. I ordered mine in March and just got it two days ago.

      • OK, Katie – – – so it’s acceptable to wait 9 months for a company to ship product?? I’m glad I went here to read the reviews – – I think I’m getting my parents something ELSE for Christmas.

        • OMG! Why do I always think to google scams “after” I’ve been kicked in the behind! I ordered this for my 7 year old… it’s on her Wish List for Cutie the Elf to give to Santa! I just received a phone call for BudgetSavers.Com confirming the receipt of my purchase and they wanted to thank me for my patronage for giving me $100 of gas coupons (This will get your attention right?) they went on and on about coupons and savings… confirmed my address (as a service to myspy birdhouse) confirmed my phone number and expiration (only) for my Visa Card “beginning” with a “4” all they needed me to do was confirm the rest of my credit card number… lol… ok, I said… “Go ahead, after you” the sales lady replied “it begins with a 4 and I will need you to just verify the rest”… I said, “Sure, go ahead…” she replies “okay, I am ready”… I replied “you haven’t given me the information to verify… if you have my order info at least tell me the last 4 digits of my Credit Card” She said “Just so we can assure you that you’ll receive your birdhouse we will need you to verify your credit card… if you feel uncomfortable I will give you my full name and contact information, we want to get your $100 gas coupons to you in the mail” oh okay, I said… just send me your brochure in the mail explaining your company and program, I’ll review and if I am interested I will contact you… so I said, go ahead… I’m listening and ready, what is your information?” lol… meanwhile I googled BudgetSavers and all reviews stated “SCAM” the company use to called “ValuePlus” or something… So, I ended the call and called Myspy Birdhouse to check on my order and inform them about this company who’s hacking into their customers contact information and using their name to scam people…. HA! the rep basically said “Ma’am if you feel uncomfortable just don’t give em your information… so what did you need to know about your order?” I was stunned… I said so you are not concerned about this company… she said “I’m sure it was nothing… we have a company who calls our customers to inform them that their order is being processed… like I said just don’t give em your information” I told her “Well, I’m not feeling as if you’ve resolved or care about my concern and my security so since you said that my order is just being processed today, I would like to cancel… she said “You will just have to return it because we can’t refund your money at this point, you already paid and there’s nothing we can do!” I said “I would like to speak with a manager” she stated… ” for what… what would be your question” I told her I have concerns of Fraud… she says “Ma’am what would be your question, I’m not going to call my manager for nothing… what do you want me to tell the manager?” I said “Well you can explain everything we have spoken about in the last 5 minutes… I really don’t need you to explain anything, I can do that….lol she transferred me to a voicemail!” That’s confirmation to cancel…. I am not waiting 6 week less known 9 months… I’m calling the bank ASAP… Dear ALL… I would suggest you do the same… I just googled My spy birdhouses on Amazon… 9.99 and up… Merry Christmas!!!

          • THANK YOU Stacy! I have been thru and believe everything you have said. What a shame when all you want to do is get your little girl something she’s excited about. I am going to Amazon to order, we have a As Seen on TV store in our local Mall, they said they will have these on Jan. 14th, I may hold off and just skip S & H all together. I do hope you get your charges straightened out. Happy New Year & Thanks for taking the time to explain and warn us~~~~~~~~

        • umm, she said she ordered in march, then she commented that it arrived in may.. the order goes March, April, May… that’s two month not 9.

  18. I ordered the My Spy Birdhouse about a month ago and have not received the product. When I call the number that was on T.V. they say it is not in use. What is going on?

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