Hydro Mousse Review

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Our team has gone through around 200 Hydro Mousse reviews and has compiled it into this review which covers all the pros and cons of the product. Well there are no Pros really with the Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn.

Faulty Dial Settings

BJ, the customer who tried it mentions in his Hydro Mousse review that he spent hours preparing the ground for hydroseeding with Hydro Mousse. The Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn sprayer dial has different sprayer settings, he set the sprayer to spray water and to his disappointment there were seeds coming out of the sprayer, he could never get the settings right and he lost all the seeds. the other issue he mentions in his Hydro Mousse review is that even though he sealed and connected the container properly, he had his fingers and hand turned green as the solution dripped and backsprayed and sprayed through. BJ thinks that Hydro Mousse is a scam and recommends not to buy it.

Another customer Bruce Lusk tried the Hydro Mousse and found out that the sprayer did not work. Despite the bottle was half filled it still sprayed only water. Bruce says “Stay clear and Save your money” in his Hydro Mousse review.

Caro ordered this liquid lawn product and some refills, he mentions in his Hydro Mousse review that he was impressed with the concept but THE SPRAYER DID NOT WORK, he thought maybe he didn’t do it right so very carefully he tried it again going through all the instructions very carefully.

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