Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot

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What is Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot

It is a planting pot that claims to automatically adjust to ensure perfect soil moisture for plants.
Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot maintains that it lets you keep your plants in perfect moisture condition every time. Many home owners like to have plants in their surroundings but watering them can be a problem. You often over water or under water them, which leads to you having to throw them away. However Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot claims that it won’t happen again, and you can take care of your plants, like you’d want to.

Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot adjusts itself

Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot works for those who like to grow plants because it guarantees perfect moisture every time. It means no matter how much water you add to your plants, it will maintain the optimum level every single time. That too according to the needs of the plant you are trying to grow. Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot also emphasizes on the fact that the water will be directed to the roots of the plants where it is needed the most. That’s how plants grow a lot better, offering you results you are looking for.


Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot is actually two pots in one

And that’s the secret behind the success of Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot, according to its claims. It’s quite easy to make the most out of the unique planting pot and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort in maintenance as well. All you have to do is rotate the inner pot till the right number appears on the rim. Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot does the rest for you and ensures that right amount of moisture is maintained in the soil for the specific plant you are growing.
Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot claims to offer you an environmentally friendly solution because you will not only save your plants but stop wasting water as well. And there won’t be a need to throw away your plants ever so often. It stresses that it’s a versatile solution too because it can be used with both, indoor and outdoor plants.

What do I get?

You get two large Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot and two medium Dial-N-Grow Planting Pot You’ll also receive the Dial ‘N Grow Watering Guide for $14.95 plus $15.9 S&H. Official website dialngrow.com.


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