Little Birdie Plant Monitor Review

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Who doesn’t like having a little greenery and colors in their house? And for that we have plants and especially the flowering ones to make the house more presentable and beautiful. But do you often forget to water the plant because of which you end up with more shrivelled and dead plants than live ones? What if a friend or family member went out of town and left their plants in your care but unused to caring for them you forget to water them? Well now you can get Little Birdie Plant Monitor, which is like an alarm that sets off when your plants need watering.


Little Birdie Plant Monitor
You will also have the beautiful voices of birds reminding you to water your plants since the handcrafted bird sings when it’s time to water your plants. Little Birdie Plant Monitor is especially great for you if you are a new to gardening.

Plants need caring and the right moisture right from their roots and they die if there is a lack of moisture in the soil. But if you fix a Little Birdie Plant Monitor into the soil along with the plant, it will monitor the moisture and sing when the soil is getting dry so that you can water the plants. All the Little Birdie Plant Monitor pieces are different birds and you won’t bore of hearing the same song over and over again since it sings a different original song every time it is time to water the plants. You will get different birds like Finch, Cardinal, Robin and Blue Jay.

Little Birdie Plant Monitor is also equipped with a light sensor. So when the family sleeps at night the bird lights up instead of singing so that it doesn’t disturb anyone. Little Birdie Plant Monitors come in beautiful gift boxes so they make pretty gift items as well. Available at an unbelievably reasonable price, in the special offer your order of 1 Finch and 1 Cardinal will get you 1 Robin and 1 Blue Jay as free bonus. So you can use them for different household plants.



What do I get?
4 Little Birdie Plant Monitors (1 Finch, 1 Cardinal, 1 Blue Jay and 1 Robin) for just $14.95 + $15.90 P&H. Official website



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5 thoughts on “Little Birdie Plant Monitor Review

  1. Ordered Little Bird Plant Monitor over a year ago, took the money out of my account. Months later they sent me a note that they were on backorder, never heard back, never received them. They took my money and ran. WHAT A SCAM!!! Beware!!!

  2. I ordered these Little Birdie plant monitors and for some reason they cancelled my order. I really wanted them for a present to my daughter. I would appreciate knowing why the order was cancelled.

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