EZ Indoor Garden Review

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Many home owners like to have plants in and around their house because it builds a nice ambience. Moreover you can grow your fresh herbs in the kitchen and use them in your cooking when you want to. But growing plants indoors can be a difficult task and usually requires a lot of maintenance and effort on your part. However that’s not the case with EZ Indoor Garden, which will let you grow edible flowers, herbs and vegetables at home without much effort. Simply water the plant and watch it grow into lush herbs, vegetables and flowers.


EZ Indoor Garden
One of the greatest advantages of this product is that it is pre-assembled and you don’t have to struggle with that task as well. The pack has pre-seeded soil mix, which is rich in nutrients. It offers sensational results and you can be guaranteed that your plant will grow for sure. This product comes with a dual purpose lid, which is responsible for creating that greenhouse effect. It’s known to promote faster germination and thus promote healthy growth of plants. Once the germination process is over, you can place the lid under the plant and it will collect water from drainage.

Your job in the whole process is to simply water the plant and it will grow beautifully in your kitchen or window sill. Good thing about this EZ Indoor Garden is that it can be managed within small spaces, which is a huge respite for home owners who are often grappling with space constraints in today’s modern homes. You can start harvesting the plants you grow in about 30-45 days and you can keep on harvesting for about 3 months as well. This product is convenient for use and doesn’t create any mess in your indoor spaces and you won’t waste any water too. In fact it’s made using recyclable plastic, which makes it an eco friendly product. What more could you ask for?



What do I get?
You can buy EZ Indoor Garden for $29.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $9.95 at www.ezindoorgarden.com. You can Garden Grow Light and Bulb with your offer by paying additional P&H and you will also get EZ Indoor Garden Watering Bottle too.



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3 thoughts on “EZ Indoor Garden Review

  1. Yes it works great. I have cut basil 6 times so far and it keeps growing.

    the light is super bright and really works well.

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