Mini Max Hose Review

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If you have a garden or a yard around your house, undoubtedly you want to keep it in the best state possible. That’s because you know it adds to the look of your home and makes an impression with your guests. A well kept garden also says a lot about you and you can spend many peaceful evenings there or host parties for your friends outdoors. And a good quality hose is indispensible if you want to look after your outdoor spaces the way they should be. And Mini Max Hose is a path breaking product that you just won’t be able to do without.


Mini Max Hose
Normal garden hoses are quite heavy and it’s very difficult to carry them around as well. But the amazing thing about this product is it will grow instantly to its maximum length, making it just perfect for any kind of task you might have at hand. Industrial strength nylon, which is expandable, is used to make this hose. That’s why; as soon you turn the water on, this hose will be able to expand to three times its original size without any difficulty or delays. Who needs to carry those bulky hoses any more when Mini Max Hose can do the job for you?

In fact this hose weighs less than a pound, it only means you can hang it around or store it, wherever you want to without a care in the world. This hose is also perfect for elderly who want to look after their gardens on their own but struggle with the taxing physical demands that carrying hoses involve. You will also be pleased to note that as soon as you turn off the water, this hose will get back to its original size so that it can be stored away for future use.

The heavy gauge polymer inner hose means it’s strong enough for the hardest job in the garden and it doesn’t twist, tangle or kink like your regular hoses either.



What do I get?
You can buy Mini Max Hose for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge at You can get another Mini Max Hose by paying additional S&H.



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3 thoughts on “Mini Max Hose Review

  1. They got the money for the Mini Max hose from my bank account…weeks later…still no hose! No way to track shipping either. All they will tell you is that your order has been received after weeks of waiting.

  2. I ordered a Mini Max Hose about 4 weeks ago and haven’t heard a thing. They didnt give me a order number over the phone. Whats going on.

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