Monster Hot Pepper Garden

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What is Monster Hot Pepper Garden

They are hot and spicy Jalapeno and Chilli Peppers that hold the promise of growing in just 10 weeks.
Monster Hot Pepper Garden promises to be a smart option for those who like to use hot Jalapeno and Chilli peppers in their cooking often. These types of peppers are an integral part of several types of cuisines but you don’t often have them around the house and they can be quite expensive as well. Monster Hot Pepper Garden claims to help you grow your own, indoors and outdoors.

Monster Hot Pepper Garden has been developed by scientists

Monster Hot Pepper Garden have been developed by plant scientists from the university of California. The Jalapeno and Chilli pepper strands you find here, promise to grow up to 12 inches long a piece. As a result Monster Hot Pepper Garden give you just the right amount of hotness without that annoying burning sensation, according to their claims. Moreover each of the compact plant guarantees you several fruits to get your money’s worth.

Monster Hot Pepper Garden are convenient to grow in your backyard

Monster Hot Pepper Garden has been specially developed to ensure that you have all the convenience while growing them. One plant claims to give you peppers all season long. That means you will have fresh farm peppers in your own backyard to add flavour to your cooking. The good thing about Monster Hot Pepper Garden is that they claim to grow in just about 10 weeks. You don’t have to go through any special planting process or maintenance for that matter and have foot long peppers that are quite popular in various cuisines as well.


Monster Hot Pepper Garden to add stunning flavour to your cooking

Monster Hot Pepper Garden emphasize on the fact that the hotness you get from the peppers is just perfect. That’s the reason you can use them without a hassle in dishes like tacos to soups. You can also use them to make delicious dips that will win you appreciation for your cooking skills.

What do i get?

You get 3 Monster Jalapeño Hot Pepper Plants & 3 “Big Jim” Chili Pepper Plants for $39.99 plus $4.99 P&H. Official website


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