Flower Tower

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What is Flower Tower:

It is a vertical gardening tool that claims to make it easier for you to grow flowers.
Flower Tower is supposed to give a helping hand to everyone who loves to grow flowers in and around their homes. You might love the idea of gardening but you know how difficult it can be. But Flower Tower promises to make things easier as flowers grow through different holes in it. It’s a self feeding and self watering option that lets flowers grow in a tree like shape, making it an aesthetically appealing option for your homes.

Flower Tower works well thanks to its watering tube

All you have to do to make Flower Tower do its job is keep it in standing position with the watering tube installed in it. You can then fill it with soil and plants before adding water to the pipe. The tube will do the job of distributing water to each plant equally and they will be able to grow without the need for any external watering. Flower Tower has spacing between the holes, which lets flowers grow as they should and all plants combine together to create a beautiful tree of different flowers.


Flower Tower saves you the hassle

You know how tedious planting is and then you have to put in the constant effort for maintenance. But that won’t be a worry with Flower Tower, according to its claims, and what’s more, you will be saved the space trying to grow different types of plants as well. Imagine having to grow several plants differently and the space and time it demands of you. Flower Tower saves you all that time and effort on a regular basis. And there will be no fear of under watering plants too.

Flower Tower is made for your convenience

It’s said to be self standing so there’s no fear of it falling and destroying flowers. Flower Tower is 3 feet tall and up to 30 plants can be combined, including tomatoes and strawberries to give you wide ranging options right at your fingertips.


    What do I get ?

  • You will get Flower Tower for $19.99 plus $9.99 S&H.

Official website: buyflowertower.com

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