Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer Review

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Does your ordinary hedge trimmer make your arm hurt, use an ordinary electric trimmer and clippings go everywhere so when the trimming is done bending, raking, bagging and hauling has just began. Cut the cod on old-fashioned trimmers because the first breakthrough in hedge-trimming in more than a quarter of century has arrived. Introducing the Garden Groom – the revolutionary 3 in 1 hedge trimmer that cuts, shreds and collects all at once.


Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer
The Garden Groom does all the trimming, shreds all the clippings and collects them all in an on board storage bin so you don’t have to. The Garden Groom features 9″ cutting surface which you won’t find on any other trimmers. On the outer side it is made from aeronautical grade high-density polymer material so it weighs just 6 lbs. This as seen on tv hedge trimmer features over sized enclosed cutting head and the cutting blades are completely concealed so head stems go in while power cord stay out. Inside the head is a patented helix, razor sharp stainless steel blade powered by a 300 watt motor that cuts hedges like a hot knife through butter, rotating at lightning speed of 960 cuts per second the blade creates a tornadic vacuum vortex that sucks the clippings up, shreds them to 1/10th original size and transports them to on board storage bin.

Plus the blades are covered by a lifetime warranty, and with the on-board storage bin you just keep on clipping without the cleanup. Its like a professional barber for your bushes. And since it is electric there is no messy oil or gas to mix. You just plug it in and trim. This revolutionary technology is backed by a dozen patents world-wide.

So why would you pay a professional land scrapper hundreds of dollars a year to trim your hedges, or spend your weekend bending, raking, bagging and hauling hedge clippings when you can get the incredible new Garden Groom that cuts, shreds and collects – all in one for 3 easy payments of $33.00 + s/h.

Garden Groom FAQs

How does the Garden Groom function?
Its rotary cutting blade uses a scissor-like action to cut and grate the clippings. The grated material is accumulated into the onboard container/ volume collection bag.

How much does it weigh?
The Pro weighs 7.7lbs, Midi-6lbs, Versa Trim 10.6lbs, and Garden Barber 1.7lbs.

What’s the recommended limit of diameter of branch to cut?
The Garden Groom can cut 12-18 months worth of growth. So the maximum diameter of branch should be Pro 20mm/0.8″, Midi 10mm/0.4″, Garden Barber 6mm/0.2”, Versa Trim 10mm/0.4” branch and 100-150 mm/4-6” length of grass.

What’s the capacity of the onboard container and the volume bags?
Pro 6 litres, Midi 5 litres, Versa 5 litres, Barber 2 litres. The volume bag contains at least 10 times more than the onboard Midi and Pro container.

What types of hedges can it trim?
The Pro, Midi and Versa Trim cut all types of hedge – privet, yew,
Leylandi, Holly, Ash, Beech, and Hawthorn. Use the Garden Barber to trim box, privet, leylandi and small hedges.

What’s the motor size?
Pro 500W, Midi 300W, Versa Trim 320W, Garden Barber 7.2V Lithium ion batteries

What’s the length of the cable and the volume bag hose?
The cable is 10m. The volume bag hose are: Pro 3m, Midi 2.5m, Versa Trim 1.5m, Garden Barber 1m.

What else can the Garden Groom cut?
Use the Pro, Midi and Garden Barber to cut hedges and bushes. The Versa Trim can trim grass, lawn, hedges, and edges.

Can it be used without the container?

Does it collect clippings completely?
It collects almost all clippings. Overfilling of the onboard container should be avoided. Empty the container if the minced clippings start to drop out.

What are precautions for using the Garden Groom?
Wear safety goggles and gloves always. Stand on a secure platform, always keep proper footing and balance and avoid overreaching.

Is using RCD unit suggested?

Why does it make strange noises and not collect well?
The container might be full or the volume bag hose exhaust must be blocked.

Do the blades need sharpening?
No. The cutting action is done by a rotary blade and the critical part is the speed of the cut. The Garden Groom needs no maintenance and damaged blades are replaceable.

Can I buy the spare parts?
Yes, depending on what parts. Distributors are mentioned at the back of the instruction manual.



What do I get?

  • 1 Garden Groom Midi Basic
  • Free Bonuses
  • Mega Bag – Big enough to hold clippings from your entire yard up to 500 sq. ft. ($50 value your free.)
  • Weed Claw – Removes weeds without frustration or chemicals (a $20 value your free.)
  • Bulb Drill – Plants bulbs and digs the right hole everytime

Get Garden Groom for just $99.00 plus $29.95 P&H. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less P/H). CA & NY Residents Add Sales Tax. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Orders from Continental U.S., AK, HI, PR, VI, GU and Canada only. There is a $20.00 Additional Delivery Charge to AK, HI, PR, VI, Guam & Canada. Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have information on your order.
Official website



Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer Video
Steve bought the As Seen On TV – Garden Groom. It really works!


15 thoughts on “Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer Review

  1. My Garden Groom broke just after the guarantee expired. The round plastic mount, that holds the cutting blade onto the motor, split in two after using my GG six times on a small privet hedge! I’ve tried to get a replacement spare part from the only agent here in England for the company. They don’t keep spares for my model. Can I order and get one sent from the USA to England? If so, who do I get in touch with and where?

  2. I bought my Garden groomer sometime ago Dennis Lasko 40289 Eschenburg dr Clinton twp Mich. 48038. My Garden groomer to be repair it just stop working. Please be with the right address to send it or right phone # not 1 866 533 1182 no one come on the phone!

    Thank you
    Dennis L

  3. I was very disappointed with this Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer. The clippings container is too small, allowing the clipping to shoot out. Awkward to use due to weight. One has little control of the trimmer. Overall, just really disappointed with this trimmer..Will return, take a loss…

  4. I was planning to purchase a Garden Groomer, however I am very disappointed by the reviews. I have a lot of trimming to do and if it doesn’t work I will have to eat the product. Have performed any improvement? What guarantee will I get if it doesn’t performed as advertised.

    Thank in advance for your reply.

  5. The Garden Groom needs to go back to the drawing board. Great, no wonderful idea. The blade is too weak, there is an override in the unit for sideways and upside down cuts…you have to keep shaking the unit to override the system. The on-board bad is not made to hold much, but more important is – it becomes very heavy and when upside down cuts are underway. It shoots out the cuttings into your face (wear protective eye gear) and on the ground. When using the bag. the air volume from the unit cannot push the debris down the tube. You have to keep raising the tube to get the debris to go into the bag. One big flaw for unit is the cord….give me a break, since the 1990’s the industry has realized you cannot plug directly into a cord from a trimmer (duh) it comes unplugged. Go look at almost all units on the market they have a male plug and a cord wrap that doesn’t allow the cord to come unplugged. Unfortunately, with all of the problems, I have to send it back. 🙁

  6. I purchase this Garden Groomer, the advertisment is beyond belief it so easy to operate. It bogs down during cutting, it very awkward to operate, and the white collection tube is a farst to give you extra capacity. The cutting get caught in the tube and do not go to the collection bin attached. I would not recommend this product, it is over priced and does not live up to the claims that are so advertised. I rate the at the bottom.

  7. I’ve owned my Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer since 2008 and I love it. My only disappointment and complaint is that the belt some how came off and I myself can’t replace it. I contacted the company for repair info and no one bothered to return my call after telling me they would.

    Mrs. E.Kelley

  8. I have tried my new Garden Groomer and it is such a disappointment. It doesn’t cut the branches on my shrubs/bushes as the blades are inside the groomer and the groomer just runs over the top of the shrubs without actually cutting them.

  9. I don’t use credit cards, can I send a Postal Money order as payment ?
    If so where should it be sent to?

  10. If a person doesn’t use or have a credit card, can they send a
    Postal Money Order or a check as payment, and where do they send the payment to ?

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