Flowering Cherry Hedge Review

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About Flowering Cherry Hedge

Everyone loves fresh and juicy cherries! Buying thousands of cherries can be expensive, but what if you can grow thousands of these cherries in your backyard without planting a single tree? Yes, you can with the help of the Flowering Cherry Hedge!


How does Flowering Cherry Hedge work?

The Flowering Cherry Hedge is an amazing fast growing plant that turns in to a five feet wall of beautiful white cherry blossoms in spring and a living fence of living foliage with clusters of fresh, juicy cherries in the summer! Imagine looking out into your backyard and seeing your own personal cherry orchard with breathtaking cherry blossoms in bloom which will soon give you bushels of delicious cherries!

The Flowering Cherry Hedge grows three times faster than cherry trees and yields up to 10,000 cherries and they come ready-to-go. All you have to do is simply plant, water and watch it grow and soon you will be collecting cherries by the bowlful! Dress up your desserts with luscious cherries, make delicious pies and sweet jams, or simply pluck it for a fresh and tasty snack.

Traditional growing of cherry trees involves a lot of back breaking work for years, but not so with the Flowering Cherry Hedge, which grows well even in poor soil.

They are winter hardy plants and can withstand temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero! Have a non-stop cherry festival in your house with the amazing Flowering Cherry Hedge!


What do I get?
Get 4 plants for just $9.95 + $11.90 s/h.

15 thoughts on “Flowering Cherry Hedge Review

  1. Ordered… over 2 months ago, I got 4 sticks… Planted, watered,, watered,, watered,, 2 months later… still 4 sticks – no sign of growth… Phone number does not work because they never answer and they never return the call… SCAM ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

  2. I ordered 6 plants and received 5 sticks that never grew. The company refuses to respond to my emails.

  3. just got our order of 4 and it’s nothing but 4 sticks, I can’t even say branch, with roots. If this is going to grow I doubt it will be large enough to produce anything for quite a few years. If I’m wrong, I’ll repost, but my advise is don’t buy.

  4. This is a total scam. The email address is non existent, and the phone number has a recording that doesn’t refer to the business at all.
    I don’t think I will be receiving a call back.

  5. I ordered 2 sets of these. They are all dead. Not a good purchase. Wish I would have read the reviews 1st.

  6. The number is 888-247-6486 the guy answered on the 2nd ring, my order was picked for shipping today. Originally ordered on 5/10 so that’s not so bad. Was told they take 3yrs to produce fruit. It will be fun for my daughter to watch the process. Hope it works.

  7. Unfortunately I did not read this review until after I placed a double order for them. I have called and left my name and number requesting a call-back from them. I sure hope this is not a scam!!

  8. I ordered 4 bushes over 2 weeks ago, have not received them yet, tried calling them to no avail, no such number???? been scammed I think, do not order from them

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