Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot

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What is Dial-N-Grow? – It is a planting pot that adjusts and takes in only the amount of water that your plant needs. It’s provided with a dial which, when twisted, indicates how much water is required.

No more over watering or under watering plants

Dial-N-Grow claims to be the perfect planting pot that protects your precious plants from over watering and under watering. It is a unique two pots in one planting pot that apparently retains only the required amount of water by draining out all excess water. It claims to ensure that the soil has the right amount of moisture that the plant needs.

Adjusts quantity as per individual plants

The reason why this planting pot is called Dial-N-Grow is that it offers a unique feature that guarantees the perfect amount of water. The inner pot is rotatable, which displays correct number on the rim according to which you can pour water. You dial All plants have different requirement of water quantity. Dial-N-Grow claims to understand it well and accordingly regulate the amount of water it needs by helping you ‘dial’ the right number.

Smart design

The inner pot of Dial-N-Grow holds the plant and soil while the outer pot controls how much water the soil holds. For larger and more mature plants, you need to dial no. 1 which makes water drain away sooner and leaves the soil dry on top but sufficiently moist at the roots. If your plant is new, you need to dial no. 5 which will allow water to drain away later. If your plant isn’t too new nor very mature, you can keep the setting somewhere in between to customize your soil moisture. This mechanism supposedly creates the perfectly favorable growing environment for any type of plant you desire to grow.

No more mess

When excess water is added in an ordinary pot, it creates a mess and leaves permanent water rings behind. But Dial N Grow assures you that it won’t happen if you use it as it retains excess water and channels it back in the soil right when your plant roots need it the most.


What do I get?

  • 2 11-inch Dial ‘N Grow Planting Pots
  • 2 8-inch Dial ‘N Grow Planting Pots

All this for just $14.95 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website: DialNGrow.com

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