Green Gun Review

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What is Green Gun
Green Gun is a lawn paint sprayer. It comes with 2 canisters of non-toxic eco-friendly color.


Green Gun claims to help you with keeping your lawn green as it should be. You are proud of your lawn and take a lot of effort to try and maintain it. After all it adds aesthetic value to your home and gives you an extra option to host guests etc. However in spite of all your efforts, lawns tend to develop dry spots and damaged grass seems to creep up. But Green Gun promises to offer you the right solution for this annoying problem so that your lush green and gorgeous lawn can be the talk of your neighborhood.

ECO Friendly Colorant

In fact, according to claims it was developed for the use on professional golf courses that have to keep their lush look to the optimum. The secret of the Green Gun is an eco friendly colorant that has been specially created so that it can work on different types of lawns. What’s more, you will also be pleased to note that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment, as its claims suggest.

Simple Yet Effective

Now getting that green and beautiful lawn you always wanted is a lot easier. That’s because it is said to be quite simple for your use. To begin with you need to snap in the Green Gun canister. Once that’s done, you are ready to look for that annoying patch of dry grass. You can now spray over this dry patch and wait for brilliant results, as per the claims. Every canister can cover up to 200 ft of grass according to its claims.

Green Gun has several advantages

For starters, it’s packed with nutrients that are good for the overall quality and health of the lawn. Moreover it’s also capable of covering those ugly pet urine burns as well.

Green Gun gives long lasting results

One of its highlights is the fact that it doesn’t wash away in the rain. That is why the results you get are said to last for up to six months, keeping your lawn looking lush and smart.


What do I get?
Get Green Gun with 2 canisters for just $19.99 plus $18.98 shipping and handling. Official website

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