Bionic Steel Hose REVIEW

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What is Bionic Steel Hose?

Bionic Steel Hose asserts to be a highly advanced and user friendly stainless steel hose. It claims to be the lightest, strongest, most durable garden hose that is rust and corrosion proof. Even with the stainless steel built it promises to be flexible in use. This claim of the Bionic Steel Hose will be attested only once users review Bionic Steel Hose.


Bionic Hose Review

One customer Sara Adams who reviewed Bionic Hose says that the hose can be dangerous. Caution should be maintained around the hose as it can be slippery and can roll from underneath the feet if mistakenly stepped over it.

The Bionic Hose review by Annie Perry doesn’t carry any positive feedback. Instead the review states that Bionic Hose is small in diameter and the connectors are only ¼” of the opening. This loss in capacity can hamper a lot of volume based work. The review does say that Bionic Hose is suitable though for a low volume irrigation system. Annie also suggests in her review that Bionic Hose had no clear information regarding its size in the packaging or description.

Another Bionic Hose user Anne Kelly asserts in her review that the hose is pretty convenient and lightweight. According to her Bionic Hose review it seems that a piece of metal is defective is attached to the spray handle to cause the leakage.

Christina Ward in her Bionic Hose review claims that even though it is lightweight it is no better than other ordinary hoses available in the market. The review further adds that Bionic Hose broke apart inside a week making it a useful hose.

Katherine Wilson complaints in her Bionic Hose review that it’s pretty small in size. She wanted a 5/8” hose and not a ½” hose. Also, her review of Bionic Hose cautions users from running over the hose with a car. It crushes the hose completely and can render it useless.

Another customer Marilyn Young states concern about the use of Bionic Hose at home in her review. She mentions that the hose comes with a warning that drinking from it can cause cancer. It can be real concern for homes with pets that might accidentally drink from it. Her review shows concern regarding the type of toxic metal that might be used in Bionic Hose that can give people cancer.

Bionic Hose Questions and Answers

Q. Is the working and burst pressure reading provided for Bionic Hose?
A. There is no clear information regarding the same.

Q. Will Bionic Hose work in cold weather conditions?
A. The Original Bionic Hose has been tested to sub-freezing temperatures. In cold climates water can freeze inside and the hose could become less flexible. After thawing the hose will return to its original shape.

Q. Can multiple Bionic Hose be linked to make a longer length hose?
A. Yes, multiple Bionic Hose can be attached to reach desired length.

Q. What material is used for the liner?
A. It is made using PVC.

Q. What nozzle does Bionic Hose comprise of?
A. It comes with a fire hose nozzle.

Q. Is Bionic Hose safe to use with hot water?
A. No, boiling hot water is not recommended for use with Bionic Steel Hose.

Q. Can Bionic Hose functions as a power washer?
A. Yes.

Q. Can it be used to fill a dog’s drinking water bowl?
A. No, it comes with a warning stating not to drink from the hose.

Q. Will Bionic Hose rust?
A. It is made from stainless steel and will rust over a period of time.

Q. Where is Bionic Hose manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. What material is used for Bionic Hose’s connectors?
A. The connectors are made of anodized aluminum.

Q. Does Bionic Hose require rewinding after use or is it expandable?
A. It requires rewinding after each use.

Q. Can Bionic Hose used to fill domestic water in an RV?
A. No.

Q. Can this hose get hot to handle when placed under the sun?
A. No.

Q. Is Bionic Hose tough? Can a dog chew through it?
A. It is made from stainless steel material and is pretty tough against dogs. But it is recommended to ensure a dog doesn’t attempt to chew on the hose.

Q. Is it durable and strong enough to withstand pressure?
A. Since it is a Bionic Metal Hose it can withstand high amount of pressure and will not flatten even if a car drives over it.

Bionic Steel Hose CLAIMS

The stainless steel characteristics and its patented design maintains to make Bionic Steel Hose lightweight, compact and flexible. Easy in use it declares to be durable and guarantees to not get damaged by sharp objects. Bionic Steel Hose emphasizes to stand up to a powerful grinder. The stainless steel built also proclaims to make it puncture resistant unlike normal tube hoses. At this point of time there are no Bionic Steel Hose reviews to verify this claim.

It states to have a kink free design that never twists, tangle or kinks enabling to give a consistent water flow. Weighing under 3 pounds it also alleges to have weather proof characteristics. It convinces to works even after frozen in ice or after being exposed extreme heat. Does Bionic Steel Hose really work as promised? send us your Bionic Steel Hose review.


What do I get?
get a one 25ft Bionic Steel Hose for just $19.95 and 2nd 25ft hose, just pay $6.95.
Order one 50ft. Bionic Steel Hose for just $39.95 and 2nd 50ft hose, just pay $26.95.
Order one 75ft. Bionic Steel Hose for just $49.95 and 2nd 75ft hose, just pay $36.95.
Order one 100ft. Bionic Steel Hose for just $59.95 and 2nd 100ft. hose, just pay $46.95.


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11 thoughts on “Bionic Steel Hose REVIEW

  1. HOW DO I RETURN TWO 50 FOOT BIONIC STEEL HOSES. both leak so bad I just want my money back…I cannot find corporate address to return both hoses

  2. How can a hose be sold with a warning that drinking water from it would cause cancer? Read the box and the warning label.

  3. I have two of these hoses and both leak right where you connect to the water spout. I would not recommend or bye this product it sucks!

  4. Just tried the hose a 50footer. it is a bit bulky sorta slippery when winding up. I had left the hose in the sun and it was too hot to touch. Don’t know if the hose was fill with water or not. Will check that out. If the hose works as advertised and holds up for many seasons, I would be satisfied. However, it will be used mainly for watering the flower beds where to amout of water delivered thru the 1/4 inch diameter hose is not that important to me. if the hose continues to be hot when left in the sun, I will be dissappppinted!

  5. Bought the 100′ bionic hose from the shopping channel and it is the biggest piece of junk ever made…
    Couldn’t even get a trickle of water to come out of it. Even hooked it up to a high pressure water outlet and barely any water came out then too!
    But what really concerns me is all the Warnings that come with it; like Don’t Drink from the hose, or the hose may cause Cancer!! What the heck?
    Anyway, Do Not get sucked in to purchasing this piece of Garbage bcuz that’s where it belongs, in the Garbage!!!

  6. Bought 2 -100 foot hoses and they both are junk they both leaked around the nozzles. The company’s getting their money selling this crap and we end up with nothing but worthless junk. They need to make it right with their customers.

  7. Waste of money. I bought four of these hoses. All four had to be returned. One was a 50 foot hose and when they returned it they retuned 2 25 ft hoses!!! When I pointed that out they said Oh we were out of the 50!!! WTF. Each one has broken and now I am past warranty and another replacement hose broke yesterday. Total garbage

  8. I am handicapped but still trying to live on my own. My yard has nearly done me in. I bought four hoses last year trying to answer my many problems. None of them made my summer chores any easier.
    I bought theBionic and it is great. I am able to put the hose around my neck and carry it with my walker and place it where I want it. It is so light,never stiff,and hasn’t tangled. No kinks. My other hoses would get placed where I wanted and then I would turn the water on and with my cane and walked go back to the faucet only to find a kink. It has kept me comfortable one more summer in my beautiful home.

  9. I have had the bionic hose for about two weeks and it runs in front of my garage doors. It is not holding up and flattening out where the tires drive over it. Not living up to claims.

  10. After using the Bionic hose I found that the water pressure was less then half of what came out of my standard garden hose Called to return it they would not issue a return shipping label.It probably will cost the amount i paid for the hoses to ship back. I also question the claim that the hose weighs 3 pounds I dont think so

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