Cutting Edge Grass Seed Reviews and Complaints

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What is Cutting Edge Grass

It is C3 cool season grass that claims to let you have the lush lawns you have always wanted.

Cutting Edge Grass promises to help you with the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces because you can now grow lawns without too much hassle. If you live in cool season zones in the US or Canada for that matter, then you know that the grass seed you pick is of great importance. It can make a world of difference to the final output, which is why Cutting Edge Grass maintains that it has an advantage.

If you love lush green lawn and would love to reproduce something similar in your own backyard then you know the amount of hardships it takes to do so. But that can now be eased by Cutting Edge Grass Seed. The grass has to be trimmed and mowed from time to time to make sure the grass looks better and finer day after day. Also there is a need for proper fertilization to ensure that the ground is firm enough for the grass to grow evenly well but that leaves behind shade spots or pet urine patches creating an ugly sight.

How does Cutting Edge Grass Seed Work

Cutting Edge Grass Seed can help cut the problems mentioned above and produce a beautiful looking lawn throughout all seasons. Cutting Edge Grass Seed is a new age grass seed that can help create a lush abundant garden lawn in no time. Apart from the amazing ability to grow beautiful grass there some major advantages of using Cutting Edge Grass Seed that supersedes any other.

One major highlight is that there is no need of constant watering which makes it easier for people who are unavailable to do so due to fast paced lifestyle. Also the seed quality of Cutting Edge Grass Seed is ensured with a guarantee that there will be no type of unwanted weed growth, insects or diseases that are generally inevitable in a regular lawn. The most important feature of Cutting Edge Grass Seed is the fact that it can start growing grass even in areas where there is less humidity and thus cover shade spots or pet urine patches in an instant.

The secret of Cutting Edge Grass Seed is in its roots, literally. The roots of Cutting Edge Grass Seed grow deeper up to 48 inches deep making sure that it finds water to thrive in any condition. Plus the growth of Cutting Edge Grass Seed is shunted technologically to dwarf heights making the mowing the lawn process a very scant one. Since it takes care of itself most of the time there is no need of professionals to get a breathtaking lawn.

Cutting Edge Grass the ideal cool season grass

To begin with you have to understand that Cutting Edge Grass is not a hybrid or a genetically modified grass seed. It asserts that it is ideal for growing in cool season regions of the US and Canada. Hence if you live in these parts and want to grow a lawn outside your homes or in a community area, then you can make the most out of Cutting Edge Grass, according to its claims. It promises to work well in most parts of mid US Transition Zone too.

Cutting Edge Grass claims to self-repair

When you want to grow a lawn around the house, there are several factors you have to bear in mind. The hazard of pet urine spots is one of them. But Cutting Edge Grass claims to have an advantage here because it is rhizomatous. It means that the grass self repairs rather quickly. Cutting Edge Grass dies out when a pet urinates on it but the recovery is swift and hassle free, according to its claims. All you have to do is eliminate the dead grass and wait for it to perform.

Cutting Edge Grass asserts that roots and shoots will start sprouting in the bare spot. Thus before you know it there will be new growth in the area. This grass thus claims to give you even and lush lawns and that too without too much maintenance required on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of Kentucky Blue Grass

Kentucky Bluegrass which is a major ingredient of Cutting Edge Grass Seed, has a very low shade tolerance. In fact, under a heavy shade it starts withering and dies eventually. Kentucky Bluegrass is a high water user in summer days due to its shallow root system. Kentucky Bluegrass will die quickly without sufficient rainfall in summer or proper irrigation system.


What do I get?
Get 2 pound Cutting Edge Grass Seed bag for only $19.95 plus $7.95 p&h. Official website


Cutting Edge Grass Seed Video

82 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Grass Seed Reviews and Complaints

  1. A step above having weeds, maybe!!

    Ugly grass IF you can get it to grow!!
    The seed didn’t grow easy like the claims, and what did grow was just a step above having weeds. After the seed failure. Nothing grew. We laid sod and used the seed to seed the areas around it. Well now that some of the seed “grass” grew it looks like weeds and not at all nice grass.

    Don’t waste your money!!!

  2. I live in Albuquerque NM, the southern edge of the recommended planting zones. This spring has been cool most of the mornings. I’ve removed all of the sod in my backyard, killed the weeds and any remaining seeds and waited two weeks before tilling in clean mulch bark. I purchased the Cutting Edge seeds last year and because of unusual weather in the fall, waited until late this March/early April to seed. I’m happy to say the grass is coming in after about 2 weeks and looking quite promising. Won’t know more until later in the season.

    • Update: it’s now late Sep and we’ve nursed the seed through a swarm of grasshoppers, inevitable hungry birds and four months of drought. We are now in the “monsoon” season for the desert, where we get sprinkles of rain maybe twice weekly, and our grass has received its second haircut. It gets taller in the dense shade of our two trees, but stays at about 3 inches in full sun. Early on I hand-pulled some Chinese Elm seedlings, quite a few throughout the yard, but I don’t know if they came from the seed mix or elsewhere. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and result. Starting a lawn from seed is a babysitting chore to monitor moisture levels and not to be tempted to over fertilize, which may explain other complaints. I wholeheartedly endorse this product and urge everyone to properly prepare by tilling, killing weeds adding garden soil, seeding and covering with more soil. Then keep everything moist, not flooded and babysit for a month and a half. You will be pleased with the results.

  3. I bought the grass seed offer and then planted as indicated in the package. The grass never came up. Don’t buy it. This product is garbage. I agree with all the people that bought and didn’t work.

    • You should be a bit more emphatic…”I” couldn’t get it to grow. “MY” soil wasn’t appropriate. It isn’t anyone else’s fault (unless you actually hired someone to plant a few square feet of grass). If YOU can’t program a computer, is the computer garbage? If YOU can’t bake a cake, is the flour garbage? I’m no landscape architect, and I had nothing but success, although it did take a good 3 weeks. I’m guessing that’s your problem (1 of them). Now that it’s filled in & had a chance to really take root, it’s not going anywhere through the last 7 months of drought. Try it again. I guarantee- it isn’t the product’s fault.

  4. FRAUD ALERT! FRAUD ALERT! I ordered a small bag of their seed, but the web site multiplied it into an order near $100. I cannot get anyone to cancel the order at CuttingEdgeGrass or Harvest Gardens Center of Bridgeport, CT. I am reporting them to the Florida and CT office of the State Attorney General, Consumer Fraud. This company is a scam! Do not buy from them. I am also asking Visa and my bank to cancel their account due to fraud.

  5. If this is an honest product then why the photographic fakery shown in their ad? Look at the “green lawn” left side of the sample at 55 seconds into the commercial. The green side is a mirror image of itself. You can see the “center” line right down the middle of the green side with the mirror image pattern very visible. Couldn’t they find a patch of green lawn big enough for their ad without faking it? Hmmm….

  6. We ordered cutting edge grass seed for 19.95 total cost came to took 8 weeks to receive our order.. When we got it was delivered regular mail and it was a little tiny box not enough seed to cover anything.. In addition, my husband order their coupon discount package.. The company had authorization for a one time charge of a dollar.. They charged our credit card 3 times. We had 14 day to cancel the membership and they promised a 100 dollar gas card for trying there coupon membership.. it took 13 days to get our coupons to review ..It was advertisement for more products..No gas card no coupon book.. Nothing!.. We are thankful we received our order on the 13th day so we were able to cancel.. However, I guess we’ll find out if they charge our card again after cancellation.

  7. I need to clarify that I have not tried the grass seed yet. My concerns were with the customer service or lack of it, plus the expedited shipping costs. I’ll write a review once I plant it and see what happens.

    Thanks for listening

  8. No one at Cutting Edge Grass Seed ever responds to emails or questions. Expedited shipping is a pure lie, you get it after 4-6 weeks anyway even if it is expedited and you pay extra for it. They sent me a email confirming my order shipped on 8-22-13, but when you check the tracking # with Fed Ex, the Fed Ex site says it wasn’t picked up for shipment until 8-27-2013, just a outright lie to get past the 30 day guarantee. Just to add more fuel, I get a call from a salesman at cutting edge saying I have a automated order every 30 days!!!! WTF. This is turning out to be a big waste of time and I was just thinking how I was looking forward to trying it. In the end all we want as a customer is to be engaged and receive good service and a decent product. So far Cutting Edge has failed.

  9. Horrible company/customer service. DO NOT order CUTTING Edge Grass. I placed an order for a 2lb bag and I was provided with confirmation and order number. Confirmaton email said it was going to take 2-6 weeks for delivery. Its been 8 weeks and I have yet to see it. I called the customer service and was told they have no record of it. Customer service rep AND “supervisor” were very rude and did not solve anything. They simply said I need to call and reorder. They also said I should of called after a few days even though the confirmation email clearly said allow 2-6 weeks. This company is a SCAM!

  10. They claim this grass has a 2” top with a 48” root? Sounds fishy to me cause nothing in nature like that can exist – the top growth is ALWAYS in proportion to the green top by 1 to 2 times the most. Is this a GMO??? And its going on lawns?

    They want this weird grass in lawns where pets and children play? NOT! The trouble is-it took years to get labels for GMO foods and a product like this isn’t food so who knows what it really is. And FYI- GMOs carry a wildcard gene that is not secured to a DNA molecule so it can jump from one organism to another. I have no intention of putting this in my lawn and am asking my neighbors to be aware of it.

    With gas prices on the rise, it might sound like the ideal thing but there have been products out like no mowing grasses for years. Find one of those and the labels all say What They Are (hybrids-not GMOs).

  11. Right, it looks like a copy of several kinds of real low maintenance lawns like No Mow grass, EcoLawn and others that have been around for years.

    • And the cost is outrageous! $300 for 10,000 sq ft? Any one of the products I listed below are a better buy!

      • Tara,
        Really??? The other seeds you listed are fescue mixes I believe,
        Cutting edge is marketed to be more Kentucky bluegrass which seems to be a much better option to me than a fescue, I have had terrible luck with fescue in the past.

        Cutting edge covers 12,500sqft/ 50LB and is $300.00/ 50LB bag
        Eco lawn covers 10,000sqft/ 50LB and is $300.00-$350.00/ bag
        No mow is around $1,000.00/ 50LB bag

        cutting edge wins on Price and coverage!

        Also, I called the manufacturer (not the company running the commercials and they clearly state that cutting edge is NOT GMO (genetically modified) but is actually listed on the Organic Materials Review Institute Website for being certified Organic which is impressive on its own.

        How are the other products you listed a better option? I have used all 3 of these products in the past and would highly disagree with your comment above. Cutting edge is a great product from my experience and is in my opinion like no other grass I have ever seen. why do people that have never used the grass keep commenting on it? I really dont understand.

        • G.Scott says:

          July 26, 2013 at 3:27 pm

          Answer to your 14 questions goes as follows:
          1. Have you tried this Cutting Edge Grass Seed, is it any good?
          Yes, I’ve tried it and no it does not work – period!

          2. Does it really do what it claims? No.

          3. Is it really effective? No.

          4. What are the pros and cons of the Cutting Edge Grass Seed?
          There are no pros – it does not work!

          5. Is the Cutting Edge Grass Seed easy and convenient to use?
          No – It does not work!

          6. Would you recommend Cutting Edge Grass Seed to other customers?
          OR do you know a better alternative?
          NO! ANYTHING ELSE!

          7. Do you think the Cutting Edge Grass Seed ad is misleading?
          YES – IT DOES NOT WORK!

          8. Did you get a chance to review your Cutting Edge Grass Seed order?
          The grass seed I received – if you want to call it grass seed – came in a
          re-sealable plastic sandwich type bag like you would pack your lunch in. The
          seeds – again, if they were grass seeds then you must still believe that Santa

          9. Is the shipping amount fair enough? NO!

          10. Are you satisfied with the Customer service? NO! They are non-existent.

          11. How to return the Cutting Edge Grass Seed? They tell you that you have 30 day’s from time that product is shipped to return. Then they say it takes up to 28 day’s for germination. Then you have to pay to send back original packaging and any product that is left. So if you used all the 2lbs. are you to send back an empty box? I e-mailed customer service and have never receives a reply.

          12. Is Cutting Edge Grass Seed available in stores? Which stores carry them?
          13. Did you receive your Cutting Edge Grass Seed on time? AGAIN, WORST GRASS SEED I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!

          14. Is this Cutting Edge Grass Seed made in the USA? WHO CARES!


          • Ok, I can’t take these fake reviews anymore. G Scott, so lets get this straight…you saw commercial, purchased and then received and then planted grass, let it get established all in the last 2 months? In the middle Of summer. Great review! Now will you please review trips to mars for us all?
            The product is a great product, don’t listen to these false reviews. We have been using this product long before the commercials for it started and long before it was an as seen on tv product.

            It’s was a great grass, is a great grass and I am hoping that it will continue to be a great grass.
            Stop wasting everybody’s time writing fake reviews, g Scott probably works for a competitor.

            Talk to a professional garden center that sells it if you are still unsure. You can find then on the company’s website

          • Jc,

            You must be a moron. Not to belabor the points I was trying to make is that this product is garbage!! PERIOD. As to your failed attempt to discredit me – why did I FINALLY get a full refund from the company after I stated almost everything in my review, posted here, in an e-mail to them? Who is the being dishonest now? I’m happy for you if it worked. My experience with the product is that it is the WORST GRASS SEED I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!!! How can I make myself more clear. As for your reference to me working for the competition – I wish I was. How could I sell a product to a potential client that I did not believe in? Again, the moron factor, Do you have any idea of the weather in my area? How can you make a statement that I was trying to germinate grass seed in the summer. One of the points I made in my letter to the company was that – If you were to follow their directions (prepare the soil, cover, water, etc. etc. etc.) and it states that the Kentucky Blue Grass can take up to 28 day’s to germinate – Got a 5% germination, personally – THEN HOW CAN YOU RETURN AN EMPTY BOX? Point in my letter, – AM I to pay for shipping to return an empty plastic bag and box – let us assume it would be around $8 – $9 dollars – to receive my refund? Again moronic – not cost efficient.

            I closing, I’ve spent too much time responding to a dolt. If all you can do is praise this garbage, then attach pictures of your success. If you can’t back up your words with proof, stop giving false hope to people who are truly trying to find a solution to their needs.

            Final thought, are you growing your grass on Mars – or just smoking it?

            Jc. Please do not respond to this as you clearly are not intellectually qualified to debate with me – now or ever.

            The only – G.Scott

  12. Really? I heard this stuff is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Only in the U.S. would someone try to sell a product that allows this crap in lawns.

  13. I ordered this on July 7th, today is the 18th and still has not been shipped and not reply for Customer Service.. But there sure charged my credit card!!

    Harvest Garden
    Bridgeport CT
    was the shipper…

  14. Cutting Edge is a vile unAmerican knock off of the patented Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed. The owner of Cutting Edge, Andrew Blank used to sell Pearl’s Premium before knocking off the formula. I do not think most people want to support stealing and cheating. Do customers of Cutting Edge want to support this kind of unethical activity… if they know the truth? The ads also oversell the product and engage in false and deceptive advertising to make matters worse. “four foot roots like an oak tree” really. It does not grow in some of the situations they claim, as attested by landscapers who have used cutting edge who attended their presentations at trade shows. Also hundreds of people can attest to the fact that Mr. Blank and cutting Edge claimed to have done their research at Rutgers University, until the legal department at Rutgers gave them a cease and desist order for untrue and false and deceptive statements, because the research was done by Jackson Madnick after 8 hard and intense years. Research on cutting Edge was never done there at Rutgers. Also Mr blank does not have any degrees from Rudgers, like the bogus PhD he has claimed.

      • GMOs are genetically modified and the result is a “wild gene” that can move from one life form to another. They can insert a gene, but they can’t control where it attaches or that it will stay attached to that organism. It’s one of the reasons other countries do not allow it.

        • The gene came from somewhere, and it is no more likely to make bizarre leaps from one organism to another than any other gene. Your genes, for example, are transmitted to your children, and are highly unlikely to be found in a snowy owl or snail darter. “Wild” genes is a nontechnical scare term and means nothing. Get over it.

          We are all products of mutations over millions of years of time. Don’t be afraid. It’s OK.

          • Well said Brooks. I’m so tired of uneducated eviro-wackjobs feeling like they have to spread misinformation on every topic under the sun from “global warming” to (apparently) grass seed for your lawn.

    • Thank you Jackson Madnick for the info. Where can I buy The Pearl’s Premium ULMLS? Have you actually used it yourself? I hope so.

  15. After reading most of the comments posted so far, I am confused. Some love it, some don’t. Most don’t have a clue. Well, that’s me at the moment. But I won’t make a comment other than the company should provide some real life references. Verifiable. And, more information regarding the product and less hype. We get it.

  16. I just wanted to thank everyone who posted reviews and a wealth of information on this product. We recently moved to South Texas and are overwhelmed with the poor quality of grass in this area. Being from the Midwest grass came easy to us. Down south it seems the best grass is St. Augustine which is only in sod not seed and takes alot of watering and care. So we were curious about this product and glad to read this information before making a desperate purchase and being frustrated with the results. It is very misleading advertising to people in need. You guys saved us a boat load of money and time. Thank you so much!!!

  17. To all that wrote about this product, THANK YOU for sharing a wealth of information about this product. We almost bought into the hype! Truly appreciate the list of seed type(s), growing zone, and your views.

  18. Stick with what’s native to the area you live in. Water deeply and infrequently to promote root growth and never take off more than 1/3 of the grass blade when you mow so the grass doesn’t stress, and you’ll be fine.

  19. I would like to review the Cutting Edge Grass Seed but I have given up on receiving any. I placed an order on 5/18/2013 and was told, via email, that delivery would take 2-6 weeks. On 7/2/2013 I sent an email to Cutting Edge Grass Seed requesting a status of my order. I sent my request to the address provided on their order confirmation email. I received no response so on 7/10/2013 my wife called their customer service number and was told it would take another two weeks. At that point we cancelled the order since the entire spring and much of summer had been lost.

    • Calling in or ordering a product online holds the same legal contract as buying via mail order and every order MUST be shipped in 4 weeks of receipt of the order. They held onto your money too long.

  20. Anyone know of a place where I can see reviews from people that have used or at least seen this grass. I prefer experience rather than guess.

  21. I have NOT tried the cutting edge grass seed which this web-site seeks to critique; however, since I have suffered from the same lawn disasters as several of the previous contributors–over seven years and much money and effort trying to get grass to grow on my deeply shaded and extremely arid front yard (due to the very large trees I love and refuse to cut down taking all the water and nutrients)–I did want to share what finally did work for me this Spring. I hope someone else will have the same experience I have had with Scotts EZ Seed. I have tried so many different seeds, even hired a lawnscaping company and I have had one grass sprouting disaster after another, torrential rains, the drought of the century, a re-enactment of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” in my yard, you name it. Even this year, it has rained 45 out of 60 days and the grass and before that even the seed was standing in water. Yet it is thriving and it’s beautiful–all my neighbors have stopped to comment on how great it looks. This Fall and next Spring, I’ll be tilling up the rest of the yard (I have an acre) to plant this seed and make the yard beautiful all over. Oh, it’s not cheap: $60 for 250 sq feet of coverage, but it’s guaranteed to grow and so far I’m thrilled.

  22. I live in Nevada and I have a couple spots that I can not get anything (But weeds) to grow in…. I must say that the commercial caught my eye! I have spent the last 2 years digging the weeds out of my yard, just to see them return in a couple weeks! The rest of my yard looks fine, and has decent grass! I want to know rather the product works or not? So far I can only find people that have started it (yet to repost rather or not it actually works) or research it on the internet! Anyone know a site where there are actual reviews on how the product works?

  23. I appreciate your post Czarth Vader. I live in Florida and have a very sandy backyard. I was curious about Cutting Edge and did a quick search. The information you gathered was helpful to me. If its true and useful information about the product why shouldn’t it be posted for the reader to consider? In a way it was a Debunking of the AD.


    • make sure you go to and not a 3rd party site. they have all info you will need:

      This is a cool zone grass, zone C-3, and probably difficult for most “average” people in year round warm weather areas to grow

      Here are the “ingredients”

      Kentucky bluegrass – 9.77%
      Perennial Rye -9.79%
      Tall Fescue – 9.89%
      Chewing Fescue – 9.88%
      Hard Fescue – 9.83%
      Other Crop – 0.07%
      Inert Matter – 50.76% (Cutting Edge Organic Seed Coating )
      0.01% Weed Seeds
      Noxious Weed Seeds: None Found

      • thanks Grassmaster, I had to find the teeny/tiny “faq” link on the bottom of a (reseller) page. The exact link to that FAQ is and it not only contains the mystery seed mix, but certainly does go on to provide a much fuller picture of the qualities of this mix.

        The funny thing is, the Reseller ( puts out the seed mixture, where the actual company at puts out exactly all the same FAQs -=EXCEPT=- the seed mixture.

        That leaves me puzzled. I would love to try this product, but I am struck by the truth that if I were to follow the guidelines they (both web sites) put in their “FAQ’s” a regular seeding with KBG would likely provide the same results, at far less cost?

        St. Louis Area

        • It has a lot of fescue in the mix…. Florida is too hot for Fescue. St. Augustine is the best for this climate but is a high maintenance grass. A good alternative is ARGENTINE BAHIA… not Pensacola Bahia because that is pasture grass. ARGENTINE BAHIA is a nice lawn grass for Florida. It is drought tolerant, bugs don’t bother it, it gets nice and thick with fertilizer and regular mowing. You might like it — I do.

  24. The TV Ad sounded too good to be true, and, yes, that is precisely true with this bogus product. But don’t take my word for it; go ahead and spend your hard-earned money on it and find out for yourself. And in the process you will prove yet another time-worn adage: A fool and his money are soon parted.

  25. To All,

    I look at these TV products and think… If this is a product that truly does what it says it does, it would be widely available in retail stores and touted by experts in the field – nurseries, gardeners, etc for this product. Yet I see none of it. When asked at my local nursery, I got a blank “Doe-eyed” look back. That tells it all.

    People might say that this is by an exclusive distributor or “direct to the consumer” to minimize cost, but when you look at the cost, it’s much, much higher. In reality, if I were the manufacturer, I’d want my products sold in as many places as possible to maximize exposure and sales. This should tell you something.
    There’s always the old adage: If it sounds to good to be true, it’s not!


  26. Curious why anyone would want to plant grass with a 48″ root depth. Not only does this sound like plumbing problems waiting to happen but if you EVER want to cleat out a garden area you are likely not going to be able to get rid of it easily… perhaps What species of grass is this?

    How does it reproduce?

    In So California we get “rye grass” that reproduces via runners and seeds. This stuff was found even growing in my walls & when I had a small plumbing leak, even in he carpeting! I wish I were kidding!

    Truth is I’d rather have edible,
    medicinal or otherwise useful plants for instance those for aromatherapy.
    Grass can be helpful for holding water in soil but so can bark. I wouldn’t mind good quality faux grass for under certain trees but temporarily. Anyone know where I can get a high quality faux grass that stands up to sun baking that is not invasive?

    I’ve used Roundup on this “rye grass” people here call it although I’m not sure that’s even correct.

    Seeds blow in get carried on shoes pets and clothing.

    Roundup only works temporarily and takes a few applications to kill it off foe a few months thus being a constant battle!

    I’m also looking for a good quality pole cutter or similar to trim a couple of very tall palm trees with dead palm fronds that stay on & to get the seed pods cut before they make more trees! Birds drop the seeds too
    A friend had a yard of baby palm trees he was mowing!

    Having hearty lawns are great if you want them yet with few real uses for lawns

    • Seems to me unless you have a big space for kids to play sports, edible grasses are the only useful grasses yet they have to reproduce. I have some tall ornamental grass that causes a rash under a window with a very thorny rose behind it. Any intruder would be easily identifiable for a few days – longer under certain conditions.

      I DO have concerns about neighbors planting grass such as this is described!

      If it finds it’s way into my yard how do I get rid of it?

      Any help would be appreciated!


      • On the other hand this would be great for schools parks etc. Where children play or perhaps a yard where above ground pools are used IF the blades aren’t sharp.

        When I was a kid we had zosia grass which was nearly indestructible but was sharp at the blade tips which tore up slip n slides pools etc. The grass is still there some 30 years later yet has been a plumbing issue and invasive to an in-ground pool.

        • Some wide blade grass is essential for pets and edibles like oats.
          Other than a small patch of that I’m looking for something for small areas between stepping stones and for a designer driveway

          Again some high-grade faux grass that breathes and allows water to soak through for fruit trees and perhaps an old fig tree with beautiful trunk.

          Lavender herbs etc sound far more productive with other medicinal plants like tea tree aloe Vera and so on.

          Sorry no commas. Even periods make text jump to the top which is frustrating.

      • Yes, it could be invasive. And how would you keep it out of your flower beds?? If it runs underground with 4′ roots it might come up where you don’t want it. And how would you kill it if the roots are 4′ deep ? hmmmmmmm. Is a puzzlement to me ……. I’ll pass on this product.

  27. Dear Mr. Czarth Vader – If this is just a middleman, where can I buy this grass directly from? I assume you can buy Kentucky Blue Grass anywhere, but are you sure this isn’t genetically modified grass by the company who sells it? I mean we are not eating it so why would we care unless the stray cats in my neighborhood are eating it, in which case I hope they develop cancer from it and stay off my lawn. It appears they coat the seeds in fertilizer too, not sure if that’s something they do after they get it through their supplier as you presume. For $20 though it wouldn’t hurt to buy a bag and toss it in a shaded or dead spot to see how it works. You make it sound like everyone would be buying 50 bags over the internet without trying it out first. I’ll spend $20 to see if I can get the grass in my shaded areas to come back, and if I have to mow it less than I’m sold.

    For the time it took you to write about how big of a scam this was you could have bought a bag tested it out and returned it under their guarantee if you thought it was a scam. I sell a few direct to consumer products that many people think are too good to be true and I get all kinds of people like you posting about how we are full of crap. Some of them I send free product to and low and behold they actually write me personalty to apologize and praise my products quality. There are a lot of scams out there, but there are also a lot of great and innovative things as well. The secret is to do your homework, read the guarantee details carefully if there is one, and return items you aren’t happy with.

    I’ve bought quite a bit of things over the years on TV Juicers, Knives, Blenders, etc….. and for the most part besides the quality not being something that will last 10 years I’m pretty happy with most of these things. At the very least thanks for raising some valid concerns to look for when evaluating the product after buying.

  28. This is a complete scam. Bought this Cutting Edge Grass Seed to do my new house of 5000 square feet and the grass just did not grow. Complete scam

    I want my money back!

    • Dave,

      I find your comment disingenuous or maybe you did something wrong. I used this product and planted it a year a half or so ago and it worked and continues to work great, it came up in about a week or so. I have not watered it at all after getting it to grow for the first few weeks, I fertilized once and I mow it about 3 or maybe 4 times in the spring and fall and my lawn looks amazing compared to my neighbors, i had some weeds at first when i started the new lawn but those disappeared in the fall and didn’t come back the next spring. i love my cutting edge. I live in NY if that makes a difference.

  29. I saw the ads on TV and have a healthy skepticism of anything sold on TV. Living in the South East, sandy soil and hot summers make keeping healthy grass a constant battle. So this commercial of course peeked my interest.

    But going to the, apparently more official site, you can get far more detail on how to use the product and what it is. It is apparently basically useless to people that live in my region.

    Also, depending on your application you need 1 lb for 250 to 500 sq ft (new or reseeding, respectively). It also isn’t a set and forget product and you will have to use fertilizer when seeding and babysit the seeding for about 6 weeks until it is established. The TV ad disingenuously leads one to believe this is not the case.

    What the product is mostly is just Kentucky Blue Grass, with ‘other select blends’. This is a good grass of course, but to insinuate we have some miracle break through is BS. You also do not see much of it planted in the South East.

    Basically I see that this has a coating on the seeds which are Kentucky Blue Grass and ‘other select seeds?’ and the grass has a tendency to grow deep roots. This is of course going to require you coax the roots to seek moisture and nutrients by stressing the grass, more or less rationing it of water. Not starving it, but ‘encouraging’ the grass to ‘look’ deeper in the soil. I suspect this is a default behavior of most plants and especially grass.

    Now, for the ‘do not mow so often claim’ I suspect this may be simply a behavior of Kentucky Blue Grass that it grows slowly which may or may not be a good thing. The instructions stress that you never cut the grass less than 3.5 to 4 in. Well duh. If you live in a hostile climate there is no surer way to destroy your lawn than cutting it short enough to putt on! I’ve seen morons do this all the time with predictable results.

    So, in my humble opinion (my opinion is from research on the Internet not formed from having used the product), the TV claims are bogus and this grass will perform about as well as any quality seed; is totally ineffective in my climate and soil conditions; and they are inflating the price to a gross amount by selling the seed in tiny quantities. I also suspect that some scum bag is buying the seed in bulk and repackaging it to try and ‘make a killing’ by duping the rubes.

    If you want to use this product, you should seek it from a dealer that can offer you a much, much better price per quantity and avoid most products sold on TV. Too good to be true? I am certain it is.

    • I think it’s great people take the time to write reviews. As a community of consumers, we need to rely on the experiences of others to determine if a product is worth our time and money. I’m all for that.

      However, I think it is dishonest and unfair to review a product with which you have no experience. You claim you did research on the internet. So what? Does that make you an expert over the experience of actually using the product?

      Just because you live where you live and because this grass is not suitable for your environmental conditions does not make it a bad product.

      Stick to giving opinions on actual experiences and not on conjecture. For example, my experience is that I do not like to mow my Midwestern lawn. So to ensure I do not need to cut it every week I cut it to about 3/4″ tall. Not quite short enough on which to put, but significantly shorter than my neighbors, who foolishly complain about having to cut their lawn every week, yet water and fertilize it every chance they get.

      So leave the reviews to people that actually used the product. I bought four pounds based on the actual science behind the product and in six weeks I will post a REAL review from my actual experience.

      • I disagree–in part.

        As long as Mr Vader (yeah, I get the joke) is honest and forthright about the basis for his comments, this is a useful contribution to the discussion. I personally am better informed about what to look for in assessing this product. This is simple “heads up” consumer education. One can agree or disagree, but the points he makes should be addressed by the seller.

        He does, however, cross the line in the last two paragraphs with comments about the motivations and character of the seller.

      • Giovanni

        I’ll be waiting for your review. I’m really thinking of buying this seed if it works. I live on Cape Cod and I think my climate is less stressful on lawns than yours is. So if your results are good – I think mine would be good also.


      • So I provided no meaningful information? The reason I took the time to review the product is because of smarmy rip off crap being sold on TV.

        If you went to the website, you’d know everything I said on this review was based on the detailed planting instructions. I also looked a little more and the only distributor for the product from THE ACTUAL producer is 1500 miles north of my area, hence I feel I observed correctly, based on the information from their own website on seeding instructions that this product was not appropriate to this region.

        I actually came on here to provide an update, not get bitch slapped by an a-hole. The update is, since my posted review, the quite annoying commercials are now identifying themselves as a third party company. Hence another correct observation is that some rip-off fly by night company is packaging the product in tiny quantities and selling it at a huge mark-up.

        If you bought this off the Tay Vay, you got ripped off, flat out. 20 bucks for two pounds of seed? Really?! And that is the BONUS OFFER! They start out pitching 20 bucks for 1 POUND and getting ‘double’ is somehow supposed to send me a fetching ma phone. Probably works but its just sad people don’t rationalize better.

        So if the product works for you, you just going to have to color me SHOCKED? You live in the Midwest and this is simply Kentucky (ya know that state in the Midwest) Blue Grass that’s been coated. It grows like wild fire all over the Midwest. You spent 40 bucks on 4 lbs of seed that you could have gotten 40 lbs of it from your local big box store.

        I was also commenting on how disingenuous the commercial is implying that this ‘miracle’ break through practically grows itself. It clearly does not and that is from the instructions. So in 5-6 six weeks let us know how well a very common Midwestern blend of grass grows in the, uhh, Midwest?!

        • Vadar. Thank you. I saw the commercial and decided to look for reviews. I found yours and was knocked back into reality. You just saved me $20 (plus shipping), along with a bunch of time and frustration.

          • Vadar is right on.

            I live in Florida and decent turfgrass, especially my preferred St. Augustine, is a bitch to grow so naturally I was interested when I heard of another miracle grass seed. Well, come to find out on their own site, it is a Kentucky blue grass dominated formulae which is worthless in Florida. You don’t have to try something to know it won’t work down here. But in their FAQ section, they say nothing about how this miracle grass will work in various parts of the country.

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