GreenWorks Tools Review

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We all have heard about the greenhouse effect and how the carbon footprints through the use of daily equipments have increased it. You might want to play a role by reducing the emission of such harmful byproducts from equipments you use in your day to day life. To begin with such an honest mission you can check the latest garden equipments launched by GreenWorks Tools which are totally eco-friendly and as powerful as conventional tools.


GreenWorks Tools
GreenWorks Tools are a set of battery powered garden tools which are designed to work at higher capacity without negatively impacting the environment. The design of these tools has been tested for zero carbon footprints over the time. The power in these tools is provided by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries which are Energy Star approved. Apart from the fact that there will be no need for any tedious gas refills, handling of any cords or repairing gas leaks, GreenWorks Tools provide a run time almost twice as conventional tools on a single charge.

GreenWorks Tools is a 19” 40V 3 in 1 Mower which gives a high power performance and precision mowing for up to 60 minutes on its 40V lithium-ion battery. Its design feature includes a 8” real wheels set and a 7” front wheels set with a rear bagging capability and is completely compact with its foldable feature. It also can be used for Mulching with a mulch plug and includes a side discharge chute. It can be adjusted from 1-1/2” to 3-1/2” size to cut the desired height off the grass.

A free bonus product included is the 40V String Trimmer/Edge which provides trimming at 40% more run time than other tools. It comes with a 10”-12” adjustable cutting path and a .065 automatic single line feed for perfect trimming. It can be converted for walk behind edging on one touch and held in multiple positions with its adjustable pivoting head. It also includes speed variation and a lock-off switch for accidental startup. GreenWorks Tools also comes with a free bonus 40V Blower which provides variable speed with a max speed of 150MPH. Its nozzle can be adjusted from wide to narrow and is so lightweight that it can be held with one hand while operating it.



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14 thoughts on “GreenWorks Tools Review

  1. Got the Greenworks Pro blower for Xmas and discovered the battery was missing. Called number on box to request missing part and found office was closed throughout holidays. Retuned it to Lowes for a new one. Reading page 2 under Safety Information and first line states do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces. Somebody needs to get their act together.

  2. I cannot get the Greenworks power washer tools Helpline to answer the phone to give me advice on why my 1600 motor will not start nor can I find a service center in Dallas TX. I have spent well over 2 hours trying to get some technical help. Now I know why the unit only cost $99 at Lowes.This will be my last purchase of any Greenworks tools. Highly PO’d.

  3. Bought a chainsaw from Greenworks and it was shipped to the wrong address. They didn’t hesitate to charge my credit card, but never did fill the order.
    I can’t get them to straighten this out and ship me the chainsaw. They won’t even call me back or e-mail me. When I said to cancel the order and give me my money back, no response.
    Beware of this company they’re 800 number should be 1-800-SCAM

  4. I bought a Greenworks electric power washer. It is over-rated at 1500 psi and does a mediocre job even when it works. Then my motor burned up within a year of moderate use. This company seems to start with a good idea but, by my experience they seem to be a bunch of pirates making second-rate tools and extracting money from well-meaning people that support their advertised goal. It seems like baloney to me and I will never buy another Greenworks tool and will warn all my friends to stay away.

  5. I was looking to purchase Greenworks Tools from some time now but decided to take another opinion before purchase. Thinking that people who have used it before would have shared some experiences over the internet I searched for “Greenworks Tools Reviews”. To my horror sites listed on the page were completely fake and scam of a kind. I was looking for real people sharing their experiences unlike reviews on these websites which were glaringly hyping the product in all aspects. It had links to the manufacturer for immediate purchase at all possible locations. Few of the sites were so atrocious that they did not allow exiting the site by popping up windows to confirm the exit. Such sites should be listed to be “fake” in some way. Thankfully I was lucky enough to land on this website which offered me a real person’s insight on Greenworks Tools and it’s functioning. Thanks for a genuine review and keep up the good work.

    • Many innocent customers get fooled into a scam website similar to the ones mentioned. It is difficult for a search engine to distinguish between a fake and a real review website and thus it lists all the sites in its result pages. This shortcoming of search engine is taken advantage by manufacturers or resellers to sell products using keyword techniques. The disadvantage is to the customers who are tricked into sometimes even buying a mediocre product.

  6. I am writing in to share the absolutely appalling experience I had recently while trying to look for reviews of Greenworks Tools. I also want to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and if there’s anything one can do about it. To begin with, I began my search about these reviews using the product name as my keyword. And right enough I thought there are review sites that have come up on the search page. But these were clearly not review sites because they had no helpful product details on them. Isn’t that the first thing you want to see on review sites? They continued in the tone that the manufacturer of the product would and were hell bent on selling me this product. What is this all about? I might have already given up if I hadn’t found your site, which was so different from the rest and what it is meant to be; a genuine review site.

    • The problem you have faced is not as uncommon as one might think. There are many users who can sympathize with you and share your stories. But not much can be done till search engines realize what is actually happening here and take strict action against these fake review sites. Till then manufacturers and affiliate marketers will be making merry by planting these sites online and trying to mislead users, which is quite sad and disturbing.

  7. After being subjected to another cordless small tool maker’s products inefficiencies, I was skeptical of all makers claims. This was a maker who advertised a “package deal” of weed trimmer,blower, hedge trimmer & battery pack for about $200. I purchased it; The blower blew weakly for about 10 minutes; the hedge trimmer failed to cut branches matchstick thick and lasted about the same time; the weed trimmer did fairly well for about 10 minutes also. This product has the same last name as Green Works, but spells it differently. In addition to their poor products, their service is even worse, not answering Emails, nor returning phone calls left on their answering machine. I put the entire worx out for garbage. I liked the idea of cordless and purchased a couple of small lithium powered hand tools. They worked and lasted so well that last year I decided to gamble on Green Works. WOW ! What a difference. I bought a weed trimmer. The initial charge lasted for several trimmings and had plenty of power to spare. I used it all last summer & so far this season and have only charged it 3 times. The feed of the line is the best I have seen including gas trimmers…and I have a Stihl that doesn’t feed as well. Yesterday I ordered a hedge trimmer, and today I am ordering a blower and an additional battery. I am a former retailer & I research EVERYTHING. I have had B & D cordless also. None compare to Green Works.

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