Little Giant Blueberry Review

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Everyone loves Blueberries but buying Blueberries at the store can cost up to $10/pack and even more. Now you can grow your own delicious Blueberries with these as seen on tv Little Giant Blueberry plants. Non-stop Blueberry festival all season long.


How does Little Giant Blueberry work?
Each fast-growing Blueberry plant comes ready to plant. Produce up to 4 pints of juicy blueberries each day. These blueberry plants virtually grow themselves with little human intervention, in sun or shade. Get over 16000 berries from a single plant. Its like having a blueberry farm in your backyard. And not just ordinary pea-size berries but lush jumbo harvests to enjoy all season long. Give your family a healthy diet with pints of blueberries for pennies, use them in muffins, pancakes, pies, ice creams, sundaes and more. Why pay up to $10 for just one pack of blueberries when you can have the same delicious and nutrient-rich for under $5 a pint.

Little giant Blueberry FAQs

What’s the cost of the little giant blueberry plants?
Two plants cost $10 plus shipping and handling. You can buy 3 plants for $15 in a special price costing you $25 for 3 plants including shipping and handling.

Is there any guarantee on the order?
According to the website, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders.

What are the shipping and handling charges?
S&H charge is $4.95 for each blueberry plant.

What does the blueberry giant order include?
The number of plants you order as bare-root cuttings, excluding soil.

How is the status of an order tracked?
Enter the order number at You can contact them on the phone, though you may have to wait on hold for a while.

Do the little giant blueberry plants grow inside?
Yes. But they thrive and produce more numbers of blueberries crop when planted outside.

What types of blueberry plants are being sold by the company?
The Vaccinium Corymbosum/highbush blueberry.

How long after I receive the order will they start producing blueberries?
If nurtured well, the bush matures in a year or two and will produce a small batch of blueberries within a year. They produce large amounts of blueberries every year thereafter. Blueberry bushes grow large in size; the larger they grow the more blueberries they produce.

How big do the plants grow?
The website says that the plants grow about six feet tall and five feet wide.

How much sun do the plants need?
Usually, they are a full sun plant. The more sun they get the better they grow.

How frequently do they need watering?
The soil needs to be moist all the time so water the plants whenever the soil feels dry. They need lesser watering and care once they mature more.

What is the good time of the year to plant the little blueberry giant plants?
Though they nurture very well in cold temperatures, wait till the freezing temperatures are over when starting with a new plant. Plant your existing order in a pot and keep them in a window with a lot of sun. Once established, they do well in any kind of temperature: below 0-100 degrees.

Can one contact the little blueberry giant on a phone number/email?
Blueberry giant customer service is contactable on 1-203-256-9547 9:00am-5:00pm ET Monday-Friday. Emailed them at Their address is:
Gardener’s Plants
P.O. Box 56
Hartford, MI 49057


Blueberry Benefits

  • Blueberry are full of anti-oxidants
  • Lose Abdominal Fat
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Prevent Cancer
  • Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
  • Win the Anti-Aging War
  • Feel Better About Yourself



What do I get?
3 Little Giant Blueberry Plants

Buy 3 Little Giant Blue Berry Plants for $10.00 + 11.90 S/h. A $30 value for just $10.00. This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less P/H. This offer is not available in stores. Orders in CT and MI will be charged sales tax.


Little Giant Blueberry Video


107 thoughts on “Little Giant Blueberry Review

  1. This company is a total rip off. Plants are not more than mere twigs and the mailing cost was beyond reasonable. Save your money.

  2. Should have checked this site before wasting time and money. Three tiny twigs (6 inch cuttings) $10.00 plus $11.90 S&H. wigS&H misleading and was expecting 12-18 inch plants. A ripoff. Contacted credit card company for complaint and refund. Sending twigs back. Will now spend on larger plants at local stores, no S&H.

  3. Save Your Money – DO NOT ORDER!

    Little Giant Blueberries is a COMPLETE FRAUD. The name of the company is Lipenwald Inc. (Gardeners Collection) 22 S. Smith St. Norwalk, CT 06855.

    I returned the measly 3″ twigs which came in a plastic bag. In contrast their video clip shows three lush bushy potted plants laden with ripe berries. It cost me $3.14 to ship back. Their policy is a no (handling and shipping) refund. Out of the $21.90 I was refunded $10. Their shipping charge is higher than price of the item. A win-win situation for an unscrupulous mail order merchandiser and a royal screwing for the customer.

    If you were victimized by this outfit, by all means contact the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and the Connecticut Better Business Bureau and file a complaint against this sleazy outfit.

    If enough complaints are filed they will feel it.

    • I got 12 plants and out of the 12 twigs only 7 grew into crappy little wastes of time, no instructions on how to grow them and way over priced. I will never buy from a online plant company again.

  4. Ok here is the deal, my son said weeks ago he wanted to grow blue berries, so I said sure, and then forgot all about it. Then I got a email about the little giant blue berries and I hate to say it I fell for it. I jumped at the chance to make my son happy. I bought 6 plants and found out I really bought 12 plants , I tried to call many days in a row and never got in touch with anyone just a recording, I just got the so call plants in mail today . They are just 12 crappy twigs. For 63.00 I should have got plants with leaves on them and that were taller than 3 inches tall. I’m pissed. I called today with no luck at all. I want to send these dam twigs back 63.00 bucks for 12 twigs. I got ripped off. I’m going to call my visa debit card company and see what they can do for me. I will never order anything online again ever. I can’t stand feeling like I got screwed. My wife is now raising her eyebrow and looking at me like see what happens when you buy stuff online… And she’s right. Too good to be true always is. Beware never buy from this company unless you want twigs.

  5. WARNING: DO NOT plant the cuttings in “potting soil”. Use well hydrated sphagnum moss. Once they start growing (mine did), apply a light Azalea food because Blueberries like acid soil. These are not “Jack’s magic beans” and although the commercial makes it sound as such, anyone over the age of 7 should have more common sense. Do some research and give them time.

    I priced blueberries at the local garden center (they were out) and online. Other online nurseries were also quite pricey. I’m not defending the advertising hype of these guys, but come on…use some common sense.
    Mine are now in the garden and doing fine. I will wait a few years and hopefully get something out of them.

    I also ordered the Hummingbird Vine (trumpet vines) they arrived as root cuttings only, but after placing them in moss and keeping them moist, they quickly sprouted and are going crazy. I may regret having bought these invasive vines, but I have a plan to keep them from spreading.

  6. These Giant Blueberry scam artist are at it again…It’s 5-21-2011 and the TV commercials are running….They will probably go out Chapter 11 so they can escape with the money then start up with another similar name…

  7. This is such a ripoff. I paid $45 for 2 blueberry plants and 2 raspberry plants. Out of that, $25 was shipping and handling, and all of them arrived in a 3″ X 3″ x 8″ box (not worth $25 just for shipping and handling), all just twigs with a little bit of root at the bottom, but no green on them at all. What a ripoff for shipping and handling, but I figured I’d try them anyway so I planted them in a bed of dirt and mostly peat moss (like they say to) and so far not even 1 leaf, no green or growth on them at all, and they’ve been in the ground for months.

    I guess I’ll go to my local grower and get real blueberry bushes that actually grow, these did not and even if I return them I don’t get my shipping and handling back, which was more than half the price of the order.


  9. Save your money and get them at your local store because they are a joke. You get 3 little dead stems that you plant. It took along time for them to start and one never did anything. After transplanting the 2 they hardly grew at all. Maybe 1 inch and a few leaves. The ones I bought at Walmart sprung up to 5 feet tall in first year while the little giants are still about 4 inches tall. Waste of my money and time.

  10. Not a farmer, just a back yard grower who has been at it about 20 years. Saw this ad and knew the claims were impossible just from experience. First, no one variety of blueberry produces all season long. The plants flower, they pollinate and the fruit sets tho the ripening process will stretch out over time. This is why one plants different varieties so that different bushes produce at different times. Second, and more importantly, it usually takes a blueberry bush 7 years or so to hit its stride as a producer.

    Most stock is sold as 2-3 yr old plants so you are looking at another 5 or so years before you start gathering. You might get a handful or so sooner but you aren’t getting pints and pints right away unless you go shopping. Finally, though there are self pollinators most blueberries need at least two varieties around to produce and even the self pollinating ones produce better when other varieties are present. So if you like blueberries be advised, there is no easy solution to grow your own, it takes time. If you are still interested do some research and buy from a reputable nursery, near your home or online.

  11. I just called and cancelled my order (866-518-2290). Call later at night or you won’t get through. They gave me a cancellation number, so we’ll see if it shows up on my credit card.

  12. I’m glad I found this site. Tonight was the first night I saw the infomercial. I wanted to believe I could get all those blueberries. Thanks. I know I won’t be ordering and getting scammed by them.

  13. When I saw this commercial, I thought if it seems to good to be true probably is a scam so I thought I’d look for reviews. Guess I’ll stick to blueberries picking every year.

  14. I do not know who these people are, and I will take your words for it that they are a rip off

    BUT as a blueberry farmer

    I know the soil needed is Canadian sphagnum peat moss, not a potting mix which has the totally wrong ph. A blueberry “cutting” is just that a rooted out cutting, usually 2 to 6 inches tall, they are fragile, that is why we personally do not sell blueberry plants until they are two years old and 12 to 18 inches tall unless you are an experienced grower.

    As a blueberry grower I am sorry you all had a bad experience.

  15. I placed an order with these people on accident twice. I wanted to see how much the total would come to so I submitted my credit card information.

    Then amazingly it page just refreshes! No confirmation, NO ORDER TOTAL. Just a dang email in my inbox stating my order has been successful in the amount of $21.90 TWO TIMES!!!! I only have $28 in my bank account.

    You can bet I will be disputing these charges! This should be illegal.

    • Also, they do not have a valid email address so I have to call them on my way to work. Every time you send an email to their customer support email it bounces back saying “Mail Failed PERMANENTLY, the other parties email inbox is either full or no longer in service!”

  16. Thank you all for sending in your money. This was a 100% rip off, and you people are SO stupid you still sent in your money?…..Only in America. I’m not in Belize, what are you doing? Thank you P.T. Barnun, “there is one born every minute”…..

    I have a Orange tree I’ll sell ya……..

    • I saw this commercial and thought I’d google this because the claims were so crazy. I learned 2 things.
      1, yep – I was right, these are claims that are too good to be true and 2. This guy is a di**khead

  17. Little Giant blueberries is a GIANT rip off. I received three LITTLE roots of which two were already dead. I planted, watered and nurtured the only living one only left only to watch it quickly die. I complained to the company and never even got a reply. This is a scam!!! This company should be sued for false advertising and made to repay all funds it has embezzled.

    • You’re surprised they didn’t give you bowls and bowls of berries? How stupid can you be. P.T.Barnun Said it right, there IS a sucker born every minute

  18. I bought these Little Giant Blueberry Plants and I am really disappointed! Like everyone else I just got a couple sticks with barely a root. I gave these plants some serious TLC and they did survive. I have had these for 5 months now and they have grown a couple inches.

  19. One of the BIGGEST “as seen on TV” rip-offs ever. Blueberry plants arrived TOTALLY DEAD. Twigs in a little bag of dirt. Are you people SERIOUS? I don’t see your commercials on TV anymore. DUH I wonder WHY? At least I did get ALL my money back including the ridiculous shipping and handling charges. STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!

    • DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE! The only positive posts they have are likely from the owner or employees. REAL PEOPLE like YOU will be 100% RIPPED OFF! Just read the posts…. these people need to be SUED – talk about FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

      • Actually, their commercials ARE still on TV, which is why I am here! I learned a long time ago to look for complaints before I ordered from anyone, and it has been a lifesaver to me. I ordered plants from 4Seasons, some of which never grew. There was a 1 year replacement guarantee, which I took advantage of. Unfortunately, the second shipping has no guarantee, and some of the plants arrived dead. So, no old fashioned lilacs, no weeping cherry trees, etc. Same thing with Arbor Day Society…3 out of 12 arrived dead, and 3 were not the promised Golden Raintrees, but Rose of Sharons instead.. I think the lesson here may be to buy all plants LOCALLY, so that they have a better chance surviving your local climate.

  20. I’m out $43.00. My order came and when it arrived the Blueberry plants were dried out. Used name brand potting soil. They all died. Hope someone reads these reviews before ordering. This group is in the business to rip customers off.

  21. I think these plants are a rip-off in the few months I have had them they have not grown, and one of them died. where is all the blueberry? in someone else’s imagination

  22. OVER PRICED !!!! You can get the same stock for far far less at any mail order. Only about half blueberry plants arrived alive but they have survived so far. I say survived but not thrived b/c inspite of a lot of TLC they are only slightly bigger then when they arrived in late April. I can’t possible imagine that they will be more then 8 inches by fall. I can not recommend these little giant blueberry plants to anyone. Don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY !!!!!

  23. I ordered these Little Giant Blueberry Plants by phone and had a really hard time with the automatic phone system. I wanted 3 sets and somehow ended up with 9 sets. When the plants arrived, they were very small. Looked almost dead. There was no paperwork in the box, no invoice or number to call. I found a number online and found out where to send them back. They charged me a bundle for shipping when they all came in the same small box. Not impressed with this website or their product.

  24. I bought 12 Blueberry plants a month and a half ago. I planted them in steril pot with potting soil watered them enough to keep them from drying up. Eight plants died within a month. I called the company and they sent 12 new plants much better ones then my original ones. I planted these in potting soil also. The first six that survived have had a little growth but nothing to say I could transplant them into ground yet. I wanted to know what species they were because some can not live in Florida’s heat. I given the plants partial shade so they don’t get fried.

  25. I wish I would have known of this site before I ordered these Blueberry plants. Mine died. I am out $22.00.

    • Me too I ordered three blueberries and was excited about the prospect of fresh berries of my own that I also ordered raspberries. Well they came today and it looks like two of the blueberries might still be alve but all the other “plants” are definitely dead. A lesson learned I guess I’ll stick to local growers.

  26. I so regret that I didn’t check out these comments before I purchased this as seen on tv blueberry plant. I also received twigs that don’t grow…at a very high price. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY

  27. We ordered three of these plants. After a few weeks, they showed up as two-inch long bare root cuttings (not plants) in a plastic bag. They were brown and lifeless with one tiny brown branch sticking out to the side of the main “stem” and a few inch-long dried out roots. We planted them each in their own container full of acidic soil (1/2 sphagnum peat moss and half fertilizer-free garden soil) as instructed. After a week they are still brown and lifeless.

    Save your money. Even if they weren’t dead, you would not even see a fraction of the blueberries next year, let alone see any this year.

  28. SCAM SCAM SCAM…………………….STAY AWAY. If you want some blueberries, go to your local nursery or home store and get nice gallon size blueberries for a reasonable price. again…………SCAM SCAM SCAM

  29. This is definitely a rip off! The blueberry plants are dead they never showed any signs of life! Only one of the Black rasberry bushes are showing any signs of life!

  30. I too should have checked the Little Giant Blueberry reviews on this site. I ordered the rip off blueberries and today I received 2 dead plants and two that may or may not survive. Green leaves on one but mostly are dried out twigs. I am out 45 dollars and won’t bother trying to get any compensation back. I just want to forget this and only remember to be more careful in the future. Caveat Emptor — Buyer beware. I bought 4 other bushes that were 18 inches high and full for 19.95 each at a local nursery in early spring here in the suburbs of Chicago. Already got some berries and I am sure that next year and the year after we will have a lot. How can these people sleep at night?

  31. Okay – those “Little Giant Blueberries” they suck. Have to ask my buddy how the other 3 are but these 3 are dead. They charge a little over 23.00 shipping and the plant isn’t anymore than 2 to 2.5 inches tall. Peeled the label back & it only cost them .83 to ship. They are to replace the 3 – takes for ever. But the credited 10.00 for the shipping when I complained about it costing an actual .83.

    Glad I didn’t order these but I need to ask him if they are growing or not to get his money back. Pitiful to sell something like that.

    These were the 3 I’ve tried to save – but being a hopeful person – they have not done a thing. And it’s too bad I can’t post a picture of these dead plants. They never reshipped them either.

    The only positive thing I can say is at least the Customer Service does give you your money back – and I did call within the 10 day/2 week time frame. All DIED!

  32. Blueberry giant eh? We fell for the ad. What our purchase netted us were three twigs! One of which is likely dead. I’ll stop short of saying their advertising is deceitful, but it certainly misleads. If these things grow, there might be a blueberry sometime in the next 5 years, but I’m not planning on holding my breath.

  33. This Little Giant Blueberry is a total scam! I’ve been a blueberry farmer all my life. This variety is a junk, non commercial cultivar. I was curious and ordered the plants…they were dead on arrival and just a rooted hardwood cutting. Virtually every claim they make is physiologically impossible and a total lie. This a scam an gives a bad name to the whole blueberry industry. These yahoos must be stopped!

  34. Total crap, I got three plants and one was dead. I called them and was told that they would replace all three. That was two weeks ago and no sign of them. I’m not sure I even want them. The ones I planted have shown no signs of even growing. Every time my wife looks at these twigs she laughs at me for being such a dope for buying them. Hope to live long enough to see them produce blueberries.

    • Since you did buy the plants, may I suggest you try “heeling them in” before you actually plant them? Find a secluded, shady spot, then dig a trench large enough to accommodate all your plants. SOAK the plants in a bucket of water for 3 hours, then lay them root end down in the trench , (plants should be at an angle, with the stems touching the earth, but the tops are above the trench). Cover the roots with the excavated soil and a few handful of good garden soil, and LIGHTLY press the soil to remove air pockets. Water thoroughly; keep soil moist, but not sloppy. Do NOT fertilize; the plants most likely will burn. Allow plants to remain in trench until they have 3-4 sets of healthy leaves. If they don’t develop leaves in the trench, they probably never will. Good luck!

  35. Total scam. two little sticks with dirt….$43 bucks. I am a total donkey for falling for this. Those people should be ashamed of themselves!

  36. THANK YOU ALL! I am congratulating myself for thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I should see if anyone has written anything about these before I buy them?” I’m so glad I did. Thank you all again for sharing your nightmare experiences with me – my husband and I love blueberries, but I think I’ll follow your advice and pick up a viable plant from a nursery. Good luck to you all – and from other experiences, just make sure that your contact information hasn’t been sold to other companies (probably has) and make sure you don’t find any new charges on your credit card!

    • THANKS FOR THE WARNING! I seriously wanted to order them, but felt the advertising was too good to be true. I will go to a nursery and buy the plants there. I love the idea of growing my own blueberries.

      I’m so happy I had the sense to see what others were saying first. Great idea, too bad they are rip off artists.

  37. Do not order the 3/$10.00 blueberry plants. What you get is a 3 inch stick with very little roots. In fact 2 of the 3 were dead when we received them. No legitimate company would ship out such a poor product, so save yourself time and money and forget this offer.

  38. Other sites claim the little giant plants are a scam… maybe they are but I have them in my garden and they are starting to grow. The scam is in the charges. The plants were only $10 for 3 but the SHIPPING AND HANDLING charges were $11.23. The plants (all three) fit in the palm of my hand and the box is only 3 x 3 x 2 but the POSTAGE is only 87 cents. The company offers free shipping IF you buy a lot of other plants or subscriptions. The scam is to get you to Buy Buy Buy… or pay through the nose for shipping.

  39. Total rip off! I got my blueberries and they were little sticks and there is no sign of life – and they have been planted for 3 weeks now!

    My strawberries look like they may make it, but for what you get and what you pay – TOTAL RIP OFF! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER ORDERED FROM THIS COMPANY. Support your local greenhouse and get a better quality plant that isn’t D.O.A.

  40. We thought this BlueBerry Giant would be a great money saver for us. We have a two year old who eats at least 3 bananas a day and 1-2 pints of blueberries. Those quickly add up. Yesterday, we paid $3.50 for a pint of blueberries at Walmart.

    Luckily, we ordered last week and received 2 days ago (so about a week after we ordered) and everything is good with our plants. My husband planted them in flower pots last night, and according to the description, in about 90 days they will be approx 8 feet tall, so we will be transporting them outdoors. I’m not sure if the company has changed how their website is worded or if people are not reading it correctly, but when I ordered, we understood that the blueberry plants each came with three plants for the price shown, which some people have said they have ordered three plants and then realized they would actually get 9 plants for a total of around a hundred bucks. We ordered the blueberry plant special (which comes with 3) and 2 banana plants and our total was $35 after shipping.

    The website also stated that “They will likely bear a light crop this season, a lot more next season and an even heavier crop during the third season and beyond.” It is not promised they will produce anything this season, but it is likely.

    It says “This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less P&H. Orders in CT and MI will be charged sales tax. To check on the status of your order or for customer service, please call 1-866-518-2290. *$9.95 s&h will be added to your order if you’ve selected to receive the additional deluxe set of 12 plants” so I highly suggest people keep trying to get their money back who have had problems. Everyone def. needs to contact the Better Business Bureau and if this company really is a scam, they need to be shut down.

    I guess we were one of the lucky ones who had a positive experience, thankfully. It is sad to see how many people have been scammed though.

    • 8 feet tall in 90 days? Yeah right! They’ll be 8 feet tall if you place them on a 7’10” ladder! If you’re not working for the company, maybe you can send this post as part of your resume.

    • That’s TOTAL B.S. And all of us that were RIPPED OFF KNOW IT! Are you the president of the company?

  41. Is there someone who has a contact number or e-mail address please for this Little Giant Blueberry company. I originally wanted to order 3 plants only and at the end of the call they verified 3 sets of plants which is really 9 plants, and that will total over $100, and I can’t get in touch with anyone to change, or cancel this. Please help me if you can!!!!

  42. The Great Blueberry SCAM is the company Little Giant Blueberry Co. wonder if the federal Trade Commission has any jurisdiction ?

  43. It is a total scam, purchased Little Giant Blueberry a month ago finally received them , DEAD in the box and only 2 not the 3 they advertise…they were basically 2 sticks with a small amount of dirt and 2 droopy(dead) leaves.. I tried to plant them to see if I could bring them back to life, but that didn’t work.. this company should be shut down. I have no idea how they got an A + on the BBB web site… almost 22 dollars for 2 dead sticks.. they should be ashamed of themselves…Gardner’s choice.. your name should be.. Gardner’s Nightmare!

  44. SCAM! Got my 3 little Blueberry twigs today. No way of returning these?? If anyone finds a way, please print it! I am going to still try to find a way. .85 postage, and they charged me almost 12.00. What a rip off!

  45. Do not order from these people, especially by phone. A friend of mine placed their order last night around 5 PM. It was all automated and they kept asking “Do you want this?” etc., and he kept having to answer No over and over. When he finally received the total of his order at the end of the call, it was $101.80 and all he ordered was 3 plants for $10.00.

    He called and tried to cancel the order immediately and they said it had already shipped it! LIES, LIES, LIES. He told them he was gonna stop payment on his order. and they tried to tell him not to do that, it was illegal! And that if he did that, he couldn’t get his money back.

    Researched this company and it’s a big scam! Look on the Better Business Bureau for info about them. DO NOT ORDER from them!

  46. i ordered the blueberry plants and waited ,then in the mail I received the little sticks with small roots and a little dry dirt in a small box with the 3 plants in a plastic bag, I followed the instructions and planted them so far 1 month later they still are what look like little sticks that are not growing at all…seems to me when I got them they where dead from the start..a freind ordered them too and the same thing happened to him..I am looking for the address or phone number now to call and complain…save your money go to lowes or home depot to buy the ones that are growing….they are a ripoff

  47. I rec’d my Blueberry plants almost two weeks after I ordered them. They were dried out, looks like only one plant might make it. I’ve tried several times to contact them through email and I still haven’t gotten a response. I’m extremely disappointed in this product, and even more so by the customer service.

    • I got my little box of dead twigs today. Cost them $1.27 to ship and they charged me $21 and some odd cents. I found this site and called them. I will be disputing the charge (with my credit card) so as not to lose shipping. I would advise the same for everyone. Here is their email and customer service number –
      Phone: 1-866- 518-2290
      The lady I spoke with was nice and told me to plant them, see if anything happens within 3 weeks, and then if not, call for a refund minus shipping. But you lose shipping, which in my case is over $20. There ain’t no way I’m going for that. I don’t know how this company hasn’t been shut down yet. Good luck to you!!

  48. Should have read the reviews before ordering. A huge majority of reviews are negative. Too good to be true!

  49. Little Giant Blueberry is a scam, don’t waste your money. I bought two of their special total $20 Shipping $24 – Tried to cancel the order after I found out their name on the internet, but of course they told me that the product has been shipped. They also said that I would have to pay shipping and handling again if I return them. The S&H is more than the little pea plants price – total ripoff – they should be taken off the market by the consumer advocate. They say that they are a MI company but ship from Connecticut. Lies lies!

  50. Please don’t waste your time and money on Little Giant Blueberry.

    It’s sad to see the thousands of complaint sites about one company. Out of 400 reviews on several sites I’ve found only one positive review (which looks too professional to be a real person) of Little Giant Blueberry. I got my shipment and everything was dead. The box was flimsy and smashed. I can’t wait to see what the Banana plants look like when they get here – I can only imagine how disappointed I’ll be.

    I won’t attempt to get a refund or replacement based on other reviews. I’ve read….it’s just too frustrating and I’ll consider it a lesson learned.

    Go to your local nursery and pay 1/4 of the price and get so much more!

  51. This site and others like it are awesome!! Thank you to the brave and kind folks out there who tell it like it is and keep those scam artist from getting any more money out of honest folk. Even Consumer Reports sometimes will cow-toe to some of these rip-off artist. You guys, I know I’m gushing, but really, you have saved the rest of us by being so forth coming with your experiences. Thanks and Cheers

  52. WHAT A RIP-OFF ! ! ! ! Paid twenty bucks for three little twigs of which only one had any signs of life. After three weeks of care, two of the plants are dead, and the survivor has only one leaf. Worst of all, they put our email address up for grabs, and I get 10-20 spam emails a day.
    Do Not Buy From These People !!! Go a reputable grower instead..

  53. I purchased the two Little Giant Blueberry plants with the “free third” plant. What they don’t tell you on the TV ad is that the “plants” are little more than root stock. For those of you who aren’t familiar with root stock, the three “plants” that arrived are (all combined) the size of my thumb. These will have to be grown for an entire season indoors before they can be put in the ground next year.

    Additionally, they don’t tell you that to send three items with a total weight of approximately one ounce they charge $12 shipping. The box arrives with no return address there is no invoice to reference the purchase etc. There is a small catalog which weighs more than the plants.

    The third “free” plant costs $4.95 to ship again this is about the size of a cigarette butt. They arrive with no leaves just a small stick with a tiny bit of root.

    One of the three, one arrived dead and brown. I looked up the Little Giant Blueberry company on the internet and send them two emails requesting a replacement or a refund (no order info was sent with the package). Both of which the company ignored.

    Is it a SCAM? Well, they do send plants, some may be dead even though they charge $4 a piece to ship them. They don’t reply to emails about order problems. So, technically it’s not a SCAM but the company is a RIP OFF outfit. They’re all about providing an absolute minimum to keep themselves out of jail and screw the customer. Besides they make it very difficult if not impossible to return them.

    I’ll have to raise these two plants for the rest of the summer indoors then plant them next spring, then not get blueberries until the following year. So, 2012 before I see blueberries?

    I could have bought large healthy plants at the local nursery for about $10 each.


    • When I ordered Little Giant Blueberry last week, their site did state that it would be at least a year before you start getting produce in most cases. I’m not sure if this has been added since you ordered or not, but as of last week, they were stating it would be unlikely to receive any fruit this season.

  54. Little Giant Blueberry a scam, don’t waste your money. I bought two of their special total $20 Shipping $23, it took 13 days from the time they said it shipped. The postage charge was .81 cents and I got six little sprouts about 3 inches long of which two are dry and dead, two look like they are about dead and the other two show a little hope.

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