FlutterBy Solar Butterfly Review

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Most of the houses have open spaces around and can be easily converted into a decorative lawn or a beautiful garden full of different plants, flowers and trimmed grasses. The colorful nature of such a natural decoration can present an illuminating factor to your house. But nature has many more beautifying elements which cannot be matched by manmade decorative items and one such attraction is colorful butterflies. FlutterBy Solar Butterfly presents a rare opportunity for people who want to bring the beauty of butterflies to your garden.

How does FlutterBy Solar Butterfly Work

FlutterBy Solar Butterfly is one of the latest innovations that bring the fancy of having live butterflies fluttering in the lawn or garden to reality. It is shaped to be a butterfly but is a device that replicates the most intricate of details making it look like a real live butterfly. FlutterBy Solar Butterfly is unlike any replicas that are sold under the same guise but the main difference that makes it stand out is its ability to not just represent the colors on a butterfly but to even behave like a live one. Yes it is true that FlutterBy Solar Butterfly placed under the sun anywhere starts fluttering exactly like a real butterfly making it livelier than any other garden decoration. Installing the butterfly is quite easy and is to be simply placed anywhere desired to flutter throughout the day. The stick like connector of FlutterBy Solar Butterfly which goes in the ground holds up the butterfly through a very thin but strong connector and also houses the solar battery panel that provides power for animating.

FlutterBy Solar Butterfly comes in an option of blue or orange color and looks exquisite making it a great choice not just for exterior lawns or gardens but even for interior spaces like living room flower pots, office spaces, children’s bedroom, etc. FlutterBy Solar Butterfly is bound to attract people of all ages especially children who always fantasize and run after butterflies to catch them. Another key feature of FlutterBy Solar Butterfly is that it will attract other butterflies and hummingbirds keeping destructive bugs at bay.



What do I get?
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FlutterBy Solar Butterfly Video

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