EZ Reach Valve

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What is EZ Reach Valve:

It is supposed to be a valve that can let to get to your outdoor water faucets without a lot of hassle.
EZ Reach Valve has been smartly designed for the benefit of those who have outdoor spaces around their homes, according to its claims. If you are one of them then you like to tend after your garden and lawn, but that can be a hassle in case you can’t reach your outdoor water faucet easily. That’s where this EZ Reach Valve is said to come handy and make things rather convenient for you.


EZ Reach Valve is said to be a smart idea for your gardens

Do you like to water your plants or lawn for that matter and spend time in your garden? But are you being put off because of the struggle you have to go through to get to the water faucet through the bushes? In that case you can rely on EZ Reach Valve, according to its claims. Using this valve means your water faucets are easily accessible for you. EZ Reach Valve also ensures that you don’t have to walk through puddles and dirt to get to the water faucets as well.

EZ Reach Valve is convenient for use

Your life in your garden becomes a lot easier as soon as you have EZ Reach Valve installed, according to its claims. And you can have it installed easily without any tricky procedures involved or need for professional help. To start with, you can connect the EZ Reach Valve to the faucet and then attach the handle to it. Once that’s done, you can adjust the handle length. With couple of more easy to follow steps that you are guided through, you can finish the installation in a matter of minutes.


EZ Reach Valve means easy access to water faucets

EZ Reach Valve gives the power in your hands and allows you to turn water faucets in your outdoor spaces on and off without having to struggle to get to them. Good thing about the EZ Reach Valve is also the fact that you have this easy access from different angles. It’s smartly designed and said to be long lasting as well.


    What do I get ?

  • Buy EZ Reach Valve for $14.99 + $5.99 P&H
  • Official website: ezyreachvalve.com

3 thoughts on “EZ Reach Valve

  1. The telescoping rod spins around in the connection, making it hard for me to get in the right direction for the valve to turn on. Does anyone else have this trouble?

  2. I have been using this extender for the past 3 years because of two knee replacements. Once you get it screwed on correctly, it works like a charm…never had any trouble. Just don’t leave the metal part on over winter if you live up north…mine split from the cold…learned my lesson! Love it!

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