Fast Trim Roller

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What is Fast Trim Roller

It is a roller that makes trimming and edging fast and easy during a painting job so that you do not need taping, splattering or using ladders thus cutting the time spent in painting in half.

Reduce your painting job time by half

Fast Trim Roller is a painting roller that guarantees that it will allow you to save half the time you spend while painting. Any regular painting job prepping needs you to go up and down the latter, tape your wall big-time, and worry about splattering and getting the lines straight. But Fast Trim Roller guarantees that it is an easy way of edging and trimming so that you will save a lot of time and trouble while painting. A regular roller does not let you edge properly and smoothly. But Fast Trim Roller emphasizes that it is a combination of the speed of a roller and the perfection of edging tool so that you cut in easier and faster.


Patented design for control, speed and precision

The secret of Fast Trim Roller, as it alleges, is its patented roller guide that makes sure that the paint remains on the roller and the roller stays close to the wall and firm to the edges so that the lines come out straight. The patented design of Fast Trim Roller also declares to give you precise turning and speedy rolling so that the painting work that generally takes hours can be finished off in minutes. For instance, bathrooms that take three hours to paint will now take just 20 minutes. Fast Trim Roller states that the roller can be adjusted in 12 different positions so that it can cut in and paint at any angle so the results in difficult corners and edges like the staircase are perfect. It proclaims to protect chair rails, outlets, baseboard, trim and many more. Fast Trim Roller claims that you can easy control painting ceilings and tall window frames by placing the roller on a pole. If you seek a professional for painting, he will charge you $600 but Fast Trim Roller states that you can do the painting work by yourself fast and easy and save the money you would give a contractor.


What Do I Get?

  • You Get Two complete Fast Trim Roller System including one handle with a 5″ roller and a 3″ roller for just $10.00 plus $15.9 P&H.
  • You also get Air Tight Tray and Lid
  • Official website:
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