Solar Powered Dancing Butterfly Reviews and Complaints

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Many people love having open spaces around their houses and spending lots of time decorating and creating their own special lawns and gardens with different types of grasses and plants all around and hope to get colorful flowers blooming to beautify the place. All this is certainly requires a lot of a hard work and is achieved by very less individuals with respect to the lot which dreams of the same. Now beautifying your lawn and garden can be quick and easy using Solar Powered Dancing Butterfly.


Solar Powered Dancing Butterfly
Dancing Butterfly is one of the latest and fancy products that help lawns and garden come alive. The innovative product is basically a butterfly shaped device and replicate intricate details just like real Butterfly. This might sound like one of those still replicas which are sold in the market but it is not. Dancing Butterfly actually have animated characteristics and their motion behaves like the natural movements of real Butterfly. Installing the Butterfly is very easy and comes with a stick like connector which can be placed and pushed to the ground. The animated movement is brought to life by using battery which is operated on solar power. It has an attractive pattern that brings life to lawns, front or backyard, gardens immediately from the time of installation.

Dancing Butterfly is a great choice not only for exterior use in lawns and gardens but also for interior spaces like children’s room, office space, living room flower pots, etc. People of all ages especially children just love the idea of watching Butterfly hovering on their flowerbed. Now there is no need to wait for the right season to watch Butterfly flourishing in the lawn. Also it can attract other Butterfly and hummingbirds to the flowerbeds and help keep bugs away from destroying the flowers.



What do I get?
On purchase of one Dancing Butterfly the buyer gets another Dancing Butterfly absolutely free. Patios, gardens and lawns will never be the same with the use of Dancing Butterfly and its additional free bonus gift of Marigolds seeds. These Marigold seeds can be planted in the garden to get beautiful and lush colorful marigold flowers. All this for just $10.00 + Shipping.

Official website For all customer service inquiries call 888-753-9749. 30 day money back guarantee (less s/h)



Solar Powered Dancing Butterfly Video
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9 thoughts on “Solar Powered Dancing Butterfly Reviews and Complaints

  1. No one answers at the customer service number! I was WAY overcharged $179 I am disputing the charge with my bank! This is stupid!


  2. I have not even received the Solar Dancing Butterflies and have a complaint. It would appear regardless of how you back out of the order page, where you finally see the totals and shipping cost etc., the order is placed. There is no button to confirm your order. There is a print button only. I am now forced to call their customer service line and see if I can get the order corrected. I have my doubts about a company that has the site set up like that and then sends you a No Reply confirmation email. I guess we’ll see what happens. More to follow.

  3. Ordered one Solar Powered Dancing Butterflies and the website forced me to order 3 more. There is no way to edit your order to change to one, called them and was told she can’t change. I have been scammed out of $75.00.


  4. Review Solar Powered Dancing Butterflies

    Do these Solar Dancing Butterflies really have movements of a real butterfly?

    Do these Dancing Butterflies really keep bugs away from destroying the flower bed?

    How much is the shipping.

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